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(small stupified incomprehensible sound of confused monster of the deep resounds with cozy, wooly accent)

[I feel a bit disappointed that we’ve never seen Rose knit anything wearable during the whole comic timespan, despite her claiming that she likes to do that; I imagine Thorns of Oglogoth would be capable of like, knitting out a horrorterror or some eldritch screams in nice patterns. Also, additional Kanaya, cause Rosemary is qt]


A Rey! I have a feeling she wears really bright colored clothing cause she likes to look cute af. I don’t know what apparel would portray that though. I’m pretty proud of this one!

ive never seen anyone talk about this but you can easily make things transparent with the program paint .net so if you wanna make stuff transparent use that and its super easy and effective… its good for resizing photos too…

wuzzle2  asked:

You make really good art, have you ever considered setting up ko-fi?

Yes, I have! Though I still need to put some things in order and do some other important stuff before I could make a Ko-fi, but yes, probably in the future! And to every person who donates, they’ll receive a little sketch like the one above :D

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say, first of all I'm a huge fan of your game so far, and I can't wait to play the whole thing. Secondly, if you don't mind me asking. I've wanted to work on pixel art for a while, but I'm not sure what program is best for pixel art. If you know any, please let me know!

Thank you so much, that makes me really happy!!! I hope you enjoy the game!

Unfortunately, I’m not good at making pixel art… I can only do simple and tiny objects haha ;;

I think it would be a good idea to ask another dev! I personally recommend @virgovsthezodiac ! I’m a huge fan of their pixel art and they just released a demo!

Any of the followers of this blog can recommend a program to this Anon? I would appreciate it!


Stay safe for her

Based on an anon’s suggestion, it was supposed to be a simple 1 panel thing, but here’s some sort of a comic instead

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last monday, but I figured  Arin would be a good one next for yall, and as a bonus, as per the grump, heres the rest of his tweet aahaha

Forehead touches/Hand Holding.