Nice interview, Ben is hella fun as usual!



Can’t Hold Us

Zabe: Thin Line

Well this is just a small compiled list of bloggers that i love. if i forgot you, i deeply apologize. This is my first follow forever by the way, which makes it even special-er. (idek?)

niggie  sophoe  julia  emily  renata  ivy ☆ aliya ☆ elcalder  sheeroin   kingsheerun  zerray  boobstyles


i love all of you guys even though a couple of y'all aren’t really active. you guys are my first pg and i couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be friends with. you’re all funny, gorgeous, sarcastic little shits and i enjoy that about all of you. you guys are perfect. 10/10 for all of them i recommend.

that’s about it. It’s pretty short but I love all of you even if some of you don’t even know me oops. happy spring/easter! x


This song is Beautiful.