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MONSTA X for PopTeen (June issue): HYUNGWON


Q1: What is your normal clothing like?
HYUNGWON: Simple clean style.

Q2: Any hobbies?
HYUNGWON: Billiard. I started a few years ago, but I still haven’t gotten much better.

Q3: What is the first thing you do after you wake up?
HYUNGWON: Fall asleep. I won’t wake up.

Q4: What 3 things would you bring to a stranded island?
HYUNGWON: Sleeping bag, gun, dog.

Q5: If you had a superpower?
HYUNGWON: Time control so that I can sleep more.

Q6: What is the last thing you want to eat before you die?
HYUNGWON: Large shrimps.


Q1: In one phrase, what kind of group is MONSTA X?
HYUNGWON: A rainbow. We have 7 colors that make up our group.

Q2: What is your favourite MONSTA X song?

Q3: Which member has the biggest gap?
HYUNGWON: Jooheon. On stage he gives off a really powerful impression, but once he leaves the stage he’s a really soft, tofu-like person.

Q4: Who is the most fashionable?
HYUNGWON: Kihyun hyung. Whatever he wears, somehow it fits him. He can wear clothes and give off a friendly guy-next-door vibe.


Q: If the members were colors?

Shownu: Brown
Wonho: White
Minhyuk: Deep Blue
Kihyun: Sky Blue
Hyungwon: Black
Jooheon: Red
Changkyun: Purple

Korean translation: @n_ning_2
English translation: @potatoestorm


Finchel Week 2017, Day 7: Alternate Ending
↳  In which Finn didn’t actually die and returns a couple of years later to get Rachel back after being in a witness protection program/ having suffered memory loss/ going on a secret mission with the US army/ [insert other/better scenario😆 ]

Star Trek Ask Meme

1. Top 3 favorite female characters?

2. Top 3 favorite male characters?

3. Top 3 least favorite characters?

4. Favorite alien species?

5. Episode plot you wish they had handled differently?

6. Character you feel a show could have done without?

7. Who would make up your crew dream team?

8. Which captain would you most want to serve under?

9. Which episode plot do you prefer?

      a. Time traveling to the past or dealing with time travelers from the future?

      b. Going undercover to spy on enemies or going undercover to explore pre-           warp planets?

     c. Holodeck malfunction or space anomaly?

     d. Ship being taken over or being stranded on a planet?

     e. Rapid aging or de-aging?

     f. Diplomatic negotiations or all out battle?

10. Which alien pet would you most want for your own?

11. Top 3 OTPs?

12. Top 3 NOTPs?

13. A ship you wish had been canon and why?

14. A ship you wish hadn’t been canon and why? 

15. Top 3 favorite alien crewmembers?

16. If you could steal the basic plot of an episode for one show and apply to another which would you choose?

17. What role would you have aboard a starship?

18. If you had to fight a character who would you choose?

19. You can undo one plot point, which do you choose?

20. Which piece of technology do you wish existed in reality?

21. What kind of stories do you hope the new show does?

22. Would you rather serve on a starship or a space station?

23. Favorite tropes?

24. Which character do you relate to the most?

25. Favorite villain(s)?

26. Which alien hybrid offspring are you most interested in seeing?

27. What do you wish they had handled differently?

28. Character(s) you want to cosplay as?

29. Favorite and least favorite episodes?

30. Something you wish you could delete from canon?

31. A crossover with another show/movie/book/ect, that you’d want to see?

32. F/M/K.

33. Whose twitter feed would you most want to follow?

34. What do you think *insert character*’s tumblr would be full of?

35. A minor character you wish had become a main character?

36. A social issue you hope the new show tackles and how?

37. Character A and Character B get into a fight, who wins?

38. *Insert crew here* is thrown back in time to *insert time period here*, how do they handle it, which fashion trends do they pick up, who threatens the timeline the most, who is saddest when they have to leave, who is most knowledgeable, who stands out the most, ect?

39. You have to relocate to a planet other than Earth, which do you choose?

40. If you got a trek inspired tattoo what would it be?

41. Which episode(s) creeped out/scared you the most?

42. Which episode(s) made you cry?

43. Order of shows from most to least favorite?

44. If *insert crew* ended up in the modern day what would amaze them the most?

45. Which alien culture would you most want to live in/would feel most comfortable?

46. If they rebooted *insert show here* who out of modern day actors would you pick to play the main characters?

47. An unpopular opinion you have?

48. Sort the crew of *insert show here* into Hogwarts houses.

49. A favorite ST fic?

50. A random headcanon?


BTS Reacts - Your Acne Scars

Yoongi: You tap the fixing cushion gently against your moisturized skin, concealing the dark spots left on your cheeks. Your date with Yoongi isn’t for another hour, so you’re shocked when he walks through your bedroom door early with a handful of gladioluses and larkspurs. You squeak weakly, veiling your face with a hand towel nearby, telling him to leave since you haven’t put your face on just yet. He knows your scars bother you, and it’s not like he can pretend they’re not there - but he needs you to know that his love is unconditional; that your worries are irrelevant. Appearances have never mattered to him, but he knows how much effort you put into looking good for him. He taps you on the side of your shoulder, and you open your eyes to be greeted by the sight of him acting cutely, blowing kisses and hearts to you. If there is anything he can do to distract you from your distress, this would be it. He hates doing this, but he hates seeing you worried about your scars even more.

“The great, powerful Min Yoongi is sacrificing his status to act cutely in front of you - if that doesn’t say that I love you enough, even with your scars - I don’t know what will.”

Hoseok: He’s taking a sound nap on your mattress, so you’ve gotten up earlier to take this opportunity to quickly put your make-up on. Bottles of cosmetics clicking against each other awaken him, and he catches a glimpse of your bare face. You lock gazes with him in the reflection of your mirror, and you instantly react by burying your face in the palms of your hands. Hoseok sits up with his sleepy eyes examining your features, unbridled by any form of colored foundation. Hoseok doesn’t have his head up in the clouds, he knows you can’t have make-up on 24/7, all week. You need to give your skin a break, too. More importantly, he already sees you as someone who looks naturally fetching, with or without your acne scars. He wants you to be comfortable around him; being a 100% yourself with him shouldn’t be some sort of crime. He’s always been true to you, and he wants that notion to work reversely. He smacks his lips, wetting them as he reaches over to tuck the lazy strands of hair away from your face:

“Honey, you’re already pretty - the blemishes will go away soon, until then, you don’t have to conceal them around me.”

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Taehyung: You’ve just washed your face of all the make-up residue that’s left from a long day. You hear feet shuffling around outside your bathroom - who could it be? Carefully, you open the bathroom door, peeking around to check if what you heard was just pure imagination. You spot Taehyung rummaging around your closet - he spins around so speedily that you have no slight chance of even hiding your face; you just stand there, completely mortified that he’s seen you with the dark spots on your face. Taehyung can’t hold back an emerging grin. He doesn’t even notice that you don’t have any concealer or foundation on, all he acknowledges is how cute you are, looking so abashed and stammering away to come up with an explanation for your lack of primping. He thinks that you’re silly for even thinking that something so superficial would drive him away from you. Tae has always found you most appealing in essence, and nothing would stop him from loving you, the way you deserved it most.

“I was looking for my sweater, but I think I’ve found something better - come here, let me love you!”

 Jimin: With or without make-up masking your face, Park Jimin knows for sure, that he would cherish every ounce of you dearly. When he walks in on you, beauty blender in hand for the first time, you almost swear at him, panicking anxiously in your seat. You sit there, defeated, staring at Jimin to see if he was going to walk out on you after witnessing the faults in your features. He shakes his head - he knows exactly what’s running through your head right now, and he laughs at how ridiculous you’re being. He sees beyond your physical beauty - the scars don’t matter to him, because you’ll always be the individual with the radiant personality that captured his heart - nothing is going to change what he feels for you, just because of a few blemishes. You obediently scoot away in your seat, as he motions you to do so, before swathing his arm lovingly around your demure figure. The singer’s soft spoken words travel to your ears, undoing the knots in your shoulder-blades as he asks:

“Jagi. Don’t you think an already gorgeous person like you, putting on make-up, is a bit of an overkill?”

Namjoon: Kim Namjoon could give less of a flying f-ck about your scars. You are absolutely beautiful to him, no questions asked. When he sees how self-conscious you become after he walks in on you in the process of applying your make-up, he can’t help but feel a sense of frustration bubbling up within him. He wants you to understand that you are everything to him, no matter what package you come in. Sadly, he knows you can’t resist the anxiety from overcoming you, which results in his disappointment slowly fizzling into empathy. Namjoon is the sort of person that would never devalue anyone’s worth just over physical shortcomings. Even with his own fair share of bad experiences struggling with self-esteem, he sees beauty in everything; in people, in you. He squeezes your cheeks in his palms and unexpectedly sends his lips into yours - this gets his message across without any room for misunderstanding. Taehyung stares at his hyung -  the sudden public display of affection startles him too.  When Namjoon pulls away, he blows you one last kiss.

“Scars mean that you’ve healed from pain. Don’t be ashamed of them - and know that I’ll never be ashamed of you for having them.”

Seokjin: Because of your lack of make-up on, Jin is now starting to notice the little details on your face that he wouldn’t see otherwise. Not the scars etched into your skin in particular, but simply the natural lines and creases on your face, camouflaged by the hue of your foundation. He doesn’t respond to you with shock, instead, he endearingly smiles. He truly admires and adores you the way you are, without a single doubt - and he honestly wants you to be fine with the skin you’re in. If that meant for your scars to disappear, he’d do whatever he can to help you get past it. He’s supportive in nature, so his confidence in you truly makes you feel better about yourself and about wanting to fight your demons. The two of you are supposed to have dinner reservations later, but once he sees how disheartened you are about going out, he changes his mind - he would always put you first and foremost, and he’ll always be there when you’re at your lowest. He takes hold of your fingers, giving them a light press to bring you back from your thoughts.

“Let’s stay in tonight, alright? I’ll drop by the store later to get us some face masks and some tea - is there anything else you want, sweetheart?”

Jungkook: Jungkook’s heart sinks when he sees you cower away from him, as if you’re not worthy of being in his presence. He doesn’t know what to do to make you feel safe with him. He’s not just a friend, and he’s definitely not a stranger to you. Watching you feel insecure about your scars strains his heart, because he just wants to be able to comfort you. He sits next to you at your desk, glowering intensely at your face; or at least, what he can make of what you’re trying to hide. Kook has suffered from scarring before, from both acne and fights with his brother, so he knows what it’s like to constantly feel the need to shy away from the public eye. He tries to ponder about the root of your anxiety - has anyone been harassing or needling you about the spots on your face? Jungkook gets mad at the thought of that happening. He lifts his hand; his thumb sweeps across your cheek tenderly: look at me. You’ve been avoiding eye contact with him this whole time, so when he finally has your attention, he tells you:

“It’s okay to feel self-conscious, but please, don’t ever feel like you need to hide your face from me. I will never leave you for what you look like, and I’ll always love you for what you are.”

I hope your skin gets better, anon! I used to have really bad acne (and in turn, scarring), and a lot of it was because I wasn’t taking better care of myself. Thankfully, my scars are starting to get better, even though I still have a few marks here and there! I do hope you’re looking out for yourself too, both emotionally and physically - you deserve nothing less than that, and you should be happy with who you are, no matter what anyone may say/think/feel about the way you look. I hope you’ve enjoyed this react, and I hope it’s made your day better! <3

glory by bastille is such a heronstairs song, fuck

- ̗̀  the jumbled up legacy challenge  ̖́-

hi loves !!!  while playing normal legacies, i would tend to get bored, but while playing legacies that were already completely structured and story-based, i tended to feel stressed and uninspired. so, as a result, i decided to create this “challenge”, or set of rules that will shape a legacy up to be unique and interesting but still with room for you to shape your sims the way you want to, etc. as a result, the all jumbled up legacy challenge was born !!!

starting off:

- create your founder: they can be of any gender, supernatural type, ethnicity, etc. , but they must be a young adult

- next, you have two options: 

1. use classic legacy challenge rules. 50x50 lot, 1600 dollars, you know the drill.

2. use your own rules. want to start out in a starter home? cool !! want to start out in a huge mansion? that’s cool too !!! be as restrictive or nonrestrictive with your money as you want.

the gist of the legacy:

- each generation, you will randomly select one event from each list: the challenge list, and the event list. although you may repeat events and challenges per generation it is recommended that you re-select if you have gotten one you’ve done before. the beauty of this system is no one who plays this legacy will get the exact same options in the exact same order !!!

- the founding generation is an exception. for this generation, and this generation only, you may select your challenge and your event yourself.

- the heir of every generation must complete the challenge and event.


1. travel to sixam.

2. travel to the forgotten grotto.

3. complete a collection.

4. max three skills.

5. earn a gold on five of the prestige events.

6. complete two aspirations.

7. make ambrosia.

8. have three cowplants and milk one essence of life from each.

9. own a successful retail store or restaurant. 

10. cure a vampire.


1. have a child with a vampire.

2. have a child with an alien.

3. leave someone at the alter.

4. get a divorce ( you may remarry the same sim you divorced ).

5. have an affair ( whether you get caught or not is up to you ).

6. do not marry, but instead adopt children/ make your sim a genetic toddler through cas.

7. break up a marriage.

8. gold-dig.

9. have triplets ( cheats may be used ).

10. have a sibling rivalry with one of your siblings, but resolve it before both sims die.

*** more events may be added in the future with the addition of future packs and expansions

general rules ( optional ):

- all toddlers must get all their skills to at least three before aging up

- the heir must complete their childhood aspiration

- all teens must get an a in school before aging up

- each heir should complete their aspiration and career

that’s about it !! if you do this challenge, make sure to tag it with “ jumbled up legacy challenge ” so i can see !!

About a Girl [Epilogue]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final 

Ever After.

“Okay,” your make up artist looked back at you to admire her own work. She gave you a big smile. Your bridesmaids crowded around to see the finished product. By the expressions on their faces you knew you didn’t look like a clown. The makeup artist, Eunha, picked up the mirror and clutched it to her chest. “Are you ready to see?”

You took a deep breath as the anxiety in the pit of your stomach grew. “Alright, let’s see it.” Eunha turned the mirror. Seeing your reflection you were surprised just how lovely you looked. It wasn’t overdone, it was tasteful. Your skin looked flawless and your eyes popped thanks to the perfect eyeliner and fake lashes. You touched your cheek lightly, “Wow. This is incredible Eunha, thank you!”

You reached out to bring her in a warm embrace. You didn’t know how to adequately express your gratitude with words so this was the next best thing. She laughed as her arms wrapped around your waist. “I’m so happy you love it.” 

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Getting a solid job nowadays is a crapshoot. We’re constantly told things like “Just do what you’re passionate about, and things will allllllll work out, man!” or “Stay in school! People love to know that you spent your 20s studying 19th-century British fiction.” But neither of these is a surefire method. The truth is, surviving in our ever-shrinking labor market means evolving to match its needs. So it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a look at one of these helpful online professional courses. (And the Cracked Dispensary!)

For some, leadership comes naturally. Take your William Wallaces, your FDR’s, your Freds from Scooby Doo. They all knew how to properly guide a team. But there’s no shame in realizing when you need help learning how to be a manager. Grab this Project Management Professional Certification Training here for $49.99. Because seriously, once you learn how to delegate tasks like a professional, you’ll never have to lift a finger again! Think of all the time you’ll have to plan your next step up the career ladder!

7 Career Courses That’ll Make Your Resume Sparkle

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Dunno if your still doing these but how would the boys react if the reader just came back from a break up ( Chocobros x reader)

Oh, hello dear anon! Actually, I don’t really have a set system for how to deal with requests (I have been making up my prompts myself so far), so I guess I’ll take any you guys want me to do? ^^ Just remember that I’m still new to writing head canons/scenarios, so excuse any mistakes, and enjoy!

Once the bros hear you step into the house and hear a gigantic slam of the door, they’re gonna know something happened. The guys knew that you were dating someone else, and even though they weren’t enthusiastic about it they still wanted to support your decisions nonetheless. Usually they would all greet you as soon as you came home, but your aura sent them a message to leave you alone while you stormed off to your room.

After awhile of leaving you alone in your room, they start to hear your sobs and immediately come knocking on your door to see what was wrong. Gladio would totally break down your door, if you hadn’t spoken up and let them come in. They’ll all be by your side in a heartbeat and once you tell them about your break up they literally all agree that they would gang up on the person who mistreated you. You had to stop them to make sure they wouldn’t do anything rash, and that they didn’t need to go that far for you. Instead they decide that they would be the best boyfriends to you and treat you like a princess and what you deserve.

Gladio would be the one to treat you like a legit princess, and always be by your side like a knight in shining armor. He’ll wrap an arm around your shoulder whenever you’re out in public. Once you saw your ex, he literally stared daggers at them, and dragged you away. Whenever you sit down he’ll make you sit on his lap, and if you wanted to move he’ll always carry you wherever in the house. He tired to carry you in public, but you were too embarrassed to actually do it. Expect to be treated almost like royalty since he is the royal shield. (he might even treat you better than Noct, oops) Ignis goes in total manservant mode for you. He’ll be at your beck and call and bring you anything you need. Need a ride? He’s there in the exactly 10 minutes. Food?? Any dish, home cooked just for you. Just need to rant and have someone to talk to? He’ll listen to you for hours on end and never stop staring at your beautiful face with full attention. Noct is going to be a clingy boyfriend, but just the right amount to not seem annoying. He’ll send you a bunch of texts throughout the day, which isn’t annoying to you. It’s cute endearing texts about random little things, like how he misses you, what he’s been up to, and overall encouraging things to get you though the day. Once you’re home, he’s gonna cling to you and never let you go until you or him have to leave the house. The first thing you come home, till when you go to bed this boy will cling and cuddle you nonstop. He tires to do chores and favors for you, but he’s not really good at it and mostly leaves it up to Iggy for that. What matters is that he’s trying his best and putting 110% into you and making sure you are treated right. Prompto, literal ball of sunshine of the relationship is gonna wanna make you smile 24/7. He claims he gonna make up for all the days your ex has made you sad with happy days! Whenever you hang with him you know you’re going to have a good time. He’ll plan cute little dates like to the amusement park, picnics, movies, walking along the beach, or just playing video games till morning. Being with him is always spontaneous and a surprise, which is what you love about him!

After having the bros dote on you for a while, you figure out that they were the ones that you were missing in the relationship with your ex. Gladio gave you the feeling of protectiveness, and security in a relationship, Ignis was there for emotional support and communication, Noct was the one that made you feel loved and needed, and Prompto made you smile every day just being together. It would be your choice if you want something more to happen between you and the bros. However, if you find someone else, be prepared to have the bros interrogate/intimidate them to make sure you don’t get hurt ever again.

22 things I’ve learned in 22 years

As my twenty-second birthday draws near, I find myself thinking back on all of the things I’ve learned and a few things stand out the most and I feel the need to share them with you all. For the people who are younger than me, who may need advice that I know I never got. And for those older than me, who may need reminded of things they may already know. So, here are twenty-two things I’ve learned in the last twenty-two years. 

1. It is okay to remove toxic people from your life. There is no need to explain yourself or apologize. 

2. Not everyone is going to like you, but that’s okay. You will find people who do, it’s worth the wait. 

3. Try your best to avoid investing more into relationships than the other party.

4.Life is going to kick you in the teeth, a lot, but you are strong enough to pick yourself back up and move forward. 

5. Always continue to move forward, the past is gone, focus on the present, your future is waiting for you. 

6. It’s okay to not be okay. It took me a long time to learn this, but once you come to terms with it, it makes life a little easier.

7.Speak up when people don’t consider your feelings. You are not an object for others to play with. 

8.It’s okay to cry, in fact crying can be a very helpful and healthy way to vent.

9. There will be days that you’ll feel like you can’t get out of bed and that’s okay. Stay under the covers, keep warm and turn on a movie or show that makes you happy. 

10. It’s okay if you need to take breaks, from life, work and even people. 

11. Your mental health comes first! If you find yourself in an uncomfortable/toxic environment, you need to put yourself first and do your best to get out of it.

12. It’s okay to ask for help. I know sometimes you feel like a burden, but I promise you, you aren’t. 

13. Talk about how you’re feeling. It’s hard, but no one is going to be able to help if you keep things to yourself. Tell your friends if something makes you uncomfortable so they can fix it. 

14. The people who truly care about you will always do their best to help make sure you are comfortable, safe and loved. 

15.It’s okay to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. I know it can be frustrating, especially when you feel like you keep making the same mistake, but it’s okay. They are learning experiences. 

16. You don’t always have to put on a brave face. There will be people who come into your life and they will make dropping that mask so easy. They’ll help hold you up when you feel like the world is pressing down on you. Keep them close. 

17. Do the things that make you happy. Blast your favorite music, dance around the kitchen when you cook, play that video game for just five more minutes, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. Just do what you want to do and don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t. 

18. Keeping a journal can be helpful, especially if you have a bad memory like I do. Write things down. Not just the big dates, but little things. Like the first time you heard a song you like. Or when they made you smile like the sun. 

19. You are a star that shines brightly among the darkness life has dealt you. Never let anyone convince you that you are less. 

20. Stand up for, not only yourself, but for the little guys. Use your voice for good, but don’t drown out those who need to be heard. 

21. Don’t wait for things to come to you, go to them. Make change happen, work toward your goals, even if you’re just taking baby steps. Every second matters. 

22. Love; yourself, your friends, your family, your partner. And show love to those who need it most. Offer to buy a meal for the homeless person on the street. Support the people whose families don’t accept them. Welcome them with open arms and an open heart. The good you put into the world will come back to you in it’s own way. So, love and love deeply because we only have so much time on this earth.

y'know the best thing about waking up in the morning after posting a drawing or doodles is to read through the reblogs…

your reactions are priceless 👌👏❤

SJIPS WEEK 2017 curated by @ryanthemememan

Hello everybody, time to kick into action (or sit back and relax) as Sjips Week takes off again in 2017!

For those unfamiliar with Sjips Week, or fandom weeks in general, this is a week-long event in which fans of a certain fandom, pairing, or character produce content (fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, etc) for it! 


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Why can't there be a 585 INTJ?

There can’t be two 5s in your tritype because there are three enneagram centers:

Gut Center: 8,9,1
Heart Center: 2,3,4
Head Center: 5,6,7

And the logic of tritypes is that everyone gets one type from each center. It’s like asking three questions “Do I deal with my anger and my instincts like a 1, 8 or a 9?” “Do I deal with my emotions and shame like a 2, 3 or 4?” and “Do I deal with my thoughts and fears like a 5, 6 or 7?” And your three answers make up your tritype in the order which you’ll decide.

What I learned my first semester in college:

1. There are always many distractions in your dorm. Make studying in a library your habit. You will be more focused and productive there and you will have more free time afterwards!

2. Talking to your teachers and lecturers is one of the best thing you can do for yourself. Make sure they know you. In case of a problem, it will be so much easier to get help from them than it would be if they didn’t even recognise your face.

3. Prepare your breakfast the evening before so you won’t waste time in the morning.

4. During finals you will be grateful for having forced yourself to go to your lectures. Some of them might be boring but sometimes being bored for an hour can really pay off.

5. Make sure you make at least one friend in each class so you always have someone to ask for help/notes if you were absent/forgot to note something down.

6. You will do stupid things and regret them later. It’s okay, don’t beat yourself up.

7. If you can make time for that episode of your favourite tv show, you can also make time to call your grandma. Do it.

8. Try to save some money every month. You never know when your laptop will break down.

9. Prepare your lunch/dinner in advance and always make at least two portions so you can have at least every other day free from cooking.

10. People in college are so much different than people in high school so even if you weren’t really outgoing before, try going to a couple of parties or events. Don’t wait for someone to talk to you, reach out first and you will immediately meet new friends.

11. You will spend a shit-tone of money unless you make a budget so download an app, use a notebook or make an Excel document. Write down every penny you spend.

12. No one cares if you wear the same clothes you wore yesterday or if you walk around with no makeup on. Don’t worry about such trivial things.

13. If you’re going to a party, bring someone you can trust with you so if something bad happens you won’t be alone.

14. Do things the day before they’re due.

15. Education is super important but family, friendship and love are what really matters so try to find some time for your close ones whenever you can.