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[18.06.2017 - Marseille, France]

MAKE MARSEILLE QUEER AGAIN! Proud steps to the Cours Julien.

merry inktober !

“Zetus lapetus Captain Anderson!”

Shepard: Girl of the 21st Century (Released January 29, 1999 on VHS)

The crossover that no one wanted, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Mass Effect. Anything space related I immediately think of Mass Effect, so when I watched Zenon with my friend last semester, well…

happy (belated) birthday to our beloved sunshine ♡


So many things hung in the balance, and he couldn’t even protect the one thing that had been keeping him going the entire time.

One of the main traits I had picked for Oli when defining his character was his devoutness to Dalish tradition and his clan. While the leadership aspects of being Inquisitor come naturally to him as he’s been conditioned to eventually assume the role as Clan Lavellan’s keeper, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy being in the Inquisition. While saving the world is all fine and dandy, really getting back home is his end goal. 

So naturally, I had to kill off the clan or realistically he would have fucked off before even getting close to Trespasser.

Mogeko March Day 19 - Favorite OT3 : Angel Trio ○ Taffy, Olive and Tsurugigozen

this will be my last post for mogeko march on this year, because tomorrow the real nightmare will begin.
but I’m so happy can draw them again, they’re everything in my life.

Bering & Wells

@apparitionism - I know it’s not kissing but…

Wow, I’m so organised I actually haven’t posted the Regine pic here - thanks for your messages! Here is Regine in all her glorious glory. I love her so much.
After being super ambitious with Win’s picture, I kind of want to paint her again.