make a change.. kill yourself


Make a Change… Kill Yourself - Sjaelefred


Make a Change… Kill Yourself - Sjælefred

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The only thing stopping me from killing myself right now is the thought that my family have suffered enough already

If you think you can escape from the reality you are in, or what you are feeling now by killing yourself it’s not true. You will keep creating your own reality, non physical or physical wherever you go with your own energy. In higher dimension, things are more faster to be created. So you have to be more careful of what you think or what you feel right now. If you are suffering now, you will keep suffering in the next world as well. But good news, you can stop suffering anytime if you truly change in a positive way, it’s ALWAYS you who can make change about yourself wherever you go, always and forever. Please DON’T kill yourself, only because you are experiencing really hard things at the moment in this life. Things will get better naturally if you truly change. Remember your soul is really strong, you chose to be there for learning something. Please stay strong and know that commit suicide is not gonna do anything with your soul or what you are feeling now, you just get out of physical reality but you will keep experiencing the similar things in non physical reality with your own energy that you are giving off unless you truly change. By giving up on your life on purpose like commit suicide, it means you threw away your mission in the middle, the thing your soul chose to learn first before being born in this life. Since you haven’t completed the thing you were supposed to learn in this life, in next life you will have similar experiences which put you in the same situation where you are now, and if you give up again, it will be repeated unless you learn/complete the thing your soul decided to learn. Death will naturally come when your soul has done with learning everything that your soul chose in this life. Remember everything HAPPENS for reason. Even your existence, and why you are on this planet at this age. You came here to LEARN something. Stay strong love, I’m always here for you.


Make a Change… Kill Yourself - Sjælefred

"Growing Pains" by London Zhiloh

The most vital part of the body bleeds with a sharp tongue piercing through like a metal thorn filthy of lies and betrayal ..
Knees stumbling unable to hold balance cringing from the excruciating pain..

Feet filled with mud dragging through a garden of dead growth..

Heavy breathing ..a loss of breath and consciousness …colliding with an emotional rupture of rivers drip down the visage..

Spine breaks slowly as it remembers the sheets it once laid..penetration of the fruits instead of the mind.

Feet planted firmly ..slowly drifting away ..only to discover a flower being crushed underneath the foot..
Entire body collapsing on the ground finger tips run sluggishly over its rugged stem..

Gasping for air, inhales the fragrance of the flower only to discover a similar smell.

The smell of her own sweat, blood and tears melted her nostrils with memories she tried so hard to forget.

The river flowed heavily down her face watering the flower as she drowned in the soil connecting and merging her soul to the stem as sprouted towards the sky.

(Don’t dwell on the past, it’s possible to grow from previous experiences that haunt you ; don’t let it kill you. Accept new growth and make that change from within yourself).

I wrote this for my self to you.

London Zhiloh

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What are some bands in the Deafheaven-esce style of music? I'm new to that genre and want to expand my listening. New or old

I asked Kerry from Deafheaven to answer this for us, this is what he had to say,

“The main bands I was really into were early Alcest, bergtatt era ulver, burzum, lantlos, coldworld (Germany), petrychor, Skagos, panopticon, vit, weakling (obv), valfunde, amesouers three song ep, nyktalgia, Westering, make a change kill yourself, leviathan, lake of blood, wigrid, bosse-de-nage, etc. Some of those bands sound more in the same vein as us than others, but I enjoy all of them and all at one point had some sort of influence on this band.”

On the non metal side of things, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine? Since I am quoting you, don’t want to misrepresent your shit

“Yeah, those bands definitely, but not just the big three of shoegaze. Again, these bands don’t always sound like us, but they’ve influenced is heavily, and that includes foo fighters, cranberries, the smiths, the cure, weekend, oasis, blur, mazzie star, jesu, first three U2 records, rites of spring, fugazi, morrissey, sisters of mercy, new order…it all comes down to interesting rock bands who’s use of chord structures and dynamics I find to be interesting and inspiring.”