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Bro i totally agree with you on tsukauchi being the traitor i always thought he seemed a little suspicious

Right? for example how he’s dressed exactly like Kurogiri

kinda suspicious indeed

aka “freckled jesus” to the fandom because they can’t seem to let go of the fact that he died

Okay so I wasn’t going to post this but then my friends (who were watching me make this????????) told me to. So here it is I guess?? She was one of the background characters from The Bounce Lounge episode of Star Vs. and I love her. Criticism welcome!!!

I’m in such a good mood now, I went to the trans meeting thing and it was awesome there were so many people and it was great and ahh

So there’s this fella I’ve been questing with/helping out for the past like, 3-4 days and he’s quite nice. Probably somewhere in the 18-22 range?? He’s not that much younger/older than me given what I have gleaned…anywho good to have conversation with when I do want to talk, stuff like that. 

At one point when we first started questing together we wrapped up for the night and he bid farewell with “night good looking” then promptly got offline. hm, ignores that but w/e. Next time he makes an offhand thing about a spell which transforms a character temporarily and how he likes the spell but of course he’s more handsome than the actual spell. *rolls eyes* I generally ignored that too. Besides those two things he really hasn’t been an issue….

Then he asks what I did for Valentine’s Day today. MmmmK. So I said the truth. S/O came over to do something for my dad by request then spent some time with me. Then I asked him about his. He replied with “usual. sleeping and watching tv.” When I remarked back that that sounded like a good day anyways he was like “sure” and didn’t talk for a little while when we did the next dungeon run.

Like, lmao dude. If you like/liked me in that way I don’t care. You’ve known me for 3-4 days pfft. Chill yer rockets. If it was for curiosity’s sake then I digress. But it really didn’t seem so on his reaction.

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