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i have decided the last time i drew lily and james they weren’t 70s enough (they still aren’t, but i try)

i’m not a fan of the wizarding world being entirely isolated from the non-magical one in every cultural sense especially if their fashion sense only evolves a little every 300 years maybe, and it just doesn’t make sense, the real world already has mass produced t shirts and… wizards and witches will keep having shitty robes tailored for themselves? lmao


you’d be the one 💕

if our love is fire, I would walk through hell.
if our love is ice, I would freeze the world.
if our love is wind, I would face a hundred storms.
if our love is earth, I would move mountains.
—  elemental love//e.g.
One of the most beautiful aspects of life is simply to create. Imagine how wonderful it is to be able to bring something new into the world that wasn’t previously there; to be able to make a difference. Isn’t it amazing? What would life be if weren’t able to create? The universe would remain constant.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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In hope my ask makes sense so..Bendy and Boris, before you came to live you well where part of some old Cartoons. Do you remember these times when you both came to live. Like do you both remember how you "acted" in this Cartoons, being part of it?

“What’s crap? It’s the truth.”

“Well I don’t know about you Boris, but I got a show to do. Fans to please. If I lose those memories I’m gonna lose that charming character who stole the hearts of viewers everywhere so many years ago! The little devil darlin’ that the audience wants, deserves to see! I can’t just go changin’ who I am!”

“But… This is the real world, ya know? Those memories don’t have any use here anymore. So why not just let yourself change? What’s the harm?”

“Why should I?! Ain’t I lovable the way I am?”

“Of course you are. But that doesn’t mean-”

“Well then you can see why I wanna stick by those old cartoons! I mean, I wanna go places, you know I do. But I don’t wanna change. If the people want Bendy the Dancing Demon, they’re gonna get him! We can’t let them down, Boris. Maybe you should start thinkin’ about that yourself! I can’t lose my foil any more than I can forget my dance steps.”

“I’ll think about it, Bendy.”

“Those memories slip away easy. So think fast.”


dr. isaacs / alice gifset [Part 1 of 2]
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that is to say: i’d love to be paid for my writing (my PayPal button is on my blog 😉) but i want to be sure that i’m reaching my intended audience. i’m not a smart lifetime politician type. i’m a simple girl who lives by simple means and wants the people around her to see what she sees.

so many people have just accepted “this is the way things are” that any other system of living is completely inconceivable to them. they can’t imagine a world where no one starves, no one has their Basic Human Needs unfulfilled.

i can, and my first priority is making that world a reality.

Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2 - Possible Release Date Being Announced This Weekend

For those of you who don’t know, this weekend Mitsurou Kubo, aka creator of Yuri!!! On Ice, and the directors, artists and voice actors of the show will be hosting an event known as Yuri!!! On Stage. Usually at events these kinds of events, big information is revealed, and that could mean we could be getting some information of the highly anticipated season 2.

Season 2 is already in the works, as animators have already begun working. News has revealed that Kubo should have the script for the next season before the end of this year. Staff members have also been making trips around the world, visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow on more than one occasion. So, this can confirm that season 2 will be taking place in Russia, with Yuuri training with Viktor for the upcoming FS season. (where season 1 left off)

Will we get a trailer this weekend? Who knows if we will. Fans who have been following the writers and staff of the show are highly anticipating one. And the staff is very aware of how badly the fans want their second season. Director Yamamoto stated in an interview that she has plenty of ideas that she wants to put into the next installment, and she came up with these brilliant ideas when she was editing episode 10 of season 1. (When Yuuri and Viktor exchanged rings).

This may hint to something happening between Viktor and Yuuri (wedding), but then again, I’m just assuming things and jumping straight to conclusions. Will we get a wedding in the second season? Again, it is unclear as to right now, but I would keep it in mind. (I sure hope we get it, tbh)

I will be keeping you all posted by giving you updates. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to leave one in my asks box and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Things I need badly: bnha/gf crossovers.

Oh, what you mean like:


Dipper and Izuku meeting and being complete nerds, like trying to find out how they ended up in each other’s world, comparing notes, and Dipper taking a liking to super powers while Izuku is not so sure if he should be fascinated or terrified by the weird things and creatures to be found in Dipper’s world.

Izuku also helps Dipper train his body a bit, and it really reassures Dipper that there is someone who is awkward and shy and a bit skittish but still so strong.

Mabel, Uraraka, Mina and Tooru forming a group of “utter sunshine” and, armed with glitter, going to make the world a lot better. In their free time, they end up doing their hairstyles, and Mabel demands to take a closer look at their hero outfits so that she can make her own.

Wendy especially liking that there are female heroes, and wanting to learn all about it. In exchange for some cool fighting moves, she shows the girls how to throw axes and climb up trees freehanded.

Jirou doesn’t really take a liking to the boy bands Candy and Grenda are fans of, but she does know a few cool J-Pop bands that she and her new friends can listen to together.

Robby and his friends are utterly fascinated when they stumble upon a guy who can blow up stuff with his hands – aka Bakugou – and try to get him to hang out with them, but Bakugou doesn’t have the slightest interest.

Kirishima and Kaminari have an interest, though, and the swearing explodo-king ends up being dragged along.

Soos freaking out in happiness when he sees Mei tinkering around with some technic stuff that she brought with her. The two of them plus Momo end up performing handicraft work together before they know it.

The adults clash a bit at the beginning. Stan doesn’t really like the strangers suddenly stumbling into his nephew’s and niece’s life, claiming that they are from another dimension. Not that he doubts that this is possible – his brother spent 30 years in one – but he is just suspicious of those guys who can blow up stuff or lift tons around without as much as blinking. He relaxes slowly, though, because Toshinori and Aizawa may be a bit weird sometimes, but they are really good with the kids, and he is just, well, happy to see Dipper and Mabel having so much fun.

Also, the heroes kicked the ass of some forest creatures that Dipper run into while searching for mysteries again, so Stan may or may not find them more than okay.

Ford and Nedzu end up having tea while thinking of how this could happen and how they can get back into their respective world’s – they talked for hours, and both Stan and Toshinori were absolutely flabbergasted that there is someone who can talk that much apart from that one guy they already know.

That’s all I can come up with right now. Additions are more than welcome! =D

To my person

Whoever you are, wherever you are.. please know that I can’t fall in love without you. I know you’ll be bad for my health but I don’t care I want you anyway. All I want is something like seeing you smile. So whatever you do, just don’t believe what they say cause they won’t believe you like I believe in you anyway. I know we’ll have our disagreements, and we’ll be fighting for no reason but I won’t change it for the world. Sometime in the future, we can share our stories of how we were feeling nervous trying to find the words to get to each others side someday. But I’ve got high hopes since you make my heart feels like its summer when the rain is pouring down. You make my whole world feels so right when it’s wrong. I’ve made more mistakes that I can even and I can’t make you understand how it feels like but I thank God for you even though I haven’t met you yet. Just please, don’t fall in love with someone else. Don’t have somebody waiting for you..