make bad skips

I wanna make up more ovw skins??like… give me a skin of a specific charatcer and the name of another and ill try it?? Like i did with that Genji Kitsune skin based on hanzos okami one… Or new concepts but thats way harder really

eating is hard

eating a full 3 meals a day is really, really hard.

don’t feel bad for taking baby steps. don’t feel bad for eating nothing but an apple for lunch, don’t feel bad for having soup for all 3 meals, don’t feel bad about the days when all you manage to feed yourself is tea.

eating is hard, and not being able to eat is okay. it takes time. recovery takes time. you will get to a place where you can eat again. i believe in you.

Been listening to The West Wing Weekly lately, a podcast reviewing the show The West Wing, analyzing and seeing how it relates to today. Very interesting, and they have generally dealt with social issues very well and with good research.

Until the Stackhouse Filibuster episode.

For those who don’t remember the episode, the main issue is they are passing some law or other, and a man, Stackhouse, is frustrated that they won’t take his amendment. What he wants is more research into autism, particularly research into a cure. When they brush him aside, he starts a many hour filibuster, until some research into his life makes the staff realize he may have an autistic grandchild and so this means a great deal to him. I watched the episode recently, and sort of cringed at the idea of a “cure” for autism, but mostly passed it off as, “Yeah, this episode is 17 years old now, it’s just a little outdated. We’re better than this now.”

And then I listened to the TWWW episode about it, and they were remarkably uninformed about the issue. They were very pro-cure, and had a few guests on to talk about it - notably two parents of autistic children (note, not any autistic people themselves, of course not). And they talked about their autistic children “retreating” and being “unreachable” and how they “came down” with autism. Also Bradley Whitford made a bit of an obnoxious comment about how it can be difficult for celebrities to shine a light on this because “famous celebrities don’t come down with autism.” And like… No??? There are plenty of people in the film business and otherwise celebrities that are autistic. It is not some horrible fate to be pitied like they seem to think in the way they discuss it.

I’m hoping they got some push back on this that they’ll discuss in their next episode, but from looking at the synopsis and there being no mention of that, I kind of doubt it.



Yes I know it’s a cliché title but what can I say I’m a sucker for tradition and anyway it’s a fairytale so deal.

Available as cryptic teaser prints and t-shirts if you’re mad enough to buy stuff for a thing that hasn’t happened yet but hopefully will in the next few weeks!

One of the shitty things about Ni is that it’s so bad with details. It skips to conclusions because the processing of facts is primarily internal and done in the subconscious. Demanding that an Ni-dom give proof of their claims on the spot is like asking the impossible.


Countdown to Miyuki’s birthday 2k15


“His baseball sense is recognized by everyone. but his cheeky attitude really makes you sick.” –Kuramochi Youichi


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