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“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”

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Being Married to Shawn

  • “I love you.”
  • Shawn still taking you out on dates even thought you’re already married
  • Shawn taking you along on tour with him
  • Not having to be apart as much as you did when you were still dating
  • Waking up next to him every morning
  • Good morning kisses
  • Goodnight kisses
  • Shawn getting along with your family
  • And treating your siblings like they’re his own siblings
  • His family loving you
  • Whenever Aaliyah had a break from school
  • You’d convince Shawn to fly her out to wherever you both were
  • And you’d hang out with her and make sure she was safe
  • Shawn having meetings early on a Saturday morning
  • And you being disappointed because you like to cuddle on weekends
  • But he makes up for it by coming home at 11am with Starbucks
  • Spending long nights in the studio with him
  • Shawn surprising you with weekend getaways
  • “I love that you’re my forever.” 
  • Always being Shawn’s plus one to events
  • Getting a cat together shortly after you’re married
  • Buying Shawn clothes
  • Cooking together
  • Him knowing everything about you 
  • All the scary, hard to love, messed up stuff
  • And still loving you anyway
  • Knowing what he’s like at two am when he’s worked hard all day
  • And what he’s like at two pm on a lazy Sunday
  • Knowing everything about him
  • Choosing to love each other daily
  • Choosing to love each other through all the gritty and hard stuff
  • Knowing that ring on his ring finger is for you
  • And that whenever he sees it he thinks of you
  • Having a sign that was a wedding gift: “The Mendes Family, est. 20__”
  • Wedding pictures in your living room
  • Pictures of the two of you and your families all over your house
  • Your house full of cute decorations that Shawn let you be in charge of 
  • Playfully arguing about who’s turn it was to clean the cat’s litter box
  • Sitting on your kitchen floor eating ice cream at 2am just because
  • Literally just getting to do life with your best friend

Best of Tegan’s Best of VMAs on Twitter

From The Cupboard Anxiety Pouch

As a uni student I don’t have a lot of money, and as a practicing witch, I spend a lot of time trying to find cost-effective solutions when pulling a spell together. I am also, what I call, a make-do and mend witch, because practice where-ever and when ever feels right with what is to hand. I came up with this anxiety pouch from what I had in my cupboard at the time. So I thought I would share it with you all, as I know there are a lot of witches out there who are like me, because they need low maintenance, cost effective witch craft.  

You will need:

  • Black pepper-Banishes negativity and gives protection 
  • Rosemary-purifying and cleansing
  • chamomile-calming and relaxing 
  • ginger-brings strength 
  • oregano-brings joy, strength, vitality and energy. 
  • a draw string pouch


  1. Get all your ingredients together (I used the kitchen spice jar varieties of each herb and a chamomile tea bag) 
  2. Add each ingredient into the bag, infusing with intent as you do so. You don’t have to use equal measures of each herd, if you’d like mostly cleansing and calming to come out of the pouch, then add more chamomile and rosemary, compared to the other herbs. 
  3. When you have added all the ingredients according to what you want to come from the pouch, draw the strings. 
  4. Keep the pouch on your person. 

And that’s it! 

You’re welcome to ask a chosen deity to help you out with this spell if you want to, however you go about doing that. I didn’t put in a deity because I know everyone works with different gods/pantheons. So feel free. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

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Concept: Shawn's angry. Very, very angry.

  • HIs jaw is clenching
  • You can visibly see the way his muscles near his jaw tighten
  • His eyes, normally warm, welcoming brown eyes are darker than usual
  • His voice comes out in a low growl
  • Not a shout, not a whisper, but a growl
  • He’s keeping his distance, he won’t come closer to you
  • When you step forward, he backs away
  • And you’re not sure if its because he’s so mad he can’t stand to be near
  • Or if its because he’s afraid he might do something he’ll regret
  • Either way, it’s almost hard to hear him because he’s speaking so low
  • But you know just from the sound of his voice that he’s angry
  • Very, very angry
my thoughts at 1:00 am as I read fanfics
  • Y/N : getting angry at (insert lovable character here) because he wants to spend more time with her but has a time sensitive job</p>
  • Me : no!! he just wants to spend time with you!! please stop!! can't we have world peace?? it's just a simple request he's not being unsupportive please understand!!</p>
Begging For The Sun To Go Down
Make Do And Mend
Begging For The Sun To Go Down

maybe baby we’re just tired and I don’t really feel lonely by your side. so low whispered in your ear, “hold me closely while I’m here.”

pale moon I’d turn the tides for you if I still thought you’d notice if I do

maybe baby we’re just tired and when you wake up I’ll be by your side

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What bands do you like?

boy strap yourself in this is gonna be a wild ride:

neck deep
moose blood (obvi)
real friends
the story so far
knuckle puck
modern baseball
balance and composure
boston manor
apologies i have none
starry cat
better off
taking back sunday
vancouver sleep clinic
the world is a beautiful place
trash boat
trophy eyes
touché amore
sorority noise
counter parts
la dispute
the wonder years
brand new
a day to remember
title fight
tigers jaw
the front bottoms
joyce manor
american football
tiny moving parts
hawthorne heights
seasons change
make do and mend
home movies
dear and the headlights
i’m glad it’s you
mom jeans
can’t swim
teen suicide
catch fire
breakdown at tiffanys

basically my whole entire music taste right there ^