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the single most fucknig frustrating part of riding is knowing enough to see your major flaws but not being fucking skilled enough yet to bloody fix em

Hi everybody! I’ve been ghosting on here as a studyblr for a while now, oops. So here’s my introduction post! 

My name is Alina, but you can also call me Lina. I’m going into sophomore year in August, at a magnet school in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). I’m mostly using this blog to prepare for next year!

Some things about me:

‣ I’m going to be 15 in August

‣ My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff, with a dash of Slytherin

‣ My MBTI is ISxJ (but mostly ISTJ)

‣ I’m a Leo

‣ My favorite color is blue or black

‣ I speak English and am learning French

‣ I hope to major in political science/psychology, and go to either NYU or Columbia (probably the former, though)

Some of my interests/things I like:

‣ Myers Briggs

‣ Journalism

‣ Politics

‣ Feminist, LGBT and US history

‣ Cats and dogs, omg I love them so much!

‣ Studying and generally being a nerd (Harry Potter and Star Wars are my faves)


‣ AP World History

‣ French 4

‣ Honors Humanities 2

‣ Honors Algebra 2

‣ Chemistry

‣ Psychology

‣ AP Art History

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I can use this blog to be more successful for the school year- that’s my main goal! <33

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One night.

Hiii! I finally wrote something again, it’s been ages. This is a very smutty story so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with this kind of stuff. I apologize for sloppy parts and any mistakes.xxxxx

“I want you to sleep with someone else.”
Y/N choked on her own breath, her eyes growing wide with shock.
“Are you mad?!”
“No. Believe me, it’s not easy for me to propose this but I think it could help us. We’ve been together for six years now. And I know that you aren’t… quite satisfied with me lately.”
“Andy, that doesn’t mean I have to cheat on you.” she shook her head incredulously.
“It’s not cheating when I know about it before hand and actually suggested it.” he disagreed.
“Sleeping with another man is cheating.”
“Y/N, you’ve only been with me. You’ve never been with anyone else. Don’t you not want to experience something else?”
“I’m not saying that… I’m not curious but you can’t tell me you think it’s a good idea when I have sex with somebody else.”
“Maybe it’s an shitty idea, maybe it’s an brilliant idea. We’ll only know if we try it, yeah? I think we both know that it doesn’t work as good anymore and I think that this could help us. Maybe you’re going to realize that you only want me or you want something else. I want us to make a decision and I think that this could help us.”
“And who do you want me to have sex with? Some random bloke or have you already somebody in mind?” she laughed disbelievingly, sarcasm lacing her words.
“I do actually.”
Again her eyes grew wide, her lips parting.
“Harry?! Are you fucking crazy?! I can’t fuck your best friend.” she stood up from where she was sitting across from him on the couch, starting to pace in front of him.
“I don’t want you to have sex with someone we don’t know. I want you to be save. I want it to be someone who does exactly what you say and stops when you want him to stop.”
“He’s your best friend.” she repeated, her head shaking furiously.
“That’s exactly why I suggested him.”
She had to admit, Harry was hot. She had to admit that she had a crush on him. She had to admit that sometimes when she saw him she wanted to rip his clothes off his body and jump on his dick. She had to admit that fucking Harry sounded like paradise.
He was Andy’s best friend though. It was true that they had problems lately, especially in the bedroom. She faked her orgasms more often than not. She didn’t enjoy sex with him anymore. But that was no reason to sleep with somebody else, right?
“Andy, this is the worst idea you ever had.”
“Maybe. Maybe not.”
“Are you going to sleep with somebody else as as well or is this just about me?”
“It’s just about you.”
She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.
“What are you going to do while I have sex with him? Watch us? Count the minutes until we’re finished?”
“I won’t watch you. Maybe I’m going to count the minutes.” he chuckled.
She shook her head again, a frown set on her face. Andy stood up from the couch and walked over to her, placing his hands on her arms.
“Love, please. Just do this for me, yeah? For us.”
“Love, I promise you that I’m okay with this. I want you to figure some things out, okay?” “When?” she breathed out.
“I can just give Harry a call and you… can do it.”
“He already knows about this?!”
“Yes. I had to tell him, didn’t I?”
“This is crazy.” she scoffed.
Y/N sighed and threw her head back with frustration.
“Defined not here. And not at his place. I’ll book you two a hotel room.”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this but okay.”
“We’re going to do it tomorrow. I want to get it over with as soon as possible.”
“I’m going to call him.” Andy nodded.


So the next day she found herself sitting in a hotel room. The room wasn’t big nor small. The bed was situated in the middle, plain white silky sheets. She was nervous. Going absolutely crazy. She knew she had no reason to because the man who is going to enter the hotel room any minute is Harry. And Harry is no person to be nervous around.
She knew it would be great, and maybe that was the reason why she felt nervous. The way he moved his body was an clear evidence that he knew exactly how to move in bed. She knew that this night would probably be the best she will ever have. She was nervous for what was going to happen after this night.
Honestly, she still didn’t think that this was a good idea. She still couldn’t imagine how this could help her relationship with Andy. She was going to cheat. Cheat on her longtime boyfriend.
And even though he said it’s not cheating because he suggested it, it didn’t make her feel any better.
She was curious though, just how Andy said. Andy was the only person she ever slept with. She wanted to experience something new.
Even if it’s just for one night.

When she heard the ‘beep’ of the door that signaled that Harry was finally there she jumped up from where she was sitting at the edge of the bed. She took a deep breath and smoothed her light pink dress out, her hands shaking.
He opened the door and let it fall shut behind him. He looked relaxed, calm even. He was wearing a light blue silky button down with his signature black ripped jeans that were tighter than tight and Y/N couldn’t help but wonder how she would be able to get him out of these without struggling.
“Hello, love.” his voice made her look up from his legs and their eyes met for the first time this evening.
“Hi, Harry.” she breathed.
He walked over to her with slow steps, taking both of her hands in his and pressing a kiss to her cheek. She caught a whiff of his cologne that smelled expensive and exquisite. His hands felt rough but soft at the same time, his long fingers wrapping tightly around hers.
“You look absolutely stunning.” he said lowly, his raspy voice making goosebumps arise on her arms.
“Thank you.” she whispered, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink.
She felt her skin heat up with Harry’s eyes roaming her body, pausing on her chest when he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her velvet dress.
He cleared his throat before he looked up into her eyes again, his hands still holding onto her shaking ones.
“So I know this is a very awkward situation but I think we have to talk about it before… anything happens, yeah?”
She nodded, cringing on the inside when she realized just how awkward this situation was.
“Andy told me he had a few rules. Do you want to tell me something as well?” he asked her softly, sensing her discomfort.
“No.” she shook her head.
“And if I’m being quite honest, I don’t give a damn about Andy’s rules. Either we’re doing this right and do everything we want to or not at all.”
“You want to break his rules?”
“Naughty.” he teased and caused a soft laugh to escape her lips.
“I don’t want this to be awkward, love. I know this is strange and crazy but I don’t want it to feel awkward. I want to make sure you feel good. We only have one night, yeah? Let’s make it a good one.” he smiled at her.
She nodded and just like that her nerves were gone. She felt as if a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders.
He let go of one of her hands and lifted his own to her cheek, cupping it and stroking over her soft skin with his thumb. He looked into her eyes the whole time, searching for any sign of hesitation or insecurity and when he came up with nothing he leaned in and connected his lips to hers.
Rule number one was broken.
She sighed into his mouth and welcomed his tongue when it licked between her lips, opening up for him so he was able to deepen the kiss. He pressed her against his chest, his hand on the small of her back making her arch her body into him.
Her hands were on his shoulder and around his neck, making sure he wasn’t able to move away.
He was a phenomenal kisser. It was that kind of kiss that makes your toes curl and your thighs press together, that kind of kiss that ignited a fire inside of Y/N’s stomach. That kind of kiss she hasn’t felt for ages.
Both of Harry’s hands wandered down when the kiss got more heated, over her back and onto her ass, squeezing the flesh through her dress and making her moan into his mouth. His hands wandered even lower, to the backs of her thighs, with his fingers still on her ass. His fingers slipped beneath the velvety fabric and touched the skin of her cheeks. They wandered up again until they were planted on her naked skin, underneath her lace panties. He hooked his thumbs into them, pulling them down until they were pooling around her ankles and she was able to step out of them.
Their lips separated then, both of them panting from the intensity of the moment. He took in her flushed state for a second, making sure she was still okay with this before he turned her around quickly and made her crash into his chest with her back.
He placed his hands on her thighs, squeezing the skin briefly before he let them roam over her body until they reached her breasts. He squeezed them as well, running his thumbs over her hard nipples through her dress, making them even more noticeable.
When he noticed the mirror on the wall out of the corner of his eye he made her walk towards it, stopping right in front of it. Their eyes met in the mirror, Harry removing her hair from her neck and pulling it all to one side before he pressed a kiss to her shoulder.
“I want you to watch. Watch when another man touches your body.”
He felt her shudder against him, smirking at the effect he had on her. He moved his hands to her hips, making sure she was as tightly against him as possible before he let them wander up again. When he reached her breasts he pulled them out of her dress, her hard nipples creating a harsh contrast with their dark pink color, standing out from her creamy skin and pastel dress.
He squeezed them, making sure she was looking at his movements in the mirror. Her breath hitched when he pinched her nipples, the sting feeling delicious. When she felt his hands run down her body she sighed, a long breath leaving her lungs. He pulled her skintight dress up until it was pooling around her hips and her lower half was exposed and on full display for him.
His fingers reached between her legs, dipping into her entrance. He groaned when he felt her slick folds, not expecting her to be this wet already.
“All wet for me, baby?”
“Fuck, yes.”
She spread her legs for him, his hand now able to cup her center. She moved her hips so she her whole pussy was rubbing over his hand, her wetness smearing over his skin.
He started rubbing his finger over her clit, making her moan out at the feeling. Pleasure spread through her whole body, making her shake against him and whimper.
“Feels good, princess?”
“Yes.” she breathed, her eyes closing from the overwhelming feeling.
“Eyes on me, baby.” Harry demanded and her eyes snapped open immediately, catching his in the mirror.
“Look how pretty you look. So pretty getting your clit rubbed. So pretty looking like a slut with your tits out and your dress pushed up for me.”
She moaned at his words, absolutely loving his dirty words.
“You like that, baby? Like me talking dirty to you?”
“Yes, Harry.”
His fingers were still rubbing over her clit, his movements faster and harder now, making sure she would reach the edge as fast as possible.
“I want you to come for me, baby. Can you do that?”
She nodded furiously against his chest, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.
“Then do it. Come for me.”
A loud moan left her and she came all over his fingers. He made sure she wasn’t able to move away by wrapping his arm over her hips, his fingers rubbing her through her powerful orgasm that made liquid gush out of her pussy.
“Good girl.” he groaned when she finished completely, her hips still bucking.
He let go of her when he was sure she could stand on her own again, getting rid of his shirt and tight jeans. He pulled his underwear down and took ahold of Y/N again. He pulled her dress up even higher, over her ass and pulled her hips to his. He grabbed his shaft in his hand, lining it up with her slick entrance and thrusting in immediately.
“Ohhh.” she moaned out, her voice loud and Harry was sure whoever stayed at the same hotel floor heard her.
He didn’t waist any time and began to pound her pussy immediately, pressing her whole body against his so she was standing completely.
“Look at yourself getting fucked. Getting fucked by another man.”
His thrusts were hard and reached deep, she was able to feel him inside of her stomach. He was big, so fucking big and he felt better than her boyfriend ever could.
The sound of their skin slapping against each other was loud, adding to her moans and his groans that filled the room.
She never felt like this before. Never did her eyes roll back and never did she moan this much. Harry was a fucking sex god.
She was holding onto the the wall in front of her, both hands just beside the mirror so she still had full view of what exactly he was doing to her.
He watched her body in the mirror, how her tits bounced and how her face was twisted with overwhelming pleasure. His eyes caught the sight of his cock filling her up over and over again, how her pussy took him so fucking good.
“I-I’m gonna come.” she whimpered out and she did, she did come all over him with a loud scream that cut right through the air.
Her pussy squeezed his cock, growing so incredibly tight around him that he choked on his breath. Her whole body was trembling, her knees giving out and if Harry wouldn’t have caught her she would have fallen to the ground.
He made sure she rode out her orgasm, his dick never stopping inside of her. She kept on moaning and sobbing, Harry completely wrecked her body.
When she calmed down enough he pulled out of her, watching how her wetness connected the tip of him to her hole.
“Lie down on the bed for me.” he told her softly, helping her walk over to the silk covered bed.
Before she let herself fall down onto the sheets Harry removed her dress from her body, leaving her completely bare in front of him.
The back of her head hit the pillow, her chest still heaving with every breath. Harry crawled onto the bed as well, hovering over her naked form.
“You good?”
“Yes. God, yes.”
He pressed a soft but passionate kiss to her parted lips before he moved down her body. He took ahold of her knees, bending them and making her feet hit the sheets. He crawled between her legs, pulling her whole body towards him by her hips until she was perfectly situated in front of his face.
He started with pressing kisses to her inner thighs, his soft lips pressing against her sticky skin. Then he pressed kisses from her belly button down, right to the ‘V’ of her legs. He kissed over her pussy as well, right over her slit.
When he finished his teasing he pulled her lips apart with his fingers, groaning when her pink and glistening skin was on full display in front of him.
The first lick of his tongue left her shuddering, her hips raising from the mattress until Harry pressed one hand to her stomach, holding her in place. His tongue was licking deep between her lips, circling her clit before he moved it down to her entrance, dipping in and repeating that over and over again.
It didn’t take long for her thighs to start shaking and her hands to fist the sheets and Harry began to suck on her bundle of nerves, making her moan out loud.
“H-Harry, oh fuck.”
Her voice turned hoarse, cracking with every moan and Harry was sure that tomorrow she would have to rest her voice.
He felt it against his tongue when she came, her walls clenching and making her whole pussy spasm. Her thighs closed around his head, holding his face in place even though he would have never pulled away. Her moans were even louder, almost sounding like she was in pain but Harry knew that wasn’t the case at all, quite the opposite actually.
He pulled away when she came down from her thigh and her legs hit the mattress.
She wasn’t able to do anything but nod, her voice probably completely gone by now.
“Can you sit up for me?” he asked her softly.
She did how he asked her to and sat up, watching how he shuffled around her and lied down on his back. He took one of her hands in his and intertwined his fingers with hers.
“Want you to ride me, love.”
She wanted something else though. Something else caught her attention. Something that was hard and looked quite painful.
“No.” she whispered.
She shook her head and pulled her fingers from his which created a frown on Harry’s face.
“Love, if-”
“I want to suck it.” she whimpered.
His lips parted with surprise. Fuck, that woman was about to kill him.
He watched how she crawled down the bed until her face was right between his legs, her eyes captivated by his leaking cock.
Her small hand wrapped around his base and she whimpered when she felt how heavy he was and how soft his skin was.
“Go on, baby. Suck it.”
She didn’t need to be told twice, her lips immediately wrapping around his tip and Harry moaned when he felt her warm mouth around him. Her eyes closed when she took him deeper and Harry couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed that.
She took him as deep as possible, his tip hitting the back of her throat with ever bop of her head. She pumped the rest of him that she couldn’t fit in her mouth with her hand, her other one playing with his balls.
Harry could feel himself loosing his mind already, her mouth feeling so fucking good on him.
“B-Baby. I need you to stop. D-Don’t wanna come like this.”
She popped off him with a disappointed look on her face, some spit connecting her swollen lips to the tip of his cock.
“C'mon, princess. Sit on my lap.” he told her softly.
She did and alined his dick with her entrance immediately, sinking down on him with a moan.
“Good girl.” Harry groaned, his hands gripping onto her hips.
She steadied herself with her hands on his chest, beginning to ride him without adjusting to his size first.
She moved her body back and forth, the movement making his cock rub over that one perfect spot inside of her. He was so fucking deep inside of her and the fact that she could feel every vein and ridge of him made it even better.
She knew that Andy probably told Harry to fuck with a condom but god, she didn’t give a fuck.
“Feel good, baby? My dick feel good inside of you?”
“Yes, Harry. Fuck, yes.”
Her movements sped up after a bit, beginning to bounce on him which made Harry groan and almost shout. She was riding him so hard and she was so good at it and the fact that he was able to see his cock slipping out of her pussy was almost too much for him.
The headboard of the bed was constantly hitting the wall, creating a banging sound that added to their moans and skin slapping against each other.
Her pace became more a erratic after a few moments, her orgasm creeping up on her.
“Harry, I’m gonna come again.” she sobbed out, her walls already growing tighter around him.
With a few more hard strokes over that one spot deep inside of her she came, and she came hard. Her body fell forward with the force of her orgasm, falling down on Harry’s chest. She moaned into his neck, the sound making Harry’s ears ring. The clenching and spasming of her pussy made him groan out as well, the feeling almost making him explode as well.
When her hips stopped moving and she was still lying on top of him with his dick buried deep inside of her, he situated her so her legs were spread and her knees were a few inches from his hips. His hands grabbed onto her ass cheeks, spreading them apart as well. He held onto them while he planted his feet on the mattress, which made his cock slip even deeper inside of her.
His thighs were right against her ass now and as he began to move it created a loud sound. She groaned out when he began fucking her again, the way he was holding her ass cheeks apart made him reach even deeper.
His thrusts were hard and fast, making her scream out into the air of the hotel room. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, creating black stains on her skin from the mascara she put on earlier.
“I need you to come, baby. Come with me.” He groaned into her neck.
Her response was a loud moan, her brain not able to form a coherent sentence.
A few thrusts later and they both came, both of them shouting with the pure pleasure that cursed through their bodies. Thick white cum coated her clenching walls, filling her up. Her sobs were loud and his moans were almost shouts. Never did she ever come like this before, maybe it was because she already had so many orgasms before or maybe it was the fact that Harry came with her.
He pulled out of her when they both finished completely, his cum leaking out of her hole and dripping onto his stomach. Both of them were still breathing harshly, their bodies sticky with sweat.
“Fuck, that was amazing.” Harry sighed.
“That was the best sex I ever had.” she admitted and sat up a bit so she could look down at him.
“Well, I’m glad. It was my pleasure.” he grinned.
“Idiot.” she chuckled and hit his chest playfully.
He smiled up at her and shook his head.
“Please, don’t let this make us awkward.”
“No. I don’t want that either. It’s just…”
“What, hm?”
Harry’s fingers played with a strand of hair of hers, wrapping it around them.
“I think I know what I want now.”
His eyes widened slightly, shock evident on his face.
“And what do you want?”
“I don’t want this life anymore. I’ve been with Andy for six fucking years. Six years I could have spent completely differently. I want to live. I don’t want someone who holds me back.”
“So you’re gonna break up with him?”
“I guess so, yeah.”
Harry gulped visibly, his eyes searching hers.
“Love, I don’t want this to-”
“Hey, no. This was no mistake, okay? And I did not only realize that because you gave me the best orgasms I ever had. This was just the last little push I needed.”
Harry nodded and sighed. He felt guilty. But he knew that the purpose of all this was to help her realize what she wanted.
“And… We?” he asked after a moment.
She looked at him surprised.
“I mean… What does this mean for us now?”
She hesitated for a bit before a smile slowly spread on her face.
“Well, we still have the whole night, right?”
Harry chuckled and shook his head with amusement.
“I guess, yes. What are you planning to do, miss?”
“I think I’ve got a pretty good idea what we could do.”

anonymous asked:

are you the top or are you the bottom

Uhhh honestly me as a male……I’m the bottom I’m to emotional and feminine…but idk I think I’m the bottom asher knows how to make me feel better all the time Andy doesn’t sweet little gestures but I think I’m the bottom

Actually yea I am the bottom @asher-boo right? Or?

I might take a little bit more of time than usual to gift the giveaway winners.

I´m not on the best mental stability in this last couple of days.

Thank you to everyone who approached me and tried to make me feel better.

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience.



Requested: Can you make one where you’re sad or mad about something and Andy does something to make you feel better?

Rated M: Language 

The Small Things

           A cold breeze brushed over my skin, raising goose bumps on my pale skin.  I ground my teeth together in frustration, the irritation that was still boiling in my gut rolling once more. I brought the cigarette back up to my lips for another drag.

           I was so fucking angry, I couldn’t shake it with just my book and cup of tea like I usually did. Why would he do that? How could he just exclude me from his life like a leper? My brother and I were always so close! But now, his new fling comes along, he closes me out. I hadn’t done anything to give him a reason no to trust me, so why now? All because Haley comes around with her long blonde hair and perfect smile to charm him until he gives her the world? Fuck that.

           “Babe?” Andy’s voice startled me and looked back at him with wide eyes. He was looking at me with concern, the sliding glass door half way open as he leaned out of it. Damn, I didn’t even hear his car pull up.

           “Hey, honey,” I said after clearing my throat. I lowered the cigarette from his line of sight, hoping he didn’t notice.

            With a furrowed brow, he stepped out, closing the door behind him, the walked over to sit in the chair next to me. Fuck, he knew. Sometimes I hated how well he knew me. But hell, it had been that way since we met 6 fucking years ago. Of course, it wasn’t a bad thing.  I just hated not being able to keep my emotions to myself so I would bother him.

           “I thought you were going to quit,” he said, worry evident in his tone,” What’s the matter?”

           I smiled halfheartedly and took my phone out from under my thigh to show him the text from my brother I had got a little over an hour ago. He took it gently from my hand and squinted at the screen as he read. It basically said that because of the current state of things in his life, we couldn’t stay in contact anymore. Haley wanted him to focus on their relationship without any distractions. I was hurt, but more pissed than anything.

           Connor was always family orientated. But the fact that he was so easily manipulated by his girlfriend was what got to me.

           Andy’s eyes widened with shock then he handed the phone back,” Well then,” he sputtered, trying to comprehend what he just read,” That’s a bit extreme. Did you call him to see if it was really him who sent it?”

           I chuckled. Andy didn’t trust her, he had told me the minute we met her,” Sure did. And it was him. I hung up right after he said so.”

           “Fuck.” Was all he could muster. We had a similar reaction. I was speechless as well.

           And for a few moments, we sat in silence. I took another drag and sipped at my tea. I just watched Andy. Bent over with his elbows on his knees, skinny hands clasped together. He looked so wonderful. My little ray of light in a dark room. The setting sun making him have a subtle glow around the edges, blue eyes turned to stained glass as he zoned out. I smiled a bit before going back to my cigarette.

           “Give me,” I looked back at him and he was gesturing for me to hand him the cigarette. Without hesitation, I did. He let it drop to the concrete of the patio and stomped it out before standing up and holding his hand out to me.

           I was a little confused but I set my book and tea down on the table and stood up to take his hand. He led me through the kitchen and into the living room.

           “Go get comfy clothes on,” he ordered. I looked at him strangely and be waved me down the hall.

           “Alright, damn!” I giggled,” Mr. Pushy,” and I went to our bedroom to put on some shorts.

           When I was walking back to the living room, I heard him talking and slowed down drastically, stopping in the threshold. Andy had his back to me and his phone to his ear. And speaking with his interview voice.

           “-really hurt your sister. I understand that you’re trying to focus on your life, but she has done nothing to hurt you in any way. So there is no reason to shut her out.”

           There was a pause, Connor was talking. Hopefully not yelling at Andy. Andy could get vicious if pushed to it. I crossed my arms and leaned on the door frame.

           “Listen man, there’s a difference from that and being manipulated to think so. Talk to your sister,” and he hung up. My brother must have gotten upset. Andy doesn’t hang up on people like that. But he sure doesn’t put up with bullshit either.

           My love turned back and locked eyes with me. I smirked,” Thought you could be slick, huh?”

           He chuckled, walking over and wrapping his arms around my shoulders,” Oh, no, no, no, of course not,” he quoted The Labyrinth.

           I rolled my eyes and hugged him to me, taking in his comforting smell. But it was short lived as he picked me up off the ground and began walking. I groaned as my lungs were compressed and otherwise I just began laughing. He always did that shit.

           With a plop, I landed on the couch and I glared playfully at him. He brushed it off with a sly wink then turned and began putting a disc into the DVD player. There were already drinks on the coffee table, and my entire junk food stash. He knew where that was? That little shit!

           “So why am I in my PJs when it’s only 7?”

           “You and I are going to have a movie night. So to speak,” he shrugged.

           I was confused,” You aren’t going out tonight?” He usually was out and about with his friends on a Saturday night.

           “Nope. I’m not going to leave you alone to grind your teeth and be angry,” he remarked smartly.

           “I do not grind my teeth,” I whipped back.

           He looked back at with his eye brow cocked,” You do too,” and he took off his shirt, tossing it on the back of the loveseat in the corner.

           I ignored it “, And what are we watching?”

           “Game of Thrones,” he grinned as he sat down next to me.

           I jumped on him, practically, smiling ear to ear, cuddling up to his chest,” You would choose our favorite show.”

           “Only because I’d rather see you upset at everyone dying on a TV show rather than being upset at life.”

           “I love you Andy.”

           “And I you, love.”

Patient-Markings *Andy Biersack Imagine*

Scrubbing the day away, literally. The medical equipment needed extra attention as of late. To you, it looked rather dingy and old (which it was) and needed a good cleaning. Perhaps doing so would make them appear to be much nicer than they actually were.

Your hands were sore and pruned from the different cleaning chemicals and scrubbing, but you were determined to finish up before you went home for the evening.


You turned around to see Andy grinning at you from the doorway. You invite him in, kissing him on the cheek.

“Hey sweetie!” You smile.

“What are you doing?” He asks. His nose scrunched at the stench of cleaning products.

“Cleaning my equipment.”

“I want to help!”

You look around the room for something he could help you with. Patients weren’t allowed to touch the equipment, unless if being used by a staff member.

“Ummmm…” You say unsure of what to tell him. “How about you help me organize and rearranged the cabinets?”

The task you gave him was small and harmless. The only thing he’d be touching were boxed and packages full of bandages, latex gloves, cotton swabs and so on. Easy, but enough to keep him busy for the moment.

You both giggled and had conversations about anything. It was a joy getting to have time with Andy, but as a real person. Not a patient or a statistic.

The room fell quiet, both of you focused on your tasks.

Andy looks over at you. He seemed quite disturbed.

“Oh, Nurse (Y/N).” Andy says with a sad voice.

He puts down a package and takes your arm, running his hand up and down.

“Where did you get these?”

“They’re old.” You lie. So maybe within the past day or so isn’t exactly “old”

“These weren’t here before!” Andy was very disappointed in what he saw. He could never imagine the one who was so strong and loved him so much would do that.

His eyes well up with tears. He bites his lip, trying to hold them back. He gently rubs the rough healing scars over your arm, over and over as if he were trying to make them disappear.

“Don’t do this to your pretty skin.” His voice hitched. He left a trail of kisses over your arm, paying special attention to the scars. Tears followed his lips over your skin. The cold tears that you hated to see him shed.

You didn’t know what to do or say other than feel guilty. You didn’t know that it would affect him this much, let alone him noticing. His face said it all.

“I love you.” He begins to sob. “I want to be able to love you for a long time! Please stop! It hurts me too!”

You wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head on his chest. His heart beats were quiet. They sounded broken, almost. You spilled tears onto his shirt, apologizing all that you could to him. In this case, only time would heal it. No amount of sorrys or trying to make it up to him would work.

“Do you hate me?” You sniff.

“No.” Andy breathes. “I’m sad that you feel this way.”


“You don’t need to hurt yourself.” He kisses the top of your head. “I’ll make you better, I promise!”

“Andy I don’t know if you can-”

“You always make me feel better!” He protests. “I can make you feel better too!”

Andy sits you on the exam table and pulls down a box of bandages, ones with hearts printed on them. He places one on each of your scars.

“Do you need one here?” He points to your chest, where your heart is. “This is hurting too.”

He kisses the area and places the bandage on your chest, lightly patting it. Lastly, he pulls a lollipop from the candy bowl on your desk and puts it in your mouth.

“Candy always makes me happy.” He gives you a faint smile and big hug.

Andy had the biggest heart. It crushed you seeing how your actions really made him upset. Now he’ll worry about you, but you’ll just show him that you’re happy as long as he’s by your side. You both needed to work on getting better. It was just so lucky that you were able to do it together.

you're my superhero

You groaned and rolled over in bed, still contemplating the thought of how you could have possibly gotten the flu. You felt terrible, curling up in a ball underneath your several blankets to warm your already 101 degree body. You had felt terrible all week, but today it had just gotten worse. You’d taken some antibiotics earlier, but they hadn’t taken effect yet. Either that, or they just weren’t working.

Ring, ring, ring.

You winced in pain at the shrill noise. Who would be calling at 10 o'clock at night?

Ring, ring, ring.

You reached for your cell phone to silence the ringing that drilled into your head, not in the mood to talk. The screen lit up with your boyfriend Andy’s contact photo. You smiled, staring at the glowing photo of you and him from when you’d gone to the beach.

“Hey,” you answered, a hacking cough following the words that escaped your mouth.

“Hey, how are you feeling? Better than you sound, I hope,” Andy’s deep voice flooded your mind and you sighed, thankful to hear his voice after a long day.

“I feel like shit,” you mumbled, sitting up and pushing your hair out of your face before crumbling back into your sleeping position. Andy was currently on tour, and as much as you were happy that Black Veil Brides’ new album was getting publicity on this tour and that the boys and the fans were having fun, you wished Andy was home with you. Just his presence calmed you and made you feel better.

“I’m sorry, honey,” Andy sighed on the other end.

“Not your fault I got- achoo!” you were cut off by a sneeze to which Andy laughed, “Not your fault I got sick. I do wish you were home with me, though. I always feel better when you’re around.”

“Huh,” Andy pondered, you closed your eyes just to listen to his voice. He was humming something calm lightly, but quickly stopped, and soon you were able to hear two voices speaking. The same voice. “It’s a good thing I’m here to make you feel better, then.”

“Andy!” You sat up fast, but laying back down immediately when the dizziness set in. “What are you doing here?”

Andy smiled, coming over to sit with you, “I wanted to make sure you were okay. You sounded pretty terrible when you called the other day, so I figured,” he shrugged and made a goofy face, “Batman to the rescue!”

You tried to laugh but it came out as more of a coughing noise. Andy laid down on the bed next to you and pulled you close to him. You smiled, making yourself comfortable as he held you and stroked your hair gently. Soon enough, the antibiotics kicked in and you started to get drowsy, but your pain was slightly fading.

“Mmm, that’s nice…” you mumbled, hearing him chuckle at your cute sleepy voice. “I told you, you always make me feel better… Thank you.”

“Oh honey, you don’t need to thank me,” Andy mumbled before kissing your head gently.

“Yes, I do,” you looked up at him, “you’re always there for me, even when you’re busy with your own life. I love you, so much… Thank you for being my superhero.”

Andy smiled, pulling you closer as he spoke, “Anything for my girl.”


hey guys! hope you enjoyed, and the gif is not mine!

Bad Days Turn to Good (Andy Biersack Imagine)

Anon: Hi! I was wondering if you would do an Andy Biersack imagine in highschool he’s your best friend where you’re having a really bad day and when you get home you just start sobbing and Andy just holds you and rubs your back and tells you it will be okay. When your done crying Andy tries to make you feel better by bringing you to the lake you guys used to go to as little kids and maybe a tickle monster breaks out ad you both fall in the lake and Andy confesses his feelings to you??

Word Count: 1477

Warnings: breakdowns occur???

Notes: I wish I had someone like this tbh. also, sorry it took a while, I’ve been busy and lazy


Worst. Day. Ever. Really, today has been the worst! I failed two tests that I studied really hard for, a project is due tomorrow and I haven’t had any time to start it, and this guy won’t leave me alone at school. Home isn’t the best either. My parents are constantly fighting and it’s getting worse nearly every day, my little brother is being a bigger pest than normal, and my parents have been pressuring me to get a job and to actually “do something with my life.” Overall, I am completely stressed, but today I just cannot take it. I’ve been wanting to cry all day, I’ve been avoiding everyone, especially my best friend, AND I have a pounding headache. It’s just not my day I guess.

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Patient-Taken Care Of *Andy Biersack Imagine*

“Nurse (Y/N)!”

A familiar voice whimpered as you walked into the cold room. In fact, the room was absolutely freezing. You shivered and turned on the light, to see a very distressed Andy lying in his bed buried under several blankets shivering and sweating.

“Aww” you placed a kiss onto his forehead, feeling the abnormal warmth against your lips. “You’re sick, aren’t you?”

Andy nodded, sniffling. His nose was red and so were the faint bags under his eyes.

You pulled back his blankets and examined his body, feeling for what may be causing him the worse amount of discomfort.

“My tummy hurts..” Andy whines.

“I’m sorry, sweetie.” You rub his stomach.

“Make it go away!”

“I’ll do my best” you comfort him. Pulling his blankets back over his shivering body, you go grab your kit with your medical tools and a few medicines that would relieve him a bit. On top of that, you also get him something to eat and lots of orange juice and water.

If anything, Andy was just an overgrown baby. Your overgrown baby, to be exact. He loved to be attended to and treated tenderly.

You had your own ways of treating him. No matter what the situation may be, your ultimate goal was to help him feel as comfortable and safe as possible. It wasn’t very difficult to accomplish.

“Andy” you say softly, returning to his room.

Andy sits up and watches you set up your things. You first hand him his medicine and some water. As he takes those, you make yourself comfortable on his bed, sitting across from him.

You check him thoroughly for anything that could be a symptom of something worse than just a cold or flu. Luckily, you didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, therefore you would be able to treat him perfectly well.

“Do you want something to eat?”

“What do you have?”

On your tray you showed him the various food items, which were all things he liked.

“Can I have some sweets?” He asked.

You smiled “No, I don’t think giving you anything sweet will make you feel better.”

“But I have you right now,” Andy objects. “And you’re making me feel better already!”

Even when he’s sick, he still finds a way to charm you.

“How about some soup?” You suggest.

Placing the tray on Andy’s lap, you stir the soup and look at him looking at you. He seemed so concerned.

“Does anyone ever do this for you?” He asks.

“No, but that’s okay!” You give him a warm smile. “I’d rather do it for you.” You poke his nose.

“I’d take care of you.” Andy adds.

“You’re a sweetie pie.” Your hand rubs his cheek. “Open up!”

You feed Andy some of the soup, then letting him take over. He gingerly ate it, being cautious of his sore throat.

“I think I’m done..”

Looking into the bowl, he ate what could, which was quite a bit for being so sick. Andy drank his orange juice and began shivering again. You laid him back down to rest and covered him in his blankets.

“(Y/N) would you… kiss me?”

“You know that I can’t.” You say, cleaning up. “You might get me sick, too!”

Andy smirked at your playfulness. “Then you’ll have to come lay with me!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah! Then I could snuggle you under all of these blankets!”

You stared at him for a moment, admiring how witty he was. You give him another kiss on the forehead, feeling that his skin wasn’t as warm as it had been earlier.

“I’m going to go take this tray back, and then I’ll come back to check on you, okay?”

Andy nodded, burrowed under the covers. His big blue eyes and his nose were the only things that poked out from the bundle. Even though he was cute when he got sick, you knew that he didn’t feel like it. You couldn’t wait until he felt better. It was no fun seeing him unhappy.

Popcorn Has Been Made

Anonymous said:
Could you do a andy biersack imagine were your on your period and stressed and stuff and andy trys to make you feel better and fluff.

Okay, so this is either the second or third period related imagine I’ve filled so I didn’t spend too much time on it. I’ll link the other(s?) later, I’m sorry it took so long to do this, anon ❤️ -izzi

Other Period Imagines 
Naps Fix Everything
Silly Man


You were on the couch, in your apartment, clutching your uterus and groaning in pain.

You heard your phone ring and suddenly remembered that you were supposed to have a date night with Andy. You pouted and answered your phone.

“Hey, babe, excited for our date?” he asked and you tried to feign joy, but you felt like you were dying.

“Yeah, sure babe,” you told him, wondering when the pain pills you took would kick in.

“Is everything okay? Cough once if someone is holding you against your will,” he said softly and you giggled briefly through the pain.

“Everything this great, I mean, why wouldn’t it be?”

“You’re lying,” he accused. “Use the code,” he whispered and you giggled again.

“Andy, I’m not being held against my will, I’m just hurting,” you admitted and he was silent.

“Who do I need to kill?” he demanded to know and you giggled.

“Mother Nature,” you told him and he sighed.

“God she is always such a bitch to you, I should’ve killed her a long time ago,” he said, making you giggle.

“Yeah, you really should’ve,” you coaxed and he laughed.

“That’s my girl, convincing me to murder forces of nature. Nothing was ever more perfect that our relationship,” he said with a laugh and you smiled.

“If you want we can skip date night tonight, or still have it but at your place so you don’t have to go out,” he offered and you grinned.

“That would actually be great,” you told him and he chuckled.

“It’s a date then.”

A couple of hours later you were cuddled up next to Andy chomping on gummy worms and other snacks that you’d scrounged up, and he was quickly stroking your stomach, as though to assure you that every thing was okay.

“This was a good idea,” he murmured, kissing the top of your head as the opening credits rolled to one of his favorite movies.

“Yeah, it really was,” you murmured, snuggling closer to his chest and kissing his collar bone lightly. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, babe. I’m not going to force you to go out when you don’t feel well.”

“I know, and I love that about you,” you smiled, pecking his lips lightly.

“Are you feeling any better?” He asked and you nodded.

“I really think we could’ve gone out, I mean aside from a few weird cravings I’m entirely normal,” you assured him and he chuckled.

“Well it’s too late now. Popcorn has been made, and there’s no way in hell we’re letting that go to waste,” he laughed, picking a piece out of the bowl in your lap and eating it.

“You’re right, it’s just too late now,” you giggled and he smiled down at you.

“I love you,” he whispered, kissing you lightly.

“I love you too,” you replied, kissing him back.


anonymous asked:

Since you’re sick, how about a fluffy sick fic with whoever you want to write? That okay?

CC was laughing so loud, he had me soooo tired. “Can you stop?” I said pretending to look mad. “Sorry, your nose looks so red and it’s funny the way you talk.” He said trying to hold his laugh. “No! It’s not funny.” He laughed again. “Do???” Andy started to make fun of me too. “I love the way you sound when you have flu.” He kissed my forehead. “It’s not funny for me, I can’t breathe well.” I pouted. “You’ll get better if you take the pills the doctor gave you.” Jake said standing up. He reached me a pill from the coffee table. “Thanks Jake.” I said as i took the pill. 

“Dinner’s ready” Andy screamed in the kitchen. “Great, i’m so hungry!” I exclaimed. But when i saw what was in the table i felt like throw up. “Really Andy?? soup???” He pouted. “I thought you’d like it.” And Ashley replied “No one likes soup, Andy.” I gave Ashley a high 5. “I like soup” Jinxx said. “And you listen to classical music…” CC replied. We laughed, except Jinxx, of course. “Anyway, soup will make you feel better (Y/N)” Andy said. “Yeah… whatever” I said.

We all ate what Andy cooked (it was horrible) and everybody went to watch TV. But my head was hurting like hell to do that too. “I’m going to bed, i’m not feeling good.” I whispered. “Okay babe, I’ll be there in a second.” Andy said, and kissed me.

I went to the bedroom I shared with Andy and lied in the bed. I was so cold. “Do you want another sheet?” Andy asked. “Nope. Just come here and hug me.” I whispered, he smiled. 

We cuddled until we fell asleep

Wait, am I this big fat ugly person with fat thighs and people think I’m like that? I think of myself as fine. I feel like I’m constantly receiving backhanded compliments about the show, and I never know how to respond. My show is a reflection of how I feel. I have a nice dating life, and nice boyfriends. And on the show, the kind of guys I date are reflected of my real life—Max Greenfield, Seth Rogen. I don’t think it’s weird I’m dating them. It’s not Beauty and the Beast. But its such a weird thing to talk about. I don’t want to get defensive. And you get into dangerous territory of accidentally seeming like I think I’m so hot or something. I love that I have an impact that makes girls feel better about themselves. But—I love Andy Samberg and I feel jealous he doesn’t have to answer those kind of questions.