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Thank you for these 11 (and more to come) years, SuJu

Thank you for existing. Thank you for sticking with each other for so long. Thank you supporting every member on everything they do. Thank you for always giving us happiness. Thank you for always making us laugh at your humor. Thank you for your wonderful, perfect performances all the time. Thank you for your beautiful songs. Thank you for loving all of us unconditionally. Thank you for making us proud that we’re an ELF. Thank you for never changing. Thank you for always being humble and never forgetting about us. Thank you for letting us love you all. Thank you for being the best idols we could ever ask for. Thank you for promising that you will always be Super Junior.

Thank you Leeteuk for protecting and leading all of the members for 11+ years.

“We’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world…it’s not an end but an AND.”

Thank you Heechul for standing up for your little brothers and friend whenever they need you; also for forever including Hangeng, Kibum, Zhoumi, and Henry in SJ.

“If you can’t accept all the 15 members of Super Junior then what kind of ELF are you?”

Thank you Hangeng for always supporting SJ and never forgetting about and still caring for your brothers. We miss you!

“What ex-group? Super Junior is still my group.”

Thank you Yesung for always posting on SNS everyday to keep us updated about SJ.

“For me Super Junior is like water, I always need it and it’s very fresh for me.”

Thank you Kangin for secretly taking care of each member by being the “father” of the group. We miss you!

“We are Super Junior because there’s 13 of us. We have to be 13 to be Super Junior and to be on stage; it’s not a team where a member is bad or good, but we shine the best when all 13 of us are together.”

Thank you Shindong for always helping SJ behind the scenes, making sure everything is perfect at concerts. We miss you!

“I kept thinking it was because I couldn’t fit in, I can leave Super Junior. But come to think of it, although there might be this determination, but it’s impossible to leave and forget about everything. The members who have always been worried about me. The worried members who called back from China upon knowing that I was on diet. Then did I know my thought of leaving is not being good to them but just pure selfishness. I wish to stay by your side…and a Super Junior member that does not embarrass the group.”

Thank you Sungmin for willing to sacrifice so much for SJ and staying in the group even though you are married now. We miss you!

“Whenever we are together, things don’t seem as hard. The most difficult years were the ones before our debut, we almost gave up.”

Thank you Eunhyuk temporarily leading SJ for the 2 years when Teukkie was in the military and still helping him lead the group. We miss you!

“I think of us as brothers more than members.”

Thank you Siwon for sticking with your brothers while maintaining acting and always showing affection to them. We miss you!

“It doesn’t matter how long you are an ELF from the beginning, what matters is that you’ll be an ELF until the end.”

Thank you Zhoumi for helping bring up SJM when Hangeng had left as you were the most fluent in Chinese.

“No one can please everyone, and I hope that a certain few people can respect themselves while respecting me.“

Thank you Donghae for never forgetting to remind ELFs that we are beautiful just the way we are and that you love us no matter what. We miss you!

“If I don’t have you (ELF), I can’t see. I can’t hear. I can’t smile. I can’t cry out of happiness. I would rather die in your arms.”

Thank you Ryeowook for always making sure every member is well fed and healthy. We miss you!

“I always believe that being apart is only a matter of time. We will definitely return by their sides again.”

Thank you Kibum for silently supporting the members and never forgetting about them and us ELFs. We miss you!

“I seldom attend activities with the members, including 3 jib, therefore there are many times where people ask me “Are you a member of Super Junior?”. I’ve never been able to express how apologetic I am to the members. Compared to other forms of addresses, Super Junior is still my favorite. Although I’m unable to be on the stage with the members, my heart is still with our 12 members. Please believe me.”

Thank you Kyuhyun for loving each and every one of the members by constantly showing affection and teasing/bullying to them as the evil maknae. 

“The most important is my nest SJ Jungsoo, Heechul, Hankyung, Jongwoon, Youngwoon, Donghee, Sungmin, Hyukjae, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Zhoumi, Henry, ELF. I love you a lot and thank all of you always.”

Thank you Henry for treating all of us ELFs as your wife and being the cute little baby maknae to hyungs. (btw yes I’m aware it’s not Henry, Zhoumi, and Kyuhyun’s 11th debut anniversary, but I added them here anyways ^^)

“No matter what hardships/difficulties you encounter…you must never give up. I believe that anything is possible. As long as you try hard and believe in yourself!”

When the members are 80 years old and have to wear dentures and need a cane to walk, when all of your hair is white and skin is wrinkly; ELF will still continue loving and supporting you all. Happy 11th anniversary!

  • director of tv show: let's give a round of applause for the crew behind the scenes. we couldn't make this show without them.