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so i spent my night reading “i’d like to believe that i’d do it again” and honestly? one the BEST things ive ever read in my entire goddamn life. it was so so good and so so beautiful and so amazingly well written. and id just like to thank you for writing it. ❤️❤️

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am very proud of that college au myself!! It was a huge part of my writing career and helped me grow and develop (you can really see the advancement in quality as you read). I’m happy that you liked it enough to send this ask so !!!!! thanks again.

Also, I would really like to point out the very talented individuals who have truly warmed my heart with fan art of this fanfic:

  • @flairandpassion really made this adorable comic of an excerpt from the story they also make a lot of other fan art for my fics and all of them are great and this person is an amazing artist and idk why you’re not following already if you’re not like go follow them right now. It made me scream when i saw it bc it is so detailed and cute and professional and wow i love it a lot.
  • @darbees has made TWO (2) moodboards of this au which are just so !!!! A E S T H E T I C. Truly, they made, like, made the fic kinda seem like a movie (if that makes sense?). She has also made more moodboards of my other fics which !!!! THANK YOU. THEY ARE SO WELL DONE AND MAKE ME GASP IN AWE.
  • @dmitryanya made THIS AMAZING FAN ART OF MARVIN AND TRINA THAT MADE ME ACTUALLY TEAR UP. It was actually the first fan art that I had ever recieved so it always makes me so emotional when I see it. It’s also so so so !!! well done. Like the shading and attention to facial expressions and the accuracy is just so !!! AWE-INSPIRING. I am a Fan^tm. This artist has made other fan art of falsettos and the content is just so ON POINT. I love it a lot.
  • @evetrash has made a cute comic with a particularly angsty excerpt and actually made it so cute and funny??? like d a m n. that took talent. I laughed and kinda forgot that I was supposed to be crying. and the art style is so cute and pretty and yes!!! q u a l i t y blog.
  • @thatthouknowestthine made sketches of scenes from my fic which !!!!! TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. They are such a talented artist and this fan art is so beautiful and i love the scenes that they chose, and their depiction of the characters are very much !!!! SO LOVELY. Another talented artist!!!
  • @ciaowhizzer - aka BLESSED MUTUAL - made some 10001/10, A+++++, i-look-at-these-daily-and-have-to-resist-the-urge-to-cry sketches of some iconic scenes as well! What more can I say about these??? That i love them to pieces??? that they are so well done and cause my heart to swoon??? the attention to small detail and shading and facial expression is just spell-bounding. I think about the art so much and feel like I am so unworthy!! such an iconic artist and she chose to bless me with fan art of my fic??? I am speechless. 

But yeah - all of these artists are just so so so important to me and blessed me with not only validation but blessed art - a thing that was created/inspired by MY OWN THING. And like, art is so so so hard, so the fact that these artists have such a talent and chose to share that talent by making me fan art is just??? So incredible and inspiring and it’s so overwhelming to think about. I have so much respect and admiration for these people, and I love and support them with all my heart. Thank you so much. I feel like my fic pales in comparison to the art created by these wonderful human beings.


When radfem/terf/exclusionist blogs open up mod applications, trans feminine people should send in fake applications and fuck up their shit if they make it through. You can’t be removed from a blog you’re added to unless you remove yourself, so there’d be nothing they could do about it. Delete all of their posts, delete all of their, “Well, guess we’re moving to [new URL]” signal boosts, and straight up fucking hijack the entire blog. Make it into a trans feminine space. That’d be amazing.


A Night to Remember by KatNikki (7.3k words)

It takes less than five seconds for Harry to appear on the opposite side of Louis, and half the time for Harry to roll up the divider, saying a quick “knock when we get there please” before the driver’s face disappears. Like clockwork, Harry is at Louis’ lips like his body physically wilted when they were apart; Harry’s suckling Louis’ bottom lip, pressing a canine into it every so often as his tongue fully explores every crevice of Louis’ mouth. Teeth collide every once and a while, but expressions of hurt and apology are lost amongst the crescendo of their responding moans. Everything about this moment feels buzzed, as if Harry’s boundless energy is actually transferable like some sort of life source; Louis feels high off of it.

or the one where Louis lets Harry perform next to his idol during the X-Factor Final, and Harry busts a nut in the process. 

Image credit: Yahoo!Celebrity UK

Alright, I’m pretty sure this was the culprit. If you’ve been targeted by the gift card scam, just go to Settings > Apps and then delete this. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

AGAIN, IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY POSTS ABOUT GIFT CARDS, BLOCK/IGNORE THEM. This scam is gaining traction because it hijacks accounts, making trustworthy blogs reblog the posts. If you don’t click on any links you’ll be fine.

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What amazon virus? D8

It’s a Tumblr-based virus that hijacks your blog to make posts about a fake $100 Amazon gift card promotion.  Clicking on the link is what spreads the virus.  We managed to get rid of it late last night, but be wary if you see posts like that floating around your dashboard from others also.

If you do end up with it, though, in addition to running your personal virus scanner on your computer, you need to go to (you have to type it in, you can’t get to it from the settings page anymore) which is where you find third-party applications that have posting access to your tumblr (like if you have your Instagram connected to your Tumblr) and disable anything unfamiliar – it was listed under something like “Amazon Santa” for us, but no guarantee that it would have that name for everyone.

Safe blogging!