Terkadang dengan sedikit pertanyaan pun boleh buat seseorang terluka.

Kerana ianya melibatkan ketentuan Dia.

Siapa lah kita nak terus bertanya mengenai hal itu.

Dia merancang kita juga merancang. Tapi sebaik baik perancang adalah Dia.

Hentikan lah dari terus bertanya pertanyaan yang melibatkan ketentuan Dia dan perasaan seseorang.


Bukan ketentuan kita.
Tapi ketentuan Dia.

—  Wa makaru wa makarallah, Wallahu khairul makirin
- Kita merancang, dan ALLAH juga merancang, Allah lah sebaik-baik perancang

I love seeing everyone’s interpretation of Haruka and Makoto’s lovechild, so I made Makaru, whose animal is a seal.

I started doing genealogy and wondered what would a YY baby look like. Science can’t tell us yet!

I then found that Makaru is a powerful trans girl swimmer, so I made her some breastforms that work by adhesive (as my own adhesive bra works) so she can wear them comfortably while tearing up the competition while she swims.

I wonder in the nationals if she takes them off before swimming and after she gets out of the water she puts them back on for when the camera focuses on her when it’s announced she won, even when the committee put her in the men’s swimming category.