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If Jamie and Claire (and Wee Ian) could text: Jamie throws out his back in Drums of Autumn and they get it on in the lean-to Edition because why not (BOOK SPOILERS)
  • Claire: Jamie you've been out in the snow for far too long
  • Claire: are you alright?
  • Claire: Jamie?
  • Claire: Jamie Brigitta Fraser respond to me right this minute
  • >>Wee Ian Murray was added to the chat<<
  • Claire: Ian have you heard from you uncle??
  • Claire: he went out hunting and he's not responding to my demeaning jibes
  • Ian: omg!
  • Ian: are ye sure he's not just sleeping on the hunt and ignoring the texts?
  • Claire: god I hope so but you give it a go
  • Ian: Hey, Uncle, I bedded five different Tuscarora lassies at once last night, and they had me Tuscaroarin'
  • Claire: ohgoodlordIan
  • {{{crickets}}}
  • Ian: oh aye he's definitely not seeing these texts
  • Ian: I'm a half day away but I'll head your way now
  • Claire: I'm heading out into the snow to find him
  • Ian: be safe auntie
  • Ian: dress warmly
  • {{{two hours}}}
  • Claire: Jamie I found your trail but it went cold
  • Claire: PLEASE text me
  • Ian: borrowed a horse, will be there asap
  • Claire: of Course Jamie picks a bloody blizzard to disappear in
  • {{{one hour}}}
  • Claire: I will never forgive you if you got eaten by a wildcat or
  • Jamie: I'm alive
  • Claire: OH THANK GOD
  • Ian: WHEW
  • Ian: what happened??
  • Claire: WHERE ARE YOU??
  • Jamie: Threw out my back
  • Jamie: cannnamove
  • Claire: WHERE??
  • Jamie: those your thundering footsteps I hear
  • Tramping about?
  • Jamie: go down the hill and
  • To the left, my sun and stars
  • Jamie: halpthishurtssobad
  • {{{twenty minutes}}}
  • Claire: found him Ian
  • Claire: made a quick lean to
  • Claire: we're going to wait out the storm a bit
  • >>pings location on google maps <<
  • Claire: come find us and bring the horse as soon as you can
  • Ian: okay still three hours out
  • Ian: two hours out
  • Ian: one hour out
  • Ian: 30 mins
  • Ian: you guys okay?
  • Ian: why aren't you responding ?
  • Ian: okay I think I'm here
  • Ian: oh yeah I see the lean to at the bottom of this cliff
  • Ian: wait are you...
  • Ian: 😱
  • Ian: 😏 oh y'all NASTY
  • Ian: but also adorable
  • Ian: ❄️🎶baby it's collddddddd outttttsiiiiiiiiide🎶❄️
  • Ian: also not to be creepy but you guys have some moves
  • Ian: jaysus
  • Ian: I'm averting my eyes I swear
  • Ian: buuuuuuut first imma help set this #Mood a little better
  • >>incoming files:
  • Like_a_virgin.mp3
  • Missy_elliot_work it.mp3
  • boyz2men_ill_make_love_to_you.mp3
  • Ian: okay I've given you quite a range there
  • Ian: maybe run through all three and see how it goes
  • Ian: you guys do your thang
  • Ian: I'll just
  • Ian: oh wait
  • Ian: sounds like you're finishing up now
  • Ian: you didna get to use the playlist 😔
  • Ian: save for next time aye?
  • Ian: okay I'm guessing you'll be checking your phones in 3...2..:
  • Ian: well yeah that's the whole point!!
  • Ian: was just tryna be supportive!
  • Jamie: oh and that five lassies joke wasna AT ALL funny
  • Ian: oh aye. DEFINITELY was A joke.
  • Ian: ha
  • Jamie: Christyourmotherwilleviscerateme
  • Ian: so are we all finished or should I go take a lap?
  • Ian: dinna want the playlist to go to waste

💕✨ i always decide i’m in love 💕✨


i feel it coming //the weeknd 
1 of 1 //shinee 
all night //beyonce 
sweet & easy //wondergirls
some //steve lacy
4 walls //f(x)
ivy //frank ocean
i am you, you are me //zico
violet //daniel caesar
cha cha //sik-k
poison //brent faiyaz
woo ah //crush
got me //roy woods

Do you like bands ending with the word Boys? Then this is the playlist for you!
We’ve got

  • Beastie Boys
  • Backstreet boys
  • Beach Boys
  • Pet Shop Boys

Get it here:

Borderline Backlash
A playlist for borderlines, about borderlines (listen here)

Versa Emerge- Burn | Twenty One Pilots- Doubt | Gotye- Easy Way Out | Mew- Cartoons & Macramé Wounds | Carpark North- The Beasts | TeddLoi- Me!Me!Me! | Apparitions- Burn Alive | Sia- Chandelier | Panic! at the Disco- Miss Jackson | The Offspring- A Lot Like Me | The Killers- Smile Like You Mean It | In This Moment- You’re gonna listen

answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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Together in the End: a rebelcaptain playlist

“I’m not used to people sticking around went things go bad.”

“Welcome home.”

Listen now on Spotify


A couple days ago, I hit 1000 followers which… I’m still in awe and cannot believe! I’m so grateful and touched! Thank you all so much!

In celebration, I’m offering to make short playlists (like ~5 songs, maybe more depending how many I have to do) based on your blog, or your fave, or a ship, or your team, or anything else football related! And they’ll have a cute little edit with them too. 

Only rule is you must be following me since this is a celebration for my followers. So if you’d like a playlist, reblog this & in the tags make your request. 

Thank you all again and I look forward to a lot more football with you guys!

Broken But Not Bruised (listen here)
A playlist of those who are/have been in emotionally abusive relationships with anyone in their life and are trying to escape.

Cover art by agnes-cecile on deviantart

Metric- Black Sheep | Versa Emerge- Fixed At Zero | Apparitions- Burn Alive | A Day To Remember- Better Off This Way | Beyonce- Beautiful Liar | The All American Rejects- Walk Over Me | Sia- Elastic Heart | Motionless in White- Unstoppable | Mew- RepeaterBeater | Carpark North- Leave My Place

WELCOME TO CLOUDBANKmusic inspired by the world, story, and atmosphere of transistor - secret societes, shadowy streets, speakeasies full of whispers and smoke, lovers torn apart and reunited again under the rainy night sky. [ l i s t e n

i. glow - UNKLE ii. kind of blue - miles davis & john coltrane iii. american dream (afterlife mix) - jakatta iv. sweet dreams - emily browning v. black city skyline - bohren & der club of gohre vi. the believers - how to destroy angels vii. aqua libra - cool blu viii. once upon a dream - lana del rey ix. j.s. bach - povarovo x. the thrill is gone - chet baker xi. nothing’s burning - telepopmusik xii. a hallucination - heroin and your veins xiii. state of seduction - digital daggers xiv. i’ll be seeing you - billie holliday xv. heartbeat - sonorio xvi. where is my mind? - maxence cyrin


Happy 20th Birthday Yuzuru Hanyu!
Congratulations on reaching another milestone! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever and may your future be filled with happiness, love and many many more triumphs. I hope you remember to love and look after yourself. Thank you for inspiring me to become better and to always work hard and for introducing me to a sport which is so beautiful.
Congratulations for all the things you’ve done while you were 19 and I look forward to what you will do as a 20 year old!

i will still be young tomorrow, a playlist for springtime

🌷 i won’t mind - zayn malik + naughty boy 🌷 windows - awolnation 🌷 boss - fifth harmony 🌷 countdown - beyonce 🌷 wonderland - taylor swift 🌷 goodbye - who is fancy 🌷 red - mykl 🌷 reflection - fifth harmony 🌷 mason jar - smallpools 🌷 geronimo - sheppard 🌷 just can’t let her go - one direction 🌷 16 years - the griswolds 🌷 trini dem girls - nicki minaj + lunchmoney lewis 🌷 all of the people - panama wedding 🌷 you’re never fully dressed without a smile - sia 🌷 tear in my heart - twenty one pilots 🌷 brave, honest, beautiful - fifth harmony 🌷 new americana - halsey 🌷 the love club - lorde 🌷 hallelujah - panic! at the disco 🌷 pills n potions - nicki minaj 🌷 mene - brand new 🌷 like mariah - fifth harmony 🌷 say it, just say it - the mowglis 🌷 i’m so sorry - imagine dragons 🌷 toxic (cestladore remix) - melanie martinez 🌷 grand piano - nicki minaj 🌷 gdfr - flo rida + sage the gemini 🌷 fire n gold - bea miller 🌷 woman woman - awolnation 🌷 wings - little mix 🌷 vagabond - misterwives 🌷 long live the kids - we are the in crowd 🌷 long way down - robert delong 🌷 riptide - vance joy 🌷 young blood - bea miller 🌷 sledgehammer - fifth harmony 🌷 bed of lies - nicki minaj + skylar grey 🌷 trap queen - fetty wap 🌷 stressed out - twenty one pilots 🌷 the night is still young - nicki minaj 🌷 worth it - fifth harmony + kid ink 🌷 on our way - the royal concept 🌷 dracula - bea miller 🌷 dna - little mix 🌷 this is how we roll - fifth harmony 🌷 hollow moon (bad wolf) - awolnation 🌷 ruff club - kenneth aaron harris 🌷 a little opus - little comets 🌷 hey mama - david guetta + nicki minaj 🌷 summer - calvin harris 🌷 over and over - smallpools 🌷 leather jacket - arkells 🌷 all over - cruisr 🌷 1+1 - beyonce 🌷 no story time - smallpools 🌷feel so close - calvin harris 🌷 dangerous - david guetta + sam martin 🌷 get on your knees - ariana grande + nicki minaj 🌷 stolen dance - milky chance 🌷 bad intentions - niykee heaton 🌷 time - the mowglis 🌷

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G E N E S I S   [ 8tracks | spotify ]
an instrumental accompaniment to arkham knight: genesis #1-3

“Gotham’s gravity could be heavy, sure… but fighting it, pushing against it… what doesn’t kill you makes you a hell of a lot stronger.