Art Fair Philippines 2017

As per my personal tradition, here goes another set of artworks that prolly took me longer than 30 seconds to stare right back at. (Person on the center included)

Dragged Arn along just because.

Anyway, I wanted to make this post a lot about it, issues/criticisms included. Although I’ll keep this one short for the mean time and would most likely make another entry to focus on it alone.

For now, cheers to more art immersions!


I don’t know what the weather feels like where you are, but here in the south area of Manila, it’s damn cold! Especially in the morning wherein you have to brave the cold water in the shower in order to arrive looking (and smelling) human to your morning class. Brrrrrrr! This weather makes me feel gloomy, which is evident to the muted color palette of my outfit. These days are when wearing turtle necks do not permit too much sweating which is very uncommon in a tropical country like here in the PH. So I took the opportunity to wear my gray semi turtle neck top and paired it with a high-waist shorts.

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If one cannot see your value, it doesn’t mean you’re worthless.

It just shows that that one is not for you, and God is preparing you for the best.

If one fails to appreciate every ounce of effort you give, don’t be mad.

You’ve done your part, move on and don’t be sad.

If one does not seem to care about your existence, do not be dismayed

God cares, you are perfectly and wonderfully made.

Tambai Yakitori, Manila

Manila is in a state of constant change. Constant growth. As the Philippines continues to play a larger role in Southeast Asia’s overall economic development, more and more people are visiting the country’s capital city. And Manila’s food scene is adapting to accomodate the hordes of hungry visitors. Take the neighborhood of Poblacion for example, a former red light district that is now one of the city’s most popular “new wave” eating streets…

With young chefs opening up small shops while the rent here is still low, you can now find various fusion foods with clear international influences; everything from sisig tacos to spicy chicken wings at a lively football bar. My friend Ed took me as he wanted me to try the local yakitori at Tambai…

A small street stall that uses a mix of U.S. and local meats and vegetables, Tambai seems to be pulling most of their influence from Japan at first glance…

But the big difference comes in the butchery of the meats, using cuts more familiar to Filipinos, like these heartier pieces of livers and gizzards…

And then there’s Tambai’s sauce, which is less sweet than your traditional Japanese “tare” and more vinegar-based to better suit local palates, which you can see here on the isaw, or intestine…

We also got an order of Tambai’s fried chicken skins, which are much larger and crispier than you would find at a traditional yakitori joint, almost like chicharron…

Tambai was the perfect place for a simple snack to show me how Filipino chefs are redefining the cuisines of different cultures as Manila expands its reputation on the global food scene!


5779 Felipe St.

Poblacion, Makati City





N 14° 33’ 24.378’’ E 121° 1’ 25.97’’ / MXMKT by JJRR
Fujichrome Provia 400X