make a show like this again plz

I say this again and again but, seriously more Shaggy, Velma&Scoobs in the show plz??? Like please??? They were freaking wonderful in SDWAY???

also i like the tallest and the shortest kids hanging around together thanks to dekaranger so sue me

Things that need to happen in the next 3 episodes of Turn or els I’m suing:

- Washington being a dad
- Some form of positive interaction between wash and ben (please, litteraly anything, I’m not picky)
- Abe not fucking up for once (this might be the most unrealistic wish I’m making rn)
- Lafayette.
- Just. More lafayette.
- Preferably speaking french
- Simcoe’s death
- Hamilton needs to appear
- Mulligan needs to appear again
- Yorktown (like plz if they don’t end the show with Yorktown I might actually commit a crime)
- Mary being a badass

(Feel free to add on)9

vonmetternich  asked:

(Have you done the Hamiltons yet? 😇)

first of all I’m so sorry for answering this a billion years late :o( I ran into two issues: 1) I suck and 2) every time I read the words ‘the hamiltons’ I BURST INTO ACTUAL REAL LIFE FLAMES 🔥 and it is hard to talk about things when you’re, well, on fire :’’)

(*whispers* it’s mostly that I suck though I’m sry plz don’t hate me)

[clearing throat] ANYWHO. I have already talked about my darling miranda HERE, which means it’s time to do a bit of yelling about MY SON, THE ONE AND ONLY THOMAS HAMILTON :’’) / :’’’(

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otaku-plz  asked:

Huzzah!!! The day has come now you get to wait every week for one piece with the rest of us. Lmao fun fact my favorite day of the week used to be Friday prior to my anime obsession now it's thrusday I will not make plans on thrusday just cause I binge like 6 shows. Now that you're caught up time to go around again XD. Also been meaning to tell you I have never cosplayed mainly cause I wanted to be a character closer to my complexion and usopp is the closest :3

exactly!!! i’ve become one of you guys now! which i’m very excited about!! ;v;) it took me such a long time to get here! and wow omg six shows??? that’s a lot! i’m sure you’re having a good time! rn i’m only keeping up with one anime besides op and it airs every monday~~ BTW* another manga i’m following releases chapters on thursdays so i try to not make plans on that day too!

also i’m so glad that you can relate to usopp in that way! it’s so nice to find a character that you like and have things in common with them ;w; he’s such a great guy and from my time here i’ve come across a few people who did cosplay him as well! they looked great! i would cosplay too but i’m very shy;;;…… though i like to see other people having fun! ;u;

but yes!!! this is a great day!! (/^▽^)/ <333

▏Laugh ▏Jackson ▏ツ ▏

Request: hi! a scenario about jackson when he fell in love with you, but you are not showing interest in him and he thought you didn’t like him but he tease you a lot and want to know you better? :) with a sweet end plz <3

Comments: I hope I understood the request, I kinda feel like I didn’t :3 Anyways, I hope you like it!~

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”

        Ever since you transferred schools, Jackson Wang had his eyes on only you. The day you first came into his class and introduced yourself was clear in his mind, and he often replayed it to himself again and again.

         In Jackson’s mind, everything about you was perfect, from head to toe. He was ecstatic when the teacher told you to sit in the empty seat right in front of him, because he could just stare at you and admire you for the entire hour.

         It’s been months now since your first day, and Jackson was convinced that he was in love with you. But, the sad thing was that you appeared to show no interest at all for him, much to his dismay. Nevertheless, Jackson was determined to win your heart.

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It’s cool that Cas and Crowley are going to be series regulars next season but let’s make Sam one too.

Can we?

quick smartass finale thoughts

(will write a more comprehensive 5B meta later)

  • overall, it felt far more like the start of season 6 than the end of season 5, just in terms of the adventure/character interactions/conflicts that were set up. which is both good and bad. fun parts, exciting parts, but felt almost completely disconnected from what i would have wanted more to be focused on. it was absolutely a pitch for season 6 instead of really bringing closure to season 5. which, okay, i understand they sort of considered the hades arc done in 5x21, and you needed something to keep everyone busy for two hours, but still.
  • did love the episode for regina, and was very proud of her throughout. but the only character that got to talk about herself or react in any kind or any way was regina vs. evil queen. again, a casualty of the set-up-season-6 syndrome. barely any conversation between emma and killian; no conversation between snowing and killian (although david’s hugs and “don’t touch my mate!!!” when hyde was strangling him was nice). no conversation between regina and killian; no conversation between regina and zelena; no conversation between killian and henry. even emma and regina’s conversations were about regina vs. evil queen, and didn’t even relate tangentially back to, you know, the past 21 episodes. this is the main casualty of a finale that was once more PLOT PLOT PLOT, when the REAL untold story was ALL THESE PEOPLE FINALLY GETTING A CHANCE TO INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER OUTSIDE OF A CRISIS? WAIT? …NOPE.
  • steampunk world with the night market? after the incarcerus scales? they are lowkey reading my fic. this is a fact.
  • lol, henry. anything failfire wanted to do was clearly a bad idea. and suuuuuure neal was actually trying to destroy magic. more like brooding in his suspiciously never re-rented apartment about his poor life choices.
  • not sure i buy henry wanting to destroy magic in the first place at all either. glad he got his moment of making everyone believe, but it came about because he had to do something to start PLOT and which didn’t necessarily fit with something he’d be likely to do.
  • if we are staying in storybrooke next season and going more psychological and whatever, please let these characters have real conversations. please.
  • i guess that’s what we have fic for?
  • ….. the lift kiss was “i love you?” that’s nice and all, and we got SO many big moments throughout season 5 that asking for one more cookie feels a bit greedy. at least we know they will be happy in their house throughout hiatus, but you couldn’t even mention that explicitly? have emma inviting him home with her? i know the house was confirmed to be back and it’s emma’s place and we’ll be exploring intimacy with CS in season 6, so i guess that’s coming, but… it was cute, but i’m underwhelmed. it didn’t feel like the next step forward we usually get in finales. i mean, it was, but it was more like “okay you’ve paid your dues with season 5 of pain, we promise they’ll be happy in season 6, but you have to wait to get there.”
  • meh.
  • really, though, the entire season was about the two of them. that was probably why, since again, this felt far more like 6x01 than 5x22-23, the minimal amount of them was more jarring.
  • it’s going to be fun to have the EQ back, and i was proud of regina throughout for handling it comparatively well. she kept it together WAY better than probably any of us would, or were expecting.
  • in conclusion, can i help write this show? please? i see what you’re trying to do and i mostly like it but…. i can help. i help make good? i bring cookies? plz? like, the entire time my fic writin fingers were like PLEASE LET ME FIX THIS. I CAN HELP. PLEASE LET ME HELP.
  • it was like a 5.5 or 6 out of 10, i.e. it was fun, but it belonged in season 6, and not as the ending to season 5.

The reason why i cherish all of BB’s mvs views is that i know that at least 95% of them are legit ! u know, it’s not just VIPs watching the mvs over and over to get the views up cuz apparently we’re sticking to the ‘lazy fandom’ reputation.
Not that i have anything against fandoms watching the MVs over and over again for the views, nope it’s dedication and i support it ! but i just cherish bb’s views for that same reason !

now after this praise for our faves, i just wanna point out that our ‘project’ to make BB’s first upcoming single hit 5MILL views in 24 hours is actually necessary ! we need to show our love to our faves, they’ve done a lot for us, can we just…..get our lazy asses up like we do when something important and make this happen :)


Meeting with The Rockshop

Yesterday evening, we went to discuss the sign posted by the San Jose Rock Shop Facebook page last week, the motivation behind it and possible measures the Rock Shop will take in order to ensure that it is in fact a safe space. Advocates for Youth’s definition of a safe space includes: “A place where anyone can relax and be fully self-expressed, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, age, or physical or mental ability; a place where the rules guard each person’s self-respect and dignity and strongly encourage everyone to respect others.” (Because of the actions taken by the San Jose Rock Shop, many people do not trust it as a safe space by this definition.)

We were met by the owner with acceptance, he expressed deep regret for the actions he had taken less than a week ago and a willingness to be accountable for them. We know this will take work and is not just a quick and easy fix.

We spoke about reforming a safer space policy for San Jose Rock Shop. Those who attended the small meeting all described the problematic nature of the sign and the violent, negative attitudes surrounding queer and trans communities not just in San Jose but worldwide. We urged that these embedded attitudes can be erased if we all work hard on defining what a safer space looks like and make it a practice to work towards it. We want to reduce harm in the community spaces of San Jose instead of having to break ties time and time again.

We are currently helping to configure a safer space policy for the San Jose Rock Shop which will be posted online as well as at the entrance and on the walls of the show space. An abbreviated version will be on the SJRS cards and contracted for the owner, employees and volunteers to sign.

We want to practice providing a multitude of solutions where we see those problems as well as identifying and making problems visible.

(If you’d like to see the photo discussed plz PM us)