To say that the schedule of a professional wrestler is soul-spankingly insane is to put it lightly. The WWE performs between two and five shows every single week, requiring some wrestlers to travel for more than three-quarters of the year. And that doesn’t include the time spent cutting nonstop promos, the endless gym sessions, the baby oil application, and subsequent baby oil removal … add it all up, and there’s hardly time to rest. There’s also no offseason, and unless a significant portion of your musculoskeletal system is visible from the outside, you’re working through your goddamn injuries, son.

So how, then, does WWE superstar John Cena manage to do all that and still manage to grant more “Make-A-Wish” wishes than any other celebrity, bar none? At the time of this writing, John Cena’s wish count is a nearly inconceivable 460. To put that in perspective, only five other celebrities have granted more than 200 wishes: Hulk Hogan, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Michael Jordan, and the Justin Bieber Apology Tour. Of those in the 200 Club, none but Cena have made it to 300. He didn’t just break everyone else’s record – he put it in a facelock until it whimpered like a scolded puppy. And he’s not done yet – fortunately for the children, Cena is determined to break a thousand.

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Kutztown Festival, PA! 

Two women were selling these emergency wish mason jars with one dandelion in them, along with other little goodies like, a jewelry box that said “May your weeds become wildflowers.” 

Exploring new towns and meeting creative beautiful people are one of the many little things we treasure in life.