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One of my favorite things about fairy tail is the men’s collectively bizzar fashion sense.




The fuck are you wearing?

The fuck is this?

What is on your shoulder, Gajeel?  The fuck is that made of, feathers? From what?

Why is the armor only on your shins?

Why is your shirt only sleeves?

Are those pants really necessary? Or functional?

This whole outfit is a shit post.

Seriously, is this supposed to be a vest or a jacket?

Bickslow has two different versions of this shit

additionally, Bickslow has tattoos on both his face and tongue, which seems questionable and excessive, but I digress.

What era do you think this is, Freed?

Literally, no one questioned this as casual, everyday wear.

I mean, COME ON!

Then there’s Gray who can’t keep his shirt on, and Laxus who can’t put his arms in his damn sleeves, but this post seems long enough.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 1 Review

Hey guys, now before I dive into this already longer than usual review, I did wanna take this time to mention something. Its been no secret that I turned on Mashima and FT pretty hardly after the end of FT and some of you may be aware that I was moderately active in the fanbase with putting out my reviews and such. That said some may liken that shift in mentality to me not liking how the story went and a common critique of fans is that when what they’re fans of doesn’t gel with what they want they wanna destroy it. As if the fan has ownership of the source of the fanaticism.

I admit there are times that I’ve question decisions on Hiro Mashima’s end and has posted rewrites, but that’s not me doing it out of a sense of ownership. I’m doing it because I have a standard. Being a fan of something and letting your disappointment get to you and fester into salty, bitchy purest is one thing, but being a person who’s judging what a series puts out and actually caring about the quality of what’s in the popular media is important. FT got negative reviews in its latter half because it was that bad. By the end of the series it was legit that bad. Now I don’t say that is someone who was in the fanbase and hated Hiro’s decisions cause they weren’t mine, I hated them because it was bad writing. I’m a reader with standards, as are all of you, and in the digestion of media we make distinctions between good and bad. I make this claim with more concrete surety now that I’ve been around longer and have reviewed more series than just FT, I think it be harder to believe if I made this case when I was just starting and all I was talking about at the time was FT.

Some of you might remember when I first started out on MHA, my second chapter I ever reviewed I had found it boring and mundane and to date its my least popular MHA review and I still stand by that assertion. I hold everything to the same standard, and that includes FT. The reason I write this is that while throughout this review I will mention comparison’s to FT’s first chapter (and yes, even ways Eden’s Zero improved on it), but I will be holding it to the same standard. So this entire review won’t be me holding a grudge against Hiro, but it will be me holding it to the same standard as I do everything I read. That out of the way lets dive in.

We open on a hill side and met our MC named Shiki. Beside him is the mecha demon from the cover page and what they see is a… dragon. Yeah, Hiro I thought you wanted this to be wholely original?

On the hand I actually like this scene in the sense robo demon here is actually encourging actual adventure (something FT lacked) and its kinda amazing listening to this demon looking guy talking about friendship, yet on the other hand, damnit Hiro. Is this the only thing how to write about? Like damn man.

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Happy Fairy Tail 11th Anniversary!

Hi guys! here I bring you a collab I made with my friend @giushia​, for the Fairy Tail anniversary that we hope you like!

It’s from when Gajeel and Juvia entered this great family that is FT! :’).

She drew and I colored it :DD (Sorry for my english:’D).

Hiro mashima new manga character
Manga name is ednes zero
So there will be erza / Wendy / jellal with different hair colour and blue / happy









Brb while I disfunction somewhere else.

Things That Have Been Said in My Household but with Fairy Tail
  • <p> <b>Natsu:</b> Gray<p/><b>Gray:</b> What?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Are you gay?<p/><b>Gray:</b> No.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Are you sure?<p/><b>Gray:</b> 100%<p/><b>Natsu:</b> okay..*signals towards the others that he's not*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> You would think he would have come out the closet by now..<p/><b>Gray:</b> IM NOT GAY YOU FUCKERS.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Gray:</b> ERZA THE STUPID CAT SCRATCHED THE CURTAINS AGAIN.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> DONT YOU DARE TALK TO LILY THAT WAY. AND HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE MY PRECIOUS CAT OF SUCH CRIME. IT COULD HAVE BEEN NATSU.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *from downstairs* HEY!!<p/><b></b> __<p/><b></b> *door bell rings*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *answers it* NATSU YOURE GIRLFRIEND IS HERE.<p/><b>Lucy:</b> actually we're no--<p/><b>Erza:</b> There's my future sister-in-law!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> shUT UP GUYS.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Erza:</b> NATSU AND GAJEEL STOP CLIMBING THE FUCKING TREE BEFORE ONE OF YOU END UP FALLING AN--<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *falls off tree*<p/><b>Erza:</b> Good Luck getting to a hospital you vermons. *walks back inside while Natsu cries and Gajeel laughs*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *door bell*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT IT- *opens it* ERZA IT'S THAT GUY YOU LIKE.<p/><b>Jellal:</b> Uhh.<p/><b>Erza:</b> SHUT THE HELL UP GRAY.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *door rings*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT IT-*answers it*<p/><b>Juvia:</b> Hi Gray.<p/><b>Gray:</b> *flustered*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> OH LOOK IT'S GRAY'S WIFE.<p/><b>Gray:</b> shuT UP NATSU.<p/><b></b> __<p/><b></b> *natsu and lucy sitting in the treehouse*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> BE GENTLE WITH THE GIRL NATSU.<p/><b>Gray:</b> YEAH DONT BE SO RUFF WITH MY SISTER-IN-LAW.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> WE'RE NOT EVEN DATING<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Natsu, stop being a liar. And a bad one for that matter.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Levy:</b> *knocks*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT IT. *answers it* Oh hey Levy.<p/><b>Levy:</b> Hi Gray, is Gajeel home?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Yeah just a second, GAJEEL THAT GIRL YOU HAD THAT DREAM ABOUT IS HERE.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> SHUT THE HELL UP GRAY.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *leans in to kiss Lucy*<p/><b>Lucy:</b> *does same*<p/><b>Erza:</b> IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME YOU HORNYLESS TEENAGERS.<p/><b>Lucy:</b> Hi Erza..<p/><b>Natsu:</b> serIOUSLY.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *everyone arguing*<p/><b>Laxus:</b> SHUT UP ALL OF YOU. NO WONDER NONE OF YOU HAVENT GOT LAID YET.<p/><b>Gray:</b> SHUT UP LAXUS.<p/><b></b> __<p/><b><strike></b> that door thing is a tradition of some sort </strike><p/></p>