makaveli quote


2Pac photographed by Jeffery Newbury, 1992.

“A lot of people, black, white, Mexican, young, old, fat or skinny, have a problem being true to their self. They have a problem looking into the mirror and looking directly into their own soul. The reason I sell 6 million records, the reason I can go to jail and come out without a scratch, the reason I can walk around, the reason I am who I am today, is because I can look directly into my face and find my soul. It’s right there. It’s not sold. I didn’t sell it. It’s still within me. I still feel it. My heart is still connected to my body, so any character, I’m going to bring that intensity, that truth, that honesty to it, because I have to repay for that blessing”.

Tupac Shakur (August 1996)

“Everybody think they understand a nigga. Shit, you niggas don’t know me.
Y'all know that nigga on the rap songs. Y'all know that nigga in the movies.
You don’t know this nigga in 3-D real live right up against you in front of yo’ face” - Tupac Shakur

Where there is a will
There is a way
To search and discover
A better day

Where a positive heart
Is all you need
To rise beyond
And succeed

Where young minds grow
And respect each other
Based on their deeds
And not their color

When times are dim
Say as I say
“Where there’s a will
There’s a way”

—  Tupac Shakur