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I'm really enjoying the stream so far but the last hour and a half is my favorite because they just sat there and talked, laughed and shared their thoughts; it was really nice to see all of them there, getting along with the occasional teasing or mock treat, one of them going on a tangent and the others adding to it. I really hope that they're as good of friends as they show because each of them need it and it makes me happy seeing them like that.

I agree with you, it’s great to see them laughing and having fun with each other. And yea they tease each other, but they don’t do it be mean. The stream was a lot of fun to watch and I was glad I spent today watching it.

I’m sure that they are all as good of friends as they show on the videos. It really makes me happy seeing them have fun with each other, that’s why I love the streams so much because you tend to see a side of them that you don’t see to often in other videos, because none of it is planned, it’s all them all the time.


character posters: yuri plisetsky, yuri!!! on ice

for parker, happy birthday ♡

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Victor kissed Yuuri's skate on international television. A kiss on the foot signifies submission, gratitude and devotion so Victor is basically telling the world 'Yes Yuuri Katsuki is the master of my life I’m so grateful for this man and I’ll do anything and EVERYTHING FOR HIM’ and Yuuri's face was like 'well look at what my beautiful boyfriend is doing everyone' and all I can think about is how much these two love each other and it makes me so happy I want to cry

The best part about seeing Makkachin there with Yuri in the end is the confirmation that that scene wasn’t just Yuri going to visit Victor and Yurio in Russia after some time apart, but likely lives with Victor.

I mean, “Victor left Makkachin behind in Japan with Yuri and he brought him for s short visist to Russia” or “Yuri landed in Russia after some time apart, went to Victor’s place first, got Makkachin out then went to see Victor and Yurio” don’t make much sense, but Yuri being at Victor’s place and going off earlier to jog and Makkachin following him just like he did in Japan makes perfect sense.

And those overly happy faces at seeing each other? They must have been apart a few hours at most and still get that overjoyed when they meet

Your ships don’t need to be “healthy”

I don’t know where exactly* this idea that your ship needs to be „wholesome and healthy“ comes from, but can it disappear again, please?

Ships can be variety of things. Yes, there’s the ship where the characters are great together, make each other happy and complete and the world a better place. There’s those people who are scorching hot together and should totally hook up. But there are also ships that are all about imperfect people coming to terms with each other’s flaws. People who should be really bad for each other, but somehow find happiness against the odds. Terrible people loving no one but each other. People being really, really bad for each other, but in an interesting way. There’s the ship that’s a beautiful disaster and the one that will end in murder and bloodshed. Ships are just two (or more) people who are interesting to you when they’re together.

Also, there’s a variety of reasons for why you would ship, why you want to read fic, write fic, draw art, write meta, chat with your friends about it. „I think they should be canon!“ is common, butfar from universal. „I want some hot porn with attractive people!“ is totally legit. „I want to read about people like me!“ is great, but so is „I want to read about people who are not like me at all!“  „Life sucks and I just want a happy escape“ is fine, as is „I want to safely explore things that scare me in real life.“ „This ship lends itself to my narrative and/or sexual kinks.“ “They interacted a lot in canon and I want more of it.” “They didn’t interact much in canon, but I thought it would be interesting if they did.” And so on. 

The thing is, none of this makes your ship any more valuable or right. It does not reflect on your morality or your worth as a person. Some of the sweetest people I’ve met in fandom have written the filthiest, most “problematic” smut.

You are allowed to let Kylo Ren and General Hux find true love in each other. Or have them hate each other’s guts and still do it like rabbits. Have Snoke arrange a marriage between them for political reasons. Explore what it would mean for them if one of them changed sides. Have them meet in an alternative reality where they’re a Jedi and a rebel, or baristas or high school students.

Let Rey rescue Kylo from the Dark Side with her love. Let Kylo corrupt her. Let them be star-crossed lovers who are eternally caught on two sides of a conflict. Reverse their roles from the beginning. Let them be strangers, let them be cousins. Hell, ship them as siblings; it’s Star Wars after all.

You are allowed to ship Shiro and Keith as a 24-year-old instructor and a 16-year-old cadet having a forbidden relationship. Or maybe you prefer mutual respect growing into a relationship after they have fought in an intergalactic war for a few years. Or maybe Keith is an enemy Galra prince and Shiro is his prisoner?

It’s all good.

Your ships don’t have to be healthy role models for RL relationships. Your ships don’t have to be “pure”. The only one your ships have to be good for is you. And you are the only one who gets to decide if they are.

*actually, I do have some ideas.

I love the idea of Mike trying to hold El’s hand under the dinner table and just flubbing it up because she still makes him so self-conscious and flustered and awkward. She’s over for dinner for the first time with Will and the rest of the guys and she looks a little nervous, having just met Mike’s parents, so he wants to try and comfort her somehow, but he doesn’t know how, so he decides to maybe just hold her hand to let her know he’s there for her. So she’s sitting at the head of the table and he’s sitting next to her in his usual spot and he’s going through the whole “Should I? Is she going to think it’s weird? Am I just going to make her MORE nervous? Screw it, I’m gonna do it” and he works himself up so much that he just rams his hand into the table leg while reaching for her hand. It jostles the table and EVERYONE looks and he’s embarrassed, thinking “Wow, Mike, how could you screw something THAT SIMPLE up?” He’s completely red in the face and his mom’s asking “What’s wrong?” and he’s just saying “Nothing, sorry” and desperately trying to divert the attention away from himself. It’s a total personal DISASTER for him but eventually everyone just shrugs and goes back to their dinner. He’s not looking at anyone, especially not El, trying to stop blushing so hard and just feeling like he wants to crawl under a rock and DIE when he feels someone’s hand tentatively rest on top of his and he looks up and it’s EL and she’s shyly smiling at him, her own face a bit pink as she looks away, sheepish, and he just wraps his fingers around hers and smiles back at her, making her turn a shade pinker, he notices. But the nervousness starts to fade from her eyes, and suddenly he feels ten times better, although the blushing definitely doesn’t go away.

jungkook always acts like a massive dork just to make jimin laugh and then seeing jimin laugh makes jungkook happy and seeing jungkook happy makes jimin happy its so beautiful im glad they make each other happy like that