make beats not bombs

medinaquirin replied to your post “realtalk tho the Disco opening credits on a Fringe vibe mirrorverse…”

gdi I miss Fringe.

s a m e. it kind of fizzled out towards the end but i don’t think i’ve ever been so invested in the plot and mystery of a show. plus the characters, and their relationships, and my emotions, jeez.

(Fringe came out at a weird time like. it was popular enough but it’s like the Alkaline Trio of tv, too late to be new and too early to catch the wave. it’s kinda faded into obscurity, which is a shame, bc when it was good it was really fuckin good)

cat friend!!!

so i play as a fighter half orc, who is known for ripping off peoples dongs when she beats them in arm wrestling matches. she makes them into bombs which she keeps in her bag of holding

our group is made of a half elf sorcerer (i think) a half elf cleric, a tiefling rogue/druid, a moon elf wizard (maybe?) and my half orc. the half elf sorcerer has been begging the dm to let him get a cat.

we’re escorting a wagon to the town of phandolin when we spot a couple of dead horses. we hang around for a little bit trying to figure out what happened, when a member of our party hears rustling in the bushes near our tiefling. he doesnt tell us this.

DM: so all of you hear the bushes towards the back of the wagon rustle, and you all can tell that somethings there


teifling rogue (ooc): no wait dont do that, throw it next to the bush just to scare it

me (ooc): oh yeah okay i’ll do that then

DM: your bomb lands near the bush and right before it explodes you hear a cat wail. after the explosion you see a white paw on the ground, with a black stripe going up it. the rest of the cat has been demolished.

literally everyone in the party is complaining cause i threw a dong bomb at the cat they wanted to befriend, and our cleric even tried to bring it back from the dead, but we had to continue on our adventure without the cat.

flash forward like an hour later when we’re at the mouth of a goblin cave, right after my half orc and our sorcerer had assassinated some goblin guards.

DM: so uh you look around and you hear the bushes rustle again. out steps a cat, all white with a black stripe on its leg

i yell cause my orc has animal handling, and i end up with a 23 to befriend the cat. our sorcerer is begging me to give him the cat, and then our cleric asks for the cat, and so they start having a bidding war to see who will get it

i end up keeping the cat


In September of 2016 I was looking at my relaxed pixie cut ,and I wasn’t happy… I grabbed a pair of scissors and clippers and began to cut ,and after looking in the mirror I just knew I had fucked up… When I saw what I had done , I was mortified and sad… I then decided to make a wig to mask this mistake I had made… And everything was good for those few weeks until I began to get tired of wearing the wig and decided I was going to show the world my “big chop”… I decided I was going to embrace my hair… I decided I was going to turn this mistake into a journey … My natural hair journey… But first I had to make a quick trip to my local beauty supply store for hair dye. I had this idea that dying my hair would make everything better… I guess we could call it a security blanket… I went from basic, boring black hair to that reddish/ orangish color pictured above… And then I let the world see it… It was so nerve wrecking at first ,but it ended up not being all that bad… You have people that love it and you have people that hate it! #OHFUCKINGWELL Almost 4 months later… My hair is back black, I still get called a little boy ,and I’m not approached by many guys like when I have my long Brazilian wig on but that’s okay. After many tears and a period of broken confidence…I love my hair , love , love , love it. And it has taught me to love myself, and I’ve developed this confidence… A confidence wayyyyyy different than the confidence I had before…A mindset like “Yes bitchesssss , I may not have long hair like the next chick , but I’m still that bitttttt! Ayeeeeeeee”. I felt soooo empowered, but please understand that you don’t need validation from anybody especially a nigga. I don’t care if you think I look better with long hair or I shouldn’t have cut my hair. I don’t give a fuck about what you have to say! I want a nigga who is going to love me with or without hair… And I’m not going to lie… There are some days where I don’t feel attractive , and wish my hair was longer, and that guys found me attractive. But , I believe it’s just apart of being a girl. I just have to remind myself of who tf I am and that I’m beautiful… And say for instance when you do feel like that call up one of your homegirls for a day/night out, beat your face, put on a bomb ass outfit, make sure your curls are poppin, post some cute pics on sc & ig…And just slay your life away! Moral of the story to all my girls who have cut their hair or are considering cutting their hair… Embrace it girl , Ignore the ignorant jokes/remarks, because at the end of the day it’s your life and you live for your happiness and not others. Your opinion is the only opinion that matters… You’re poppin , you’re beautiful, and you’re that bitch! Ayeeeeeeeee! ❤️

Your heart on the other side of the trigger
you make the call and everything that keeps you strong dies
You don’t and you let everything the two of you are be for nothing

Die or live yet die inside, there’s no universe where that choice is easy
yet your heart screams and your mind whirls
and you know that you’d rather be six feet under than without him

He’s kneeling, the pain in his eyes hitting you like daggers
everyone knows now, he’s your weakness
the one thing that makes you pause, that makes you break

Your heart is bomb, beating in your chest 
trying to reach out to the missing half that resides in him
knives don’t work in a gunfight but hearts, oh hearts do

Do you ever think that Hera would sometimes find Kanan with a bottle. In the first few days he traveled with her the bottle would be empty. But as time went on she would find him faster and peel the bottle out of his hand. Over time he’d lose his addiction. But first comes nights of Kanans hands shaking. Night terrors. Withdrawals.Hera takes it patiently.

There were times when she’d find Zeb, bent over his rifle, cleaning it carefully. Over and over. Hera learns about Lasant, and understands why he’s so reckless. She doesn’t hide his rifle, but instead finds out that the best way to help him is to keep him busy. Zeb is given multiple responsibilities and time consuming tasks. Something to focus his thoughts elsewhere. When he’s not busy Hera suggests Sabaac. Kanan teaches it to Zeb, and in time Zeb is beating him.

Hera finds Sabine making bombs. It’s a habit of hers but it endangers the crew. If the chemicals ever ignited the wrong way they’d be dead. Hera sets ground rules for bomb making , namely only when their landed, and Sabine can build away from the Ghost on solid ground. But the days in light speed take a toll. She starts to go crazy. Kanan teaches her to meditate to help her channel her energy, something she still does. But what’s better is when Hera brings her back paints. And a couple canvases. Soon Sabines room and armor is swirled with color and patterns

She finds Ezra hoarding food. Nothing perishable. The stuff that will last him a while. Nothing he stole from them, but saved from his own meals. Hera gets it. He still has that mindset that he doesn’t know when he’ll eat next. She lets Ezra keep his stash. Over time it gets smaller and smaller. One day he’s handing out food at Tarkin town, and it’s not from the crates they brought.

So what happens when they find Hera, asleep at the table, her head resting on whatever papers for the rebellion she was reading. They leave her there.

But when a orange droid nudges her leg, she can’t help but wonder how a pillow got under her head, a blanket on her shoulders and a cup of Caf beside her.

Nagito Komaeda: I am damaged
  • Nagito: (sung)
  • I am damaged, far too damaged,
  • But you’re not beyond repair.
  • Stick around here,
  • Make things better
  • ‘Cause you beat me fair and square
  • (Nagito takes the bomb from Hajime)
  • Please stand back now
  • ‘Little further.
  • Don’t know what this thing will do.
  • Hope you’ll miss me.
  • Wish you’d kiss me
  • Then you’d know I worship you.
  • I’ll trade my life for yours.
  • Hajime: (sung)
  • Oh my God—
  • Nagito:
  • And once I disappear,
  • Hajime:
  • Wait, hold on—
  • Nagito:
  • Clean up the mess down here.
  • Hajime:
  • Not this way!
  • Nagito:
  • Our love is God
  • Our love is God
  • Our love is God
  • Our love is God
  • Our love is God
  • Hajime:
  • Say hi to God
  • (Explosion and blackout. Lights up on Hope's Peak students and faculty drawn by the noise.
  • Hajime enters, face blackened, hair frazzled, jacket singed.
  • Junko and Mukuro rush up)
  • Mukuro: (spoken)
  • Where have you been’? People were saying you killed yourself.
  • Junko: (spoken)
  • You look like hell.
  • Hajime: (spoken))
  • I just got back.