make day

and now, finally,,  shiro in a nice!! skirt!


Thanks for all the kind comments! I can’t believe any of you put up with me making these let alone encourage me to do them <3

Part two of three! I’ll try to have the last instalment finished tomorrow aaa.

Part one can be read here




BABA B1A4 2 EP.44

Prologue 2

these are my favorite moments

I really wanted to make another gif set to practice <3

This is from three days ago but please give it love!


anonymous asked:

You are without a doubt one of my favorite artists. I first discovered your art through Mystery Skulls Animated, and I was beyond thrilled to find your more recent BatIM art (the way you draw Bendy tho, your earlier arts of him were so cute, and in the Toon Henry AU he's so damn devious) and then you and whatisthisnonsense and shinyzango have all been stirring up that sweet sweet angst and fluff combo, and just *flails wordlessly* I really admire you, thank you for sharing your work on this site

Awww gosh, thanks Nonny!!

England is the same temperature as Texas rn and I’m stuck on a stuffy bus with no air con and there’s no breeze at all and England is humid af so I’m sweating my ass off and I’m late for a doctors appointment cause the trams broke down just when I needed them IM SO PISSED I left work two hours early for this and had to leave a colleague on his own and I forgot a birthday card for my dad so now I’m the shittiest

texelations  asked:

Did you know the Wash thing with cats started out as tumblr fanon and the animators put cats in Wash's locker because Shannon knew about it and told them?

did you know i was literally wondering about this TODAY? FUCK

yesterday’s question was where his freckles came from