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Make A Wish

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: None, cute//fluff

A/N: Just something to brighten up my sour mood!

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“Come on Steve, it’s a Rangers game! It’ll be so much fun!!” You squeal chasing after your boyfriend, holding on to the tickets in your hand.

“(Y/N) you know how hard it is to go out in public with who we are.” He stops turning looking at you sliding in your socks down the hallway, he tries to not smile at you.

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Yesterday I had the joy of meeting and hanging out with an inspirational girl named Margaret through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. At the age of 15, Margaret has to get dialysis 3 times a week. She really impressed me with her great attitude, sense of humor and kindness to everyone around her.

When Margaret and her family walked in I could immediately tell that it was going to be a fun visit. We decorated Winnie the Pooh cake pops and then played the board game ‘Life’. Margaret’s younger sister Hailey was the champion of that game, AND she showed me her amazing Pokemon card collection.

To top it all off, after hanging out for a few hours they gave me the best gift ever: Boxes of Girl Scout Samoa cookies (my favorite)! Margaret’s family is involved with Girl Scouts just like my sister was growing up. They also made me an honorary member of their troop. I couldn’t believe that their badge logo was even a unicorn!

Margaret: It was a pleasure to meet you and I had a wonderful time getting to know you and your family. You are one tough cookie and I am honored to have been your wish.

A special thanks to Make-A-Wish America for setting this day up and Kin Community for hosting us.

Football ... and other kinds.

A wee fic I have just written on the train from Manchester to London whilst really hoping that the old man in the seat next to mine isn’t reading over my shoulder! haha! Enjoy some J+C fluff everyone, Happy Wednesday! :) xx

“Why do I never get picked first?”

Claire glanced up at her husband and suppressed a smile by sheer force of will

“I’m sorry?”

“I said, why do I never get picked first? It doesna matter the team, I ne’er get picked first.”

“Ah …”

Claire’s shoulder’s began quivering beneath the quilt and she sensed rather than saw the disdainful look her husband was giving her.

“What’s so funny Sassenach? Ye may as well spit it out before ye jiggle yeself out o’ the bed entirely.”

“You sound like a little boy in a Christmas special about to ask Santa to make his wish come true.”

“I thought Santa only brought gifts?”

“In America there seems to be a developing trend for him to grant wishes too.”

Claire shrugged and curled into Jamie’s side, tracing a finger over the swell of the biceps in his right arm.

“Aye well, I dinna understand it myself but I’ll take your word for it.”

Claire propped her chin on his chest and grinned at him in the dark

“You’re really quite put out about this ‘picking’ business aren’t you?”

“I wouldna say I’m put out as such … I’m no a wee lad. But I would say I’m fairly handy wi’ dribbling the ball and none sae bad in goal either.”

Hearing Jamie rattle off the football terms that Jem had taught him was still a novelty to Claire and caught her slightly by surprise. Which, she supposed, gave her the merest glimpse into how Jamie himself must feel each time someone mentioned trains or radios or germs.

“Oh, you’ve mastered dribbling now have you?”

Claire teased

“Mmmmph. Twas a mistake anyone could make, Sassenach.”

Jamie grunted but she could hear the smile in his voice. The tale of Jem advising his grandfather to dribble the ball to gain more control, assuring him that it was a perfectly valid move when Jamie had seemed sceptical, only to have his grandfather crane his neck over and cautiously spit on it, was still their grandson’s favourite story and one that he repeated at least once a week.


Claire agreed and then sighed.

“Alright, well I can tell you why you don’t get picked first if you like?”

Jamie’s shoulder jerked beneath her head

“Ye ken why?”

“I do, but you won’t like it.”

Claire warned, propping herself up on her elbows to avoid further jostling. Jamie raised his eyebrows and nudged her gently with his elbow in encouragement.

“It’s because, according to several other players, you’re a ‘ball hog.’”

“A what?”

Jamie frowned but Claire wasn’t finished

“And also, according to this player, you’re bossy.”

“According to …Ye think I’m bossy? And what is a ball-hog?”

Jamie spluttered, sitting up indignantly and swatting Claire’s hand away as she reached out to rub his back consolingly

“You ARE bossy and a ball-hog is someone who, quite simply, hogs the ball.”

“Keep it to myself ye mean?”


“I dinna do that!”

“Well you don’t pass it around much.”

Claire was biting the inside of her lip and willing herself to stillness with each huff from the darkness beside her, but she could feel the muscles in her stomach clenching and knew she would laugh despite her best efforts if Jamie didn’t stop flouncing soon.

She heard him rustling in his bedside drawer and then the scrape of one of Brianna’s matches, which he saved prudently for only the most dire need of light, and the soft glow of fire illuminated the room, swiftly followed by the more steady glow of candlelight.

Jamie settled himself on the bed and turned to face her, mouth set in a grimly determined line.

“Jamie, don’t worry about it! It’s just a game!”

“But …”

“I never get picked first either! Even you don’t pick me first!”

Claire laughed and Jamie grimaced guiltily

“In all other aspects of our life, I would pick ye over any other, but ye have to admit, Sassench, ye are no’ very good at football.”

He spread his hands before him, palm up, a gesture of helpless and hopeless resignation and Claire snorted wryly.

“I had noticed that my chief deployment seems to be the goal.”

“Aye, weel ye are verra good with your hands, ken?”

Jamie grinned, finally letting go of his indignation.

“Thank you.”

Claire edged closer to him and this time he reached out and tugged her gently forward across the bed, meeting her lips softly with his own.

“Sorry for the wee stramash.”

He murmured finally.

“It’s alright. You’re competitive and rather possessive by nature, why should your relationship with a ball be any different?”

She smiled and Jamie ducked his head bashfully.

“I think perhaps I just have a penchant for firm, round wee things.”

Claire squeaked as his hands settled firmly on the part of her anatomy he clearly considered to fit that description

“Firm? Ha! Maybe twenty years ago!”

“Och dinna be daft, I have my hands on it at least as often as you do and I ken a firm wee bum when I feel one.”

“Do you now? I sincerely hope you don’t have too many recent examples to compare it with!”

“No but I’ve a fine memory and I can tell ye truthfully that your arse has, if anything, only improved over the years, Sassenach.”


Claire squinted over her shoulder and frowned

“Aye, when ye were a younger lass ye had a fine broad backside but now it’s a wee bit fuller and unlike ye temper, it has softened slightly with age.”

Jamie’s voice was deeper but considered, like a sommelier trying to decipher the secrets of a particular vintage rather than husky with lust.

“I thought you said it was firm.”

“Aye it is but …”

Kneading his fingers lightly into the curve of her flesh, his thumb stroking small circles across her skin that made her breath catch in her throat, Jamie considered carefully before speaking.

“there is a softness there now that wasna there before. Or perhaps it was and I have only just learned how to seek it, for if marriage has taught me one thing Sassenach, it is that it takes a lifetime to truly learn to appreciate a woman’s magnificence.”

Jamie slowly rolled Claire onto her back and covered her with his body.

“Had someone asked me when I had been wed to ye for three years, I would ha’ told them that I knew every inch of your body with more certainty than I knew my own and I wouldna ha’ been wrong, but there was so much more to learn and savour.”

Claire gasped has his teeth found her nipple and gently tugged it, his tongue flicking against the hardened tip before doing the same with her other breast.

“I ken that ye were brave but I didna ken how brave, just like I knew ye had a fine arse but I didna ken just how fine it was.”

His fingers trailed her thigh and the sweet damp hair at her centre before slipping between her legs

“Christ, ye’re warm Sassenach.”

Claire didn’t answer, couldn’t. She arched her back and whimpered something akin to an invitation but Jamie was, as she had pointed out, bossy and by no means ready to relinquish possession.

His free hand moved across her hair, fanned across the pillow and traced the arch of her brow.

“I knew ye were beautiful, but I had no idea just how beautiful ye would become and I knew I loved ye, but I didna ken how deep that love could be. Look at me, Claire.”

Claire forced her eyes open and saw in his eyes all that she was to him and she could only hope he saw the same reflection of himself in hers.

“I do love ye, mo duinne.”

“Jamie, please…”

“Ye’ll have to release me.”

He smiled and as Claire released her grip on his fingers, he rocked his hips and they sighed together.

“I love you too, Jamie. I really love you.”

“Wait for me Claire, I’m no’ far behind ye, let me go with ye.”

“I can’t …”

“Aye ye can, mo chridhe, ye can for ye must.”

His hands on her arms were shaking and the thrust of his hips was gaining momentum, not wild but patient with the promise of such strength contained, reigned and held back, if only just. He would command her but only she had true control tonight and he knew it.

“Slow down.”

She could feel her breath break against his jawbone in a rush of hot air and gripped his earlobe tightly between her front teeth at the same moment as she dragged her nails from his buttocks to the nape of his neck.

“Ah Dhia! Claire…”

Claire pressed her hips upwards, drawing him deeper and locked her legs around his back, drawing her body from the bed, letting his hands slip beneath them, his finger pressing lightly on the damp, taught flesh of their joining.

“Come with me Jamie…”

Claire whispered and felt his huge frame shudder in surrender against her a split second before the waves of her own pleasure crashed around her and obliterated all other thought from her mind.


Sometime later, wrapped in each other, the blankets forgotten at the foot of the bed, Jamie grunted into wakefulness and lightly shook Claire’s shoulder.

“I swear I’ll pick ye first next time Sassenach.”


Claire blinked and tried to comprehend what he was talking about

“I’ll pick ye first next time we play football.”

“Oh. Thank you.”

Claire kissed his cheek and rolled over. She was drifting back to sleep as Jamie’s voice floated across the remaining strand of her consciousness.

“I’d be a fool not to, ye certainly ken your way around balls.”

I was just thinking that I have like a 1000 ideas for stucky fanart.

But maybe there is this one fanart you always dreamed about but noone has drawn up until now.

Any wishes I could fulfil? (ノ・∀・)ノ

Klaroline MashUp Event. Day One: Sentence prompt: “Are you taking his side against me?”

Friends In Odd Places.


Caroline age 13. Klaus age 18. AU/AH (Starts with a young friendship and then meeting later in life.)




Klaus grunted as he pulled on his tie uncomfortably. This was supposed to be a casual business lunch with a relaxed atmosphere. Though in his older brother Elijah’s opinion the term relaxed simply meant forgoing the standard suit coat and replacing it with a sports jacket.

One must still adhere to a proper professional personal Niklaus.

He could hear his brother’s words echoing inside his mind. He didn’t know why he needed to be here for this meeting in the first place. It was only a chance for their father and Mr. Lockwood to drink and speak of golf or other such nonsense. All the while his two older brothers would sit dutifully beside them while he sat bored out of his mind gaining nothing but scathing glares from his Father.

The sweltering heat of the small southern town in America was once again making Klaus wish he could have stayed back in London with his Mother and three younger siblings. Instead he was stuck here under the strict thumb of his Father in attempts to force him into learning the family business.

Having graduated and freshly turned eighteen, interning at Mikaelson Enterprises while going to business school was not on his personal radar. As sweat dripped down his back, his mind drifted to the acceptance letter from a very prestigious fine art university that was hidden beneath his mattress back home.

Klaus sighed as he caught the sight of his dullard brother Finn giving him a reprimanding look from inside the small bar and grill. He rolled his eyes, turning away as if he didn’t notice while thinking that the residences of this town were obviously lacking any creativity, naming the establishment, The Grill.


How utterly original and completely boring. He sneered in his mind.

In attempts not to sour his mood any more than it already was, he turned a critical and artist eye to his surroundings.

The small seemingly boring town did have a certain hometown-USA quality about it. The old yet well cared for buildings with their many shops dotted what he assumed was aptly named, Main Street. An overly large gazebo stood in the town square and the vast shrubbery and flowers were so well kept and picturesque that it sent a tiny spark of inspiration down to his fingers.

The scenery would look lovely, almost whimsical, done up in oil pastels.

His attention turned to the locals who were milling about.

Small children with ice cream slathered on their faces skipped beside with their parents as they chatted away. A young blonde girl stood dejectedly at the side of the street as a local sheriff’s car drove off after she had barely closed the passenger door. Teenage boys stood in groups gawking as girls strutted by pretending to ignore them. A few of the girls were not shy as they blatantly checked him out, slowing their speeds in pointless hopes that he would feel inspired enough to speak to them.

They had a better chance with the local males gawking at them. He scoffed to himself.

Unlike most young men his age, he wanted no part of the typical summer fling. Not after the hell he had just went through with his last failed romance.

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I work at a target that has this wonderful Muslim family that always comes in. They are just so nice and I really fear for them now. They don't deserve to be treated like terrorist because of their faith and I really wish I could punch everyone that makes America unsafe for them.

I am fully prepared to punch anyone who stands in the way of innocent humans and their safety and wellbeing


Actor Geoffrey Rush attends the premiere of Walt Disney’s ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End’ held at Disneyland on May 19, 2007 in Anaheim, California. Proceeds from the world premiere of Walt Disney’s 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End’ will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and Make-A-Wish International.