“In the same way in which the Son of God assumed the human body as Ηis vestment, we must also wear the grace of the Holy Spirit which is the illumination of the hypostatic light of the Divinity in the human soul.”

~Based on St Makarios the Egyptian

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Indeed, the cardinal rule of the Christian life is not to put one’s trust in acts of righteousness even if one practises all of them, or to imagine that one has done anything great; and even if one participates in grace, one must not think that one has achieved anything or reached the goal. On the contrary, one should then hunger and thirst, grieve and weep even more, and be totally contrite in heart.

~ St. Makarios of Egypt

Name list

Country: 1p name/ 2p name
America: Alfred/ Vincent
Canada: Matthew/ James
England: Arthur/ Monty
France: Francis/ Louis
Russia: Ivan/Viktor
China: Yao/ Zao
Germany: Ludwig/ Wolfgang
Prussia: Gilbert/Klaus
Austria: Roderich/ Leonard
Poland: Feliks/ Rau
Holland: Florjin/Lars
Japan: Kiku/Kuro
Italy: Veneziano/ Giovanni
Romano: Lovino/ Guiseppe
Turkey: Sadiq/ —
Greece: Heracles/ Makarios
Australia: Jett or Christian/ Sebastian
New Zealand: Toby/ Rawiti
Norway: Lukas/–
Iceland: Emil/–
Denmark: Matthias/–
Sweden: Berwald/–
Finland: Tino/–