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An undercover cop au for jamilton, huh? :D There's actually a really good jamilton fic called God Save Our Foolish Sons by TheInevitableSense on ao3 which is also a undercover cop au with Jefferson as a cop and hamilton as a gang member ( I'm not saying this as to claim your stealing ideas or anything, I just thought you and your followers might enjoy reading it c: )

oh shit nice!!! I haven’t read that yet, gotta do that! My undercover cop au isn’t really put together yet but so far Thomas is this rich kid??? doing something illegal but I really don’t know what yet. So Alexander is put in charge of adopting a fake identity (Rachel Hamilton) to get to know Thomas and find out exactly what he’s doing and bust him for it. One night Thomas throws this huge fancy party and Alexander goes, dressed in a tight black dress, heels, dark red lipstick and pearl earrings and he’s ready to scream because he just wants to go home, then in comes a Tjeff drunk off his ass, just hitting on Alex the whole time. The rest is downhill from there and needless to say, Alex gets in a lot of trouble developing feelings for him. but he’s still pretending to be “Rachel”, so he’s stuck in a dilemma between doing his job or running away with Thomas and telling him the truth

Dear younger Zuka fans (even old ones if that’s necessary):
-Not being able to afford merch doesn’t make you any less of a fan.
-Not being able to go to Japan and watching a show live doesn’t make you any less of a fan.
-Not being into a fan club (for either personal or economical reasons) doesn’t make you any less than a fan.
-There’s no such a thing as ‘Being a True Fan’ and there’ll never be.
-Being a westerner doesn’t automatically make you bad/rude/not worthy of being a fan.
-Being a westerner fan doesn’t mean appeasing all the characteristics a person born in a completely different culture with different social influence like a Japanese fan have.
-Being a fan means enjoying, supporting, loving and most of all respecting all siennes and their incredible and amazing work.

aight time for some fanart-

still kinda obsessed over @setheverman but ey ill get over it

love your work, man! ;v; <333


Betty and I come as a matching set

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Concept, based on the 'looking sharp' thing: Hanzo realizes Mcree was flirting with him like an hour afterwards and breaks a bit inside

genji finds him on the floor half an hour later

(first part!!)


my mains + their pokemon

the choices are kind of biased