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been talking about coffee shop owner!gabriel reyes au with @paradigmation so uhhh here have this scribble

The signs as coffee

Taurus : an entire french press that was made at home that will last the owner approximately an hour before they make another one but you can bet your buttons it was locally sourced

Gemini : iced, black coffee, with 2 packets of splenda, every day at the exact same time, from the same Starbucks on the corner. The barista knows everything and nothing about them.

Cancer : a medium mocha, left to cool down on the window sill with latte art on top that you see on instagram but the photographer spilled it everywhere right after getting the perfect shot and now has to deal with sticky clothes and half the coffee they wanted

Leo : that one pot of coffee in the office that inexplicably makes better coffee so it’s always full except when you want to get a drink and you know all the machines are the same and all the packets of pre measured coffee are the same but stillllll

Virgo : an iced latte surrounded by empty iced latte cups you find surrounding a sleeping student in the library at 8 am how long have they been there the campus coffee shop closes at midnight and opens at 6 how do they have so many empty cups

Libra : a half empty cup of mystery coffee someone left on the bus because I guess they must have been in a hurry to get off why would you disrespect your coffee like this?

Scorpio : a cup of plain black coffee when the owner actually wanted a frappuccino but screwed up so now they’re overloading it with honey and cinnamon and now it’s undrinkable but they’ll choke it down anyway to save face even though no one cares

Sagittarius : a piping hot pumpkin spiced latte drunk with friends who all have the exact same thing, they pretend they’re drinking it ironically, only one person actually likes the taste but will pretend they don’t

Capricorn : a light roast dry cappuccino  from the local coffee house in a reusable coffee cup they got from a local artist with eight fucking shots of espresso in it where did they all go you will die if you aren’t careful man what are you doing man

Aquarius : it’s tea except when anyone’s looking

Pisces : it’s actually hot chocolate, can’t stand the taste of coffee except when they’re studying then it’s an americana with 9 packs of sugar and tears

Aries : who cares it’s all over the ground anyway

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Hii capri~ coffee anon here, i feel abit down in the dumps lately so could you please do a happy kaisoo spam for me, love you💜~coffee

hi, feel better soon coffee! im always here to support u 💕💖💓

constant staring 👀👀👀

jingo likes to touch the soobooty 

sticking tgt at the airport 😖 some things never change

one of my fave pictures of kd

definitely just bros

see? bros who like to have zero space between them

bros who like to look like they’re dating 😏😏

*sips tea* i definitely do this w my bro

this all happened in one day can u believe it? they were wildin hard


ok yea i totally sit on my bro’s man meat


ummm? get u a lover who is as touchy and possessive as jingo?

@ kd i didn’t ask to die pals thanks a lot


what does ksoo need for his borthday?????

can yall believe ji went on coffee dates w ksoo despite hating coffee? not all heroes wear capes :”)

ndjnkdfjsdkjfh NOT 3 NOT 4 BUT 5 🖐

ji’s bff was right tHERE but he chose to sit w a boy he became friends w not that long ago?? hmmm spicy 🤔

always taking care of his bby

this is the closest well get to a kiss but oh well,,,i can wait


jfsjlssldsfj fetus kaisoo leaning against each other in their sleep

another date 🐸🍵


kaisoo as dads chilling while they watch their kids play

dsmflsmfsk his reaction to ch*ns *o im crying

:) jelly

he was mad bc he couldn’t see the d loooool

ahh yes theres the hand clenching again

he gets jealous easily hahahaha

ummm? i want someone who looks at me like that too tf

hahahaha im not cr y in g 


ji really went there… he really gone did it

subtle 👀👀

ummmm ok im gonna leave bc that looks too private


they really think they’re being subtle….is someone gonna tell them they’re failing @ it badly

dude chill down you’re on tv

istg they’re gonna give me an aneurysm someday

hEARTS! 💖💞💕💓

ksoo was like ‘o sh*t got caught on camera’

umm ok ji i see you

lets end it w this lq pic of an hq backhug

The Signs As Coffee

Taurus : an entire french press that was made at home that will last the owner approximately an hour before they make another one but you can bet your buttons it was locally sourced

Gemini : iced, black coffee, with 2 packets of splenda, every day at the exact same time, from the same Starbucks on the corner. The barista knows everything and nothing about them.

Cancer : a medium mocha, left to cool down on the window sill with latte art on top that you see on instagram but the photographer spilled it everywhere right after getting the perfect shot and now has to deal with sticky clothes and half the coffee they wanted

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Macdennis Coffee Town AU: Dennis is a website manager working out of a coffee shop with a longtime crush on Mac, who gets coffee there ever day after his workout. Dennis finally reels Mac in and convinces him to help rob the coffee shop so the owners don’t turn it into a bistro. What other choice does Mac have?

As amusing as the idea of Clint and Matt meeting in a dumpster is, I also really wanna see stuff totally unrelated to that for those two. You can’t just take two disabled characters who have a lot in common ASIDE from the fact that they’re disabled and relegate them to dumpster jokes. Like:

• Clint allowing Matt to relocate some of the people like Elena into Clint’s building.

“I know it’s almost 40 minutes away, and I have some Russian bastards too, but the rent is low and I take care of my people. I protect them; I promise.”

• Joking about how a priest makes better coffee than Clint does. Clint insisting lattes are for prisses and black is the only way to drink it.

• Patching each other up at 2:30am when they’re too exhausted or embarrassed to call their other friends and too hurt to do it themselves.

• Watching movies together. Clint providing descriptions of the visual, Matt providing lines whenever Clint misses them or they’re hard to hear over the sound effects.

• Sitting on rooftops and having contests to see who can “see” farther. Clint using his A+ eyesight and Matt using A+ hearing.

“I see a kid dropping an ice cream cone three streets away.”
“Bullshit, there’s no kid there; that street’s deserted aside from that one window wiper.”
“Damn, you got me.”

• Lucky’s fur sticking to Matt so Karen and Foggy start getting the idea that Matt actually /has/ been looking into getting a service dog.

• Clint keeping Matt’s canes in his quiver so Matt doesn’t have to throw them all willy-nilly when he has to go be Daredevil.

• Clint going to ‘Nelson and Murdock’ when he gets arrested for doing some good deed that goes wrong. Foggy is excited they get to help an Avenger. Matt is just like “r u fucking srs right now.”


Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU

Voltron Theatre Headcannons

Okay so I feel like so much of the fandom is made up of theatre kids like myself, so buckle up and get ready…

- Lance is constantly singing show tunes, and before he left the Garrison, he participated in a theatre group with Hunk and Pidge.
- Hunk was in Stage Crew, and people loved him because he built and moved sets quickly and always brought the stage crew homemade cupcakes during Sunday rehearsals.
- Pidge obviously worked in the sound booth; she auditioned to be in the cast once but sprained her ankle during the first week of rehearsals.
- Keith claimed that the group was dorky, but he secretly wanted to join for Hunk’s Sunday cupcakes and to piss off Lance.
- Lance and Hunk stay up to date on all the new musicals on Broadway, thanks to Pidge figuring out how to download Earth music files.
- Coran is intrigued by Earth music in general and sometimes listens to the soundtracks with Lance and Hunk.
- Keith initially complains because they listened in Lance’s room, but now he dances to all of the songs in his room.
- One time, Allura walked in on Keith dancing like an idiot to the OBC recording of “RENT” and was amused and terrified.
- She said that he might actually be a better dancer than Lance.
- Lance and Pidge had “Hamilton” tickets for spring break, but they left the Garrison before they saw it.
-Lance is still salty about it.
- He blames Keith even though Keith had no clue what the big fuss was about.
-Coran’s first theatre soundtrack was “Hairspray”
- Shiro and Keith swear that they are going to throw Coran off of the ship if they hear “You Can’t Stop the Beat” one more time.
- Even though they secretly love it.
-Shiro and Lance try to get Keith to listen to “Dear Evan Hansen” because they know he’ll love it.
- Keith saw how the end made Lance cry, and he doesn’t like crying
- He asked Hunk about it once, which just turned into him sobbing into Altean brownie batter while singing “For Forever”
- Allura somehow became obsessed with “Newsies” without Lance or Hunk showing it to her.
- She comes up with headcannons for the paladins as each character.
- She constantly tells them to “seize the day”
- Pidge and Keith cringe every time
- Shiro and Pidge try to convince Coran to play “Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!” from “The Wizard of Oz” after they finally defeat Haggar.
- He is initially strongly against it.
- They show him the song and now he can’t think of Haggar without dying of laughter
- Instead of the munchkins, Pidge imagines the little puffball things singing instead.
-Lance’s favorite musical is “In The Heights”
- He saw it three times on Broadway
- Lin-Manuel signed two of his Playbills, one of which he carries around in the pocket of his jacket.
- The other ones are still at the Garrison.
- Everytime Keith brings up their bonding moment, the mice hum “No Me Diga”
- Because of Usnavi, Lance is the only one that can make better coffee than Hunk.
- That is the only thing anyone can cook better than Hunk.
-Hunk’s favorite is “Waitress”
- He somehow convinced Coran that his name was Jenna for three weeks.
- Keith likes to stick with the classics, like “Sweeney Todd” and “Les Miserables”
- He likes to think he listens to them because of the instruments and extreme vocals.
- He really only likes them because everyone dies.
-Pidge’s favorite is “Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812”
- She saw it with the OBC
- Her father took her before the Kerberos mission, and she has a picture in her room of the two of them with Phillipa Soo in front of the marquee.
- When she finds Matt, she plans on making him listen to the whole thing.
- Pidge developed technology so that they can watch the Tony’s in space, and it’s become a tradition.
That’s it guys! Let me know if you want more!!! 💝💝💝

More domestic mattxmello headcanons because I need fluff

- Matt sleeps through the day most of the time, but he sets his alarm to wake himself up a few hours after he falls asleep so he can kiss Mello goodbye before he leaves for work

- Mello going out every few weeks to the plant store to replace the succulent on Matts desk, which despite Matt’s efforts, keeps dying. Matt is under the impression that his cactus is flourishing

- Matt leaving messages on the mirror in the steam after his shower for Mello on days when they miss each other

- Mello having to block Matt from texting him as he is a serial 100+ messages texter and Mello can’t have his phone blowing up all the time. Matt starts using Facebook to message him instead

- Everything is a competition. Who can change quicker, who makes better coffee, who can do more shots. The latter ended with Matt face down asleep in the hallway clutching a saucepan and Mello half off the couch groaning with regret

- Mello having to only buy black socks because Matt keeps stealing his and it drives him up the wall when socks don’t match

- Mello is unaware that the microwave no longer works after Matt took it apart to try and make it stop beeping when his food was cooked

Imagine Your OTP

Person A and Person B work at two different cafés that are directly across the street from each other. They’re frenemies in a sense. They end up getting into and argument over who can make better coffee. It’s end with A saying that if B is so amazing at making coffee why don’t they just go work at Starbucks and B gasps and yells, “HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT I’M SO MAINSTREAM HIPSTER THAT I SHOULD WORK AT STARBUCKS! STARBUCKS OF ALL PLACES!”

distractions / coping methods

hello! i thought since some of you may be struggling with suicide, self harm, anxiety, etc. i should try giving you some methods of dealing with it in a more positive and non harmful ways. these ones work best for me.

• listening to music
• taking a nap / sleeping
• having a nice warm shower / bath
( extra tip : add bubbles!! )
• looking at cute animal pictures
• drawing on yourself
( extra tip : use a red marker, it helps with being more realistic )
• painting / drawing
• talking / texting / hanging out with someone who you enjoy
• watch tv shows / movies etc.
( extra tip : be a burrito in a heap of blankets )
• dance or sing, or both!
• write down poetry / how you’re feeling
• play video games
• remember some of you’re favorite memories
• remind yourself of the things you like about yourself
• put on some fuzzy socks (they make everything better)
• make hot coco, coffee, or tea!
• eat a nice snack you like
• read a book!
• look at old birthday cards
• hug a stuffed animal
• hug a real animal
( extra tip : if it’s fluffy and nice, all the better )
• stretch! stretching helps you relax more
• eat some candy
• anything that helps you!

no matter how big or small, just try anything you think will help you feel better or at least distract yourself from harmful intentions or thoughts.

stay safe everyone!