make dat money ball


So watching Rupaul’s Drag race yet again, I stumbled on one outfit that inspires me to create. It was a challenge on the Make that Money episode, where the queens had to make 3 outfits that screamed money. One outfit was to make a resort worthy bathing suit that was fit for the rich socialite, the second an after 5 cocktail attire and the third being a Couture gown made completely out of Ru dollars which with paper dollars as well as coins. Pretty much all the outfits were amazing I loved seeing them all create these beautiful dresses, bathing suits and gowns however one outfit stuck out for me and that was Manilas Cocktail attire after 5. It was basically a short dress with an elastic band substituting the skirt part of a dress with a top that featured a wide boat neck neckline and had huge hanging bat winged sleeves that sort gathered or (in what i prefer pleated into a cuff. The top part pretty much came together and sort of gathered as well and sewed into the bands. I loved it, it was retro, sexy, but had a touch of class that none of the other girls had. I really want to make it and try my hand at a style I never worked with before, and I feel this would be a wonderful one to start with because its in a way simple and still challenging. What y'all think and do you think my tech sketch makes sense?