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Disco girl, coming through, that girl is you ♡

I’m 185% sure ‘Disco Girl’ would be ‘their song’ and no one can convince me otherwise

.:*・°☆ Thought I’d post my Mikleo lineart to entertain you all while I go back to work   .:*・°☆

Planes Are Perfect for Reunions

Title: Planes Are Perfect for Reunions
Pairing: OiYama

“Oh!” Oikawa leaned towards the man, trying to figure out which member of the team he was. He took in the long black hair, tinted with green, and the strand that seemed to stick out. He glanced at the freckles dotting the boy’s nose and cheeks. 

“I don’t think you’d remember me,” he said. “I didn’t really play until second year so-”

“You’re the cute pinch server,” Oikawa cut in. “You scored a point off us at the Spring Tournament.”
Notes: For the prompt “This is a five-hour-long plane ride, we’re sitting together and you’re deathly afraid of flying” in this post

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“The squad on screen is really cool. The squad off screen - I’ve never experienced anything like it.” - Margot Robbie 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I am very concerned about Steve and Tony fighting, but my main worry is Clint and Natasha. Even though they weren't canon in the movies, their brotp is sacred and beautiful and seeing them on opposite sides freaks me out because after all that they have been through its unfathomable that they would ever fight. It would break both of them to hurt the other, and so I just can't imagine what civil war means for their relationship and it keeps me up at night

do you ever just remember that cecil is basically the opposite of science and yet carlos, a scientist, is utterly in love with him


Leave me out with the waste This is not what I do. It’s the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you. It’s the wrong time for somebody new. it’s a small crime and I got no excuse.
Leave me out with the waste this is not what I do. It’s the wrong kind of place to be cheating on you. It’s the wrong time, she’s pulling me through. It’s a small crime and I got no excuse. 

Is that alright, yeah? Is that alright with you? …listen.

I’ve been on this website for a very long time now (half a decade yo), I’ve changed many interests, many fandoms, I made friends and I grew fond of many people. I don’t talk to most of you as much as I’d like because most of you seem way too cool for me but all of you make my dash a happy place and I love seeing you around, reading about your experiences and opinions, regardless of whether I’ve been following you for years, months or merely days.
This is my first follow forever and it was super difficult to decide whom to include here because I generally suck at choosing faves (seriously, don’t ever ask me about my favourite anything), so here is this longish list,  a small thank you note to all of you for being awesome. Don’t ever change :)

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