make god your first love

When do you and your beloved god make first love

Since we already had season 1 routes of all 12 gods, I curiously make a summary to see in which chapter did you and your god have your ‘1st time’ and…… 


You’ll never know someone for sure until you try😈. 

Here we go: 

【Our shyest babe ram】 #1 and the only 1: Krioff 

When: Sequel epilogue story 03 (ending) 

Where: His room in heaven, more accurately, his sofa bed 

How: Thank goodness that he didn’t break you. 

(Since you’ve been waiting for so long 😂) 

【Can do it earlier and we won’t mind】

 #4: Zyglavis & Scorpio 

When: Sequel story 08 (ending) 

Where: in their rooms, in heaven (well I didn’t say at the same time 😁) 

How: Both are super sweet and caring (but always pretty intense after that) 

(Saying that cute thing against the rules, Zig!)


#3: Leon 

When: Sequel story 04 

Where: same as above 

How: Oh that’s wonderful! Just think about his divine power WOW❤️💕 

(Stop teasing me you god damn beast!) 

I’m mostly surprised by him since he’s always so friggin’ popular among the goddess.

#2: Hue & Aigo 

When: Sequel story 02 

Where: With Hue you are in a seascape hotel and with Aigo you are in his room 

How: Sweet, Soft, Romantic

(That’s just a kiss, jerk.)

(Hey, look at these closet perv duo - Serious guys always surprise you the most.) 

#1: Tauxolouve

When: Sequel story 01

Where: In his room

How: Full of happiness, blissful, and worn out

(Yes you did. Why ask? XD)


The next morning is a total tragical scene: Lou’s crouching down near the bed and then loses consciousness. You dash out for help, only find that Hue is there outside:

(Old love new love, this is not good〒▽〒)

【Oh my, my】 

Actually, all these four have ‘that’ at the same time: Teorus, Dui, Karno, Ichthys 

When: Epilogue story 03 (ending) 

Where: Surprisingly, expect Teo who have it in his room, Dui, Karno and Ichthys are in the hotels (of course different ones, what do you expect?) 

How: No need to ask. You’re addicted to that. 

(Well~I know the other 3 are quite popular but why do you have it even before Leon does?? Karno, you little dirty sneaky crab, we caught you 👹) 


Partheno, you win! You are the ONLY God who makes love in the main stories!!

Story 05. Cabin in the woods. 

I guess no one else can break your record. 

*kneeling before the queen* orz

This picture is one I made for @pretty-mermaid-sparkle
He is a beautiful man whom has stolen my heart [at least some of it in one of those completely platonic relationship’s you wouldn’t mind kissing and doing other romantic things with the other person because they’re so nice and pretty).
He was so nice and so I made him art. It’s not very good because I’ve recently been in an accident and I’m not mentally stable right now so I wanted to post this here before I possibly delete it. I WILL get back to it and make it better once I…get out of this. OK? I love you all.
If you want one send me a request through Ask or Message me. I need a reference and not just a description unless its a GOOD description.
Also. I CHOOSE what I do with the picture. Becaude I’m doing it for free. If I REALLY don’t want to do a full body you arent getting a full body even if you requested it. Though I probably will make it however you want. I’m a pretty easy going dude.
Well yeah…
Check out the tags I guess.
Always check out my tags.

EDIT: I am very sorry for using the wrong pronouns. I used She instead of He and I changed it. The MC is a girl the IRL person uses he/him pronouns and I am SO SORRY. I know what its like to deal with that and I honestly don’t like it so I make a big deal about this kind of mix up. Again, I’m sorry.