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Time of Events On 4/20/99

11:08:14 (+):  Eric Harris is three minutes away from Columbine High School.

11:09:05 (+): Cafeteria begins to fill up with students. The propane bombs are already in place.

11:17: Bombs in the cafeteria are set to go off, but do not detonate. This is the peak time for the lunchroom to be filled with students.

11:10:14 (+): John Savage finished music class.

11:11:36 (+): Brooks goes out to smoke after creative writing class as usual, and Harris pulls into school. Brooks begins to tell him off and swear at him for missing a test and class. Harris then said to Brooks; “It doesn’t matter anymore. Brooks, I like you now. Get out of here, go home.”

11:12:48 (+): Dylan Klebold arrives at Columbine. He sets the timer for the bomb in his car.

11:15:15 (+): Neil Gardner, the Columbine High School security guard and police officer is having lunch in his car.

11:16:19 (+): Bombs in cafeteria are due to detonate in one minute. 480 students are in the lunchroom. This is almost ¼ of the school’s population. Richard Castaldo meets Rachel Scott outside on the grass. Harris and Klebold throw a pipe bomb in their direction and it barely detonates, so Richard and Rachel do not pay much attention to it.

11:17: Rachel Scott is hit and injured. One second later, Richard Castaldo is hit and paralyzed as Rachel Scott is hit again and killed.

11:17:24 (+): Daniel Rohrborough, Sean Graves and Lance Kirklin walk outside. Daniel Rohrborough is shot and killed. Sean Graves and Lance Kirklin are injured. The students in the cafeteria are curious as to what is happening and look outside windows.

11:22:39 (+): Michael Johnson is hit and injured. Mark Taylor is hit and injured. Klebold walks up to Lance Kirklin who is mumbling “help me”.Klebold leans over Lance Kirklin and replies “Sure, I’ll help you”. Lance Kirklin is shot once more and is critically injured.

11:24:03 (+): Dave Sanders realizes that someone is shooting outside. He directs the students in the cafeteria outside, and the rest hide under tables. Neil Gardner gets a call from inside the school asking for his help. He believes there is only a minor accident. Harris removes his trenchcoat. Anne Marie Hochhalter is hit by Harris and paralyzed.

11:24:20 (+): Students hear more gunshots and call the police. Panic ensues within the school, and students begin to rush out of the cafeteria.

(No time stamp): Dave Sanders goes around the school securing students in classrooms.

(before 11:30, past 11:25): Patti Nielson and Brian Anderson, are struck by bullets and flying glass when trying to walk outside. Both get up and run away. Patti Nielson runs to the library. Harris and Klebold now enter the school. Harris begins to shoot out from the school windows. Neil Garner shoots back, but nobody is hit. Harris stops shooting outside, and this marks the beginning of Harris and Klebold’s attack inside the school.

(No time stamp, but definitely prior to 11:30): Klebold and Harris shoot at running students. Stephanie Munson is shot in the ankle. She continues to run, and makes it out of the school. Patti Nielson reaches the library, covered in blood. She grabs the phone and begins to call the police. She yells at the students in the library to get under the tables, there was someone inside the school with a gun.
Harris detonates a pipe bomb in the hallways. It causes damage to the lockers surrounding it.
Dave Sanders is still trying to clear the halls with another student. They round a corner and find Klebold staring directly at them. They turn and begin to run the other way. Klebold shoots in their direction. Dave Sanders is hit in the upper back, on the shoulder blade. The students runs away. Klebold steps over Dave Sanders and points his gun ahead. When the student is nowhere to be seen, Klebold turns around once more, running off in the direction he came from.

11:26:40 (+): Student Aaron Hancey is hiding in the science classrooms. Another teacher comes in, asking if anybody does first aid. Aaron Hancey says yes, and the teacher and Aaron Hancey run across the hallways. They take passages from empty classrooms to other empty classrooms. Dave Sanders has managed to drag himself into a nearby science classroom, and has collapsed there. He is in a critical condition. He is conscious and aware of what is going on when Aaron Hancey runs into the classroom he is in. He is lying on his stomach. It is believed he is shot once. Aaron Hancey turns him onto his back gently, and quickly comes to the realization that Dave Sanders has an entry wound in each shoulder, and is bleeding heavily. Teresa Miller (teacher) attempts to call 911 but the lines are far too busy and the call does not go through. By now, there are 6 police units outside of the school either tending to wounded students, or securing the school perimeters. As per the given security rules, none of the police officers attempt to enter the school.

11:29:20 (+) the library massacre: Harris and Klebold reach the library, where they will carry out the most brutal part of their spree in seven minutes. Harris screams to the students: “GET UP!”. Nobody gets up. Klebold follows suite by screaming: “EVERYBODY WITH THE WHITE HATS-STAND.UP! THIS IS FOR ALL THE SHIT YOU’VE GIVEN US FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS!”  When nobody gets up again, Harris yells: “FINE I’LL START SHOOTING ANYWAY” and shoots at a table. Evan Todd is hit by flying splinters. Harris and Klebold enter the library. Kyle Velasquez is not hiding under the table, but rather beside it. Klebold sees him, approaches him. Kyle Velasquez is shot and killed immediately. Once Harris and Klebold are halfway into the library, they come into John Savage’s view and begin to reload their guns. Harris states to Klebold: “Let’s go kill some cops.” They head to the library windows and shoot down at the cops. This begins another firing session between the cops and Harris/Klebold. Once again, nobody was hit and eventually Klebold retreats and begins to find other students to kill. Klebold spots three students hiding under a table; Makai Hall, Daniel Steepleton, Patrick Ireland. He shoots and wounds them, but they are not critically injured. Harris then retreats from the police fire. Harris shoots under a desk where students Steven Curnow and Kasey Ruegsegger are taking cover. Steven Curnow is hit and instantly killed. Kasey Ruegsegger is injured. Eric Harris tells Kasey “Quit your bitching” before walking off. Cassie Bernall is hiding under another desk. Harris tabs on top of her desk three times. She diverts her attention to the open side of the desk where Harris crouches down, says “peek-a-boo” and kills Cassie Bernall at point blanc range. The gun recoils and slams into Harris’ nose, breaking it as his back slams into the desk beside him. As he stands up, touches the blood running from his nose, He discovers another female student hiding behind a chair. He asks her if she wants to die, she shakes her head saying no. He then begins to tell her: “we’re all going to die anyway. We’re going to blow up the school.” before walking away. Klebold shoots Patrick Ireland once again. Klebold kneels down in front of Isaiah Shoels, and shouts: “Reb, there’s a nigger over here”. Klebold grabs his leg, and Harris shoots Isaiah Shoels, kiling him instantly. Klebold begins to laugh, and then shoots under a desk. Matthew Ketcher is hit and killed instantly. In the science room, Aaron Hancey is struggling to keep Dave Sanders conscious. He began to show Dave Sanders photos from his wallet to keep him talking. Harris throws a pipe bomb under a desk but Makai Hall throws it away before it denotes. It detonates, and people scream. Harris tells the student that the “school is fucking dead”. He begins to shoot at books and glass cases. Klebold spots Mark Kingten under a desk and shoots him, injuring him. He then moves on to another table, and shoots under it. Valeen Schnurr and Lisa Kreutz are injured by the same bullet. Klebold kicks a chair out of the way and shoots under a desk, hitting and killing Lauren Townsend. Harris calls the crying girls pathetic. Harris walks quickly over to another table, shooting it without looking. He hits and injures both Nicole Nowlen and John Tomlin. Klebold, who is following behind Harris, shoots John Tomlin again and kills him. Harris leans up and shoots another table, hitting and killing Kelly Fleming. Lisa Kreutz is hit again, but survives. Jeanna Park is hit and injured. Harris walks over to the table John Savage is hiding under. He asks him “who is under there? Identify yourself” while pointing the gun at him. John replies with his first name in attempts to show respect. Klebold steps up behind Harris and says “John Savage?” John Savage replies “yeah”. Harris walks away as John Savage peeks his head out of the side of the table. He calmly asks Klebold “Hey Dylan, what are you doing?” Klebold sighs and replies “Oh, just killing people.” John Savage, not knowing what to reply, simply says “oh”. John Savage takes a breath and asks Klebold “are you going to kill me?” and Klebold, because of the fire alarms, replies “what?” John Savage restates his question. Klebold takes a breath, considering the possibilities while staring directly at John Savage. He then replies “no man. Just get out of here. Just run…” John Savage doesn’t move. “Run” Klebold repeats. Once again, John Savage does not move, unknowing of whether this was a joke and he would be killed. Klebold looks around and then yells “RUN!” John Savage gets up and sprints out of the library, through the halls, and makes it out of the school safely and uninjured. Meanwhile, Harris walks over to Daniel Mauser’s desk. Daniel Mauser sees Eric Harris and kicks the chair in front of him into Harris in hopes of defending himself. However, Harris manages to shoot Daniel Mauser, and he is killed instantly. Klebold rapid fires with his TEC-9 under a table, hitting and injuring Corey DePooter and Austin Eubanks. Harris shoots under the same table seconds after Klebold, hitting and killing Corey DePooter and injuring Jennifer Doyle. Corey DePooter is the last one to be killed in the entire massacre other than Harris and Klebold themselves. As Klebold and Harris walk away, Klebold remarks that they should “start knifing people-that would be more fun.” The 7 minute killing spree in the library has ended. Harris lights a bomb and throws it behind him, and it detonates but does not injure anybody. Klebold walks up to the desk Evan Todd is hiding under. Evan Todd is wearing his white baseball cap. Klebold threatens and shoots behind him to taunt Evan Todd, but does not kill him. Harris proposes for the two of them to go down to the commons, and Klebold tells him he has one more thing to do. In a rage he grabs a chair, smashes it against a computer, knocking it off the desk. Both of them then leave the library.

11:36: 14 (+): Harris and Klebold leave the library. They walk aimlessly around the school, shooting at lockers and classrooms. Klebold and Harris reload their firearms and see students in classrooms, but do not make a move to kill them.

11:44:27 (+): Harris is seen on security footage kneeling down on the stairs of the cafeteria, and shoots in attempt to detonate a propane bomb as Klebold walks down the stairs.

11:45 (+): Harris is seen on security footage drinking a soda left on one of the tables as Klebold is seen throwing a molotov cocktail. It detonates and sets fire to the cafeteria.

11:56:18 (+): The water sprinklers in the cafeteria set off and extinguishes the fire. Harris and Klebold walk through the cafeteria.

11:57: The security camera captures the “iconic” photo of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

12:02:13: Klebold and Harris enter the library once more. They reload their weapons, and shoot out the windows aimlessly once more. Once the police fires back, they sit down and hide, staring into the darkness.

12:08:13: Harris and Klebold both die from self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. Their bodies are found just a few steps away from their victims.

3:00: Dave Sanders dies as the police reach him.

Who shot who?

Cassie Bernall was shot once in the right side of the head - the shot also hit one of her fingers. She was shot with pump shotgun pellets by Eric Harris. The head injury was fatal. She died in the library.

Steven Curnow was shot once through the right shoulder and neck with a pump slug by Eric. He died in the library.

Corey Depooter was shot once in the left shoulder with a 9mm bullet from the TEC-9 by Dylan.
Corey Depooter was shot three times in the neck, back, and arm with 9mm bullets from the Hi-Point by Eric. The wounds Eric inflicted were fatal. He died in the library.

Kelly Fleming was shot once in the lower back with pump shotgun pellets by Eric. She died in the library.

Matt Kechter was shot once in the left shoulder with a double barrel slug that went through his neck, lung, and right arm by Dylan. He died in the library.

Daniel Mauser was grazed behind the ear, and shot in the nose with a 9mm bullet that went through his neck, from the Hi-Point fired by Eric. He died in the library.

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Dan Steepleton who was hiding under a table with Makai Hall and Patrick Ireland he described Eric and Dylan as “walking with a bounce, and appearing very happy”, Dylan looked directly at Dan and smiled as he fired at their table, he was treated for a shot blast to the leg, he took five pellets in his knee and the chin.


April 20, 1999


Hi-Point 995 Carbine
Savage 67H pump-action shotgun
Stevens 311D double barreled sawed-off shotgun
99 explosives
4 knifes


Richard Castaldo - 17
• shot in the arm, chest, back, and abdomen
Sean Graves - 15
• shot in the back, foot, and abdomen
Lance Kirklin - 16
• shot in the leg, neck, and jaw
Michael Johnson - 15
• shot in the face, arm, and leg
Mark Taylor - 16
• shot in the arms, leg, and chest
Anne-Marie Hochhalter - 17
• shot in the chest, arm, abdomen, back, and left leg
Patrick Ireland - 17
• shot in the head and foot
Daniel Steepleton -17
• shot in the thigh
Makai Hall - 18
• shot in the knee
Kacey Rueqsegger - 17
• shot in the shoulder, hand, and neck
Lisa Kreutz - 18
• shot in the shoulder, hand, arms, and thigh
Valeen Schnurr - 18
• shot in the chest, arms, and abdomen
Mark Kintgen - 17
• shot in the head and shoulder
Nicole Nowlen - 16
• shot in the abdomen
Jeanna Park - 18
• shot in knee, shoulder, and foot
Jennifer Doyle - 17
• shot in the hand, leg, and shoulder
Austin Eubanks - 17
• shot in the hand and knee
Brian Anderson - 17
• hit by flying glass
Patti Nielson - 35
• hit in shoulder with shrapnel
Evan Todd - 15
• hit with splinters of of wood from desk he was under


Rachel Scott - 17
• shot in the head, torso, and leg
Daniel Rohrbough - 15
• shot in the arm, chest, back, and abdomen
William David Sanders - 47
• shot in the back and neck and died from blood loss
Kyle Velasquez - 16
• shot in the head and back
Steven Curnow - 14
• shot in the neck
Cassie Bernall - 17
• shot in the head
Isaiah Shoels - 18
• shot in the chest
Matthew Kechter - 16
• shot in the chest
Lauren Townsend - 18
• multiple shots to the head, chest, and lower body
John Tomlin - 16
• multiple shots to the head and neck
Kelly Fleming - 16
• shot in the back
Daniel Mauser - 15
• shot in the face
Corey DePooter - 17
• shot in the chest and neck

Eric Harris - 18 (shooter)
• self-inflicted gunshot to the mouth
Dylan Klebold - 17 (shooter)
• self-inflicted gunshot to the head

The 14th Victim

On May 4, 2002 Columbine student Greg Barnes committed suicide. He was friends with victim Matthew Kechter and saw victim Dave Sanders get shot.

His death was less than 2 weeks after the 1 year anniversary of the shooting

anonymous asked:

do you know if eric or dylan ever interacted with any of their victims before nbk?

Killed Victims

Rachel Scott: was shot by Eric outside of the school. She knew Dylan since kindergarten. He was in the same drama production class as her. There’s only one known incident that they talked each other, which was when Dylan was the sound tech for the talent show. The audio cut halfway through her performance and it was Dylan that fixed it. So Rachel thanked him.

Wounded Victims

Makai Hall: Makai and his friends were hiding underneath the tables in the library when Dylan looked under the tables and smiled at them, before shooting Makai in the knee. He knew Dylan from French class that they took in the previous year and even worked on a few class projects together. Makai described Dylan as an “alright guy, “decent and real smart.” He also said that Dylan was a nice guy that never treated him badly. 

Brian Anderson:  was shot by Eric near the west entrance of school. Brian suspects that he was shot because he was wearing a white hat on 4/20. He did have one interaction with Eric and Dylan 2-3 weeks before the shooting, when they asked him for help to find a website that had sound effects on it. They told him they needed the sound effects for a video they were working on (probably Radioactive Clothing). Brian was unable to help them. 

Evan Todd: was injured by wooden splinters caused from Eric’s shotgun blast. He told investigators he knew Dylan because he saw him everyday. Although Evan was only 15 at the time, meaning it probably wasn’t from any interactions from their classes.

 Jeanna Park: was shot by Dylan in the library from the back. She stated she did share a class with Dylan before. 

4/20/1999 timeline:

11.10 am (approx.) - Harris parks his 1986 Honda Prelude in CHS junior  lot to southeast, Klebold parks his 1982 BMW in senior lot to southwest.

11.14 am (approx.) - Harris & Klebold plant two large duffel bags containing bombs set to go of at 11.17 am in cafeteria. Both then leave the building.

11.19 am - 911 call received reporting explosion (set up by Harris & Klebold) on Wadsworth Boulevard, between Ken Caryl and Chatfield Avenues.

11.19 am (approx.) - Harris & Klebold begin shooting at students from the top of the west exterior steps, the highest point on campus.

11.19 am (approx.) - Rachel Scott killed and Richard Castaldo injured by gunshots at the west upper entrance, near the north side of the library.

11.20 am (approx.) - Daniel Rohrbough, Sean Graves, Lance Kirklin injured by gunshots after exiting cafeteria through side door en route to ‘Smoker’s Pit’.

11.21 am (approx.) - Klebold & Harris shoot at five students on grass to west of stairs. Michael Johnson & Mark Taylor injured by gunshots whilst fleeing.

11.21 am - Deputy Paul Magor, whilst patrolling the south Jeffco area, dispatched to scene of explosion at Wadsworth Boulevard.

11.22 am (approx.) - Klebold goes down stairs to area outside cafeteria, shoots Rohrbough & Kirklin at close range. Rohrbough killed by gunshot.

11.23 am (approx.) - Klebold rejoins Harris at top of stairs after a brief trip into the cafeteria. Harris shoots at and injures Anne Marie Hochhalter.

11.22 am - School custodian begins recording again after rewinding cafeteria security footage tape at 11.14 am. Calls Deputy Neil Garnder to ‘back lot’.

11.23 am - 911 call from CHS student reports girl injured in south lower parking lot of high school. Deuputies Gardner & Magor notified. Gardner responds.

11.24 am - Dave Sanders and school custodians Jon Curtis & Jay Gallatine enter cafeteria and direct students to get down. Students hide under tables.

11.24 am - Harris & Klebold shoot at teacher Patti Nielson & student Bryan Anderson through west entrance of school. Both injured by glass fragments.

11.24 am - Harris & Klebold enter school through west entrance. Harris exits building again as Deputy Gardner arrives in response to report of injured girl.

11.24 am - Deputy Gardner parks in school’s lower south parking lot. Harris & Gardner shoot at each other, Harris then enters school through west doors.

11.24 am - Students in cafeteria escape up stairs to second level. Sanders directs students to safety, telling them to follow hallway to east exits.

11.25 am - Jeffco Sheriff’s office dispatch advises south units of situation. Patti Nielson, hiding under front counter in library, calls 911 to reports shots fired.

11.26 am - Deputies Scott Taborsky & Paul Smoker arrive on west side of school and begin to rescue wounded students on ground.

11.26 am - Harris shoots at deputies with rifle through broken window by set of double doors. Smoker fires three rounds in return, Harris leaves window.

11.26 am - Harris & Klebold walk down north main hallway whilst firing weapons. Student Stephanie Munson injured by gunshot.

11.26 am - Harris & Klebold shoot at Dave Sanders, who is in the library hallway, from the north main hallway. Sanders injured by gunshot.

11.27 am - Deputy Gardner radios Code 33  to dispatch. Deputy Magor sets up road block on Pierce Street, at southeast corner of student parking lot.

11.29 am - Harris & Klebold enter library. Both make way to west windows on opposite side of room. Kyle Velasquez killed by gunshot from Klebold.

11.30 am (approx.) - Harris & Klebold put bags on southern computer table. Both then shoot at law enforcement officers through western windows.

11.30 am (approx.) - Klebold removes trenchcoat, then opens fire at nearby table. Patrick Ireland, Daniel Steepleton & Makai Hall injured by gunshots.

11.31 am (approx.) - Harris opens fire at nearest northern table. Steve Curnow killed and Kacey Ruegsegger injured by gunshots.

11.31 am (approx.) - Harris bangs twice on southern table, bends to shoot underneath. Cassie Bernal killed by gunshot. Gun recoil breaks Harris’s nose.

11.32 am (approx.) - Ireland shot by Klebold while moving from hiding place. Isaiah Shoels & Matthew Kechter killed under eastern table by gunshots.

11.32 am (approx.) - Klebold shoots out trophy case near door. Klebold then shoots under southern table. Mark Kintgen injured by gunshot.

11.33 am (approx.) - Klebold shoots under table to his left. Lisa Kreutz & Valeen Schnurr injured, and Lauren Townsend killed by gunshots. 

11.33 am (approx.) - Nicole Nowlen & John Tomlin injured by gunshots from Harris. Klebold shoots and kills Tomlin whilst he tries to leave table.

11.33 am (approx.) - Kelly Fleming killed by gunshots from Harris. Harris fires under table housing Jeanna Park. Park injured by gunshots.

11.34 am - Harris & Klebold reload at table in middle of library. Klebold identifies and allows John Savage to leave through main entrance.

11.35 am - Daniel Mauser killed by gunshot from Harris. Harris & Klebold fire at south table. Jennifer Doyle & Austin Eubanks injured, Corey DePooter killed.

11.36 am - Harris & Klebold leave library, walk back down hall to science area. Students in the library begin to flee through northern emergency exit.

11.44 am - Harris & Klebold return to cafeteria. Harris fires from stairs at duffel bag containing bomb. Klebold tampers with something on floor to no effect.

11.46 am - Harris & Klebold leave cafeteria after trying to ignite bomb in duffel bag with smaller bombs. Small fire created, but large bombs did not go off. 

11.49 am - Harris & Klebold walk to main office area. SWAT team arrive at east side. Undersheriff Dunway arrives and allows SWAT team to enter school.

11.53 am - Harris & Klebold leave office area and walk towards art hall. Both continuously fire weapons at ceiling and building whilst walking. 

11.46 am - Harris & Klebold return to cafeteria. Fire started previously in cafeteria has now been put out by the 5 sprinklers it set off.

12.00 pm - Harris & Klebold leave cafeteria, briefly enter kitchen. Both then head back upstairs towards library. Armoured vehicle arrives outside.

12.02 pm - Harris & Klebold fire out of library broken west windows at law enforcement officers and emergency workers. SWAT team approach school.

12.04 pm - Sean Graves, Anne Marie Hochhalter, Lance Kirklin rescued by paramedics. Dan Rohrbough deemed dead and left behind.

12.06 pm (approx.) - Harris & Klebold commit suicide in library. SWAT team arrive at east main entrance. First team of five enter through southeast doors.

anonymous asked:

When Eric jumped on the bookshelves and started shaking them, what he was yelling? Why would he do that in the first place, in your opinion? It just seems so silly, he was serious & cold during the massacre and then this happens... I don't get it

No idea what exactly he was yelling about at the time, though the evidence suggests he was swearing. None of the witnesses could really see what he was doing. For completion’s sake: this happened shortly after he threw a CO2 cartridge under table 15, where Makai Hall grabbed it and threw it further south before it exploded.

Witnesses next described Harris as moving south in the library to the west bookshelves where he jumped up on the shelves and began shaking them back and forth while swearing. He then walked between the bookshelves where witnesses lost sight of him. Witnesses did report hearing books being shot in the area near the west set of bookshelves shortly after Harris walked into that area. 

The map above shows Eric (red dot) throwing the cartridge southward/down to the table with the green dots. Judging from the description that followed, it seems as though he first moved toward the bookshelves and freaked out on those before disappearing between the two bookshelves and the one long bookshelf to the right of that table.

I think the action only really makes sense when you consider that the boys wanted to cause maximum destruction and make life post-massacre hell for anyone who survived them. Survivors had negative reactions to sounds like a fire alarm and popping noises in the time that followed the massacre. It would stand to reason that Eric’s actions with the bookshelves may have featured in some of their flashbacks as well. Everything they did was designed to maximise the suffering of others. They used their unpredictability to instigate fear. They were both laughing and whooping it up in the library, kind of putting on a show for their victims if you will, so in that context Eric’s actions make perfect sense. I do think he was the more controlled/secluded one of the two, which connects in with his personality and the injury he suffered during the massacre. Eric spooked people by appearance alone: several people stated he looked like he’d been drinking blood.


Okay so 16 years ago today one of the worst school shootings in history took place. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold first placed a small bomb in a field about 3 miles away from columbine to divert the firefighters and police , it only partially detonated and was extinguished quickly. They got to school at 11.10 , placed the 2 9kg bombs in the cafeteria that were set for 11.14. If both of the bombs had exploded they would have killed nearly 500 students and most probably collapsed the ceiling causing the library to fall into the cafeteria. At 11.19 , when the bombs failed to go off , they ran up the main staircase. Students witnessed Eric shouting ‘Go!Go!’ They began.
1.Rachel Scott, age 17. Killed by shots to the head, torso and leg alongside the West Entrance of the school.
2. Richard Castaldo, age 17. Shot in the arm, chest, back and abdomen alongside the West Entrance to the school.
3. Daniel Rohrbough, age 15. Fatally injured by shots to the abdomen and leg on the West Staircase, shot through the upper chest at the base of the same staircase.
4. Sean Graves, age 15. Shot in the back, foot and abdomen on the West Staircase.
5. Lance Kirklin, age 16. Critically injured by shots to the leg, neck and jaw on the West Staircase.
6. Michael Johnson, age 15. Shot in the face, arm and leg to the west of the staircase.
7. Mark Taylor, age 16. Shot in the chest, arms and leg to the west of the staircase.
8. Anne-Marie Hochhalter, age 17. Shot in the chest, arm, abdomen, back, and left leg near the cafeteria’s entrance.
9. Brian Anderson, age 17. Injured near the West Entrance by flying glass.
10. Patti Nielson, age 35. Hit in the shoulder by shrapnel near the West Entrance.
11. Stephanie Munson, age 17. Shot in the ankle inside the North Hallway.
12. William David Sanders, age 47. Who had succesfully evacuated students from the cafeteria and took a bullet for another , died of blood loss at 3pm after being shot in the neck and back inside the South Hallway. He was led into a classroom in the science block by a teacher with 30 students in there. One held up a sign to the window saying 'one bleeding to death’.
They continued their rampage into the Library at 11.29 am. Patti Nielson told all the kids to get under the tables , this can be heard on her 911 call.
Eric shouts 'Get up!’ Then Dylan shouts 'Everyone get up!’
Then they mention people in white caps , they were associated with jocks , and told the people wearing them to get up. They didn’t. So Eric says 'alright we’ll start shooting anyway’.
3. Evan Todd, age 15. Sustained minor injuries from the splintering of a desk he was hiding under. He escaped death for some reason. He said 'I don’t want any trouble’ and Dylan said 'trouble! You used to call me a fag!’ Eric and Dylan continued to taunt him , debated killing him and walked away.
14. Kyle Velasquez, age 16. Killed by gunshot wounds to the head and back. He had learning difficulties which made it hard for him to understand that he had to get under the table.
15. Patrick Ireland, age 17. Shot in the arm, leg, head and foot. He
16. Daniel Steepleton, age 17. Shot in the thigh.
17. Makai Hall, age 18. Shot in the knee.
18. Steven Curnow, age 14. Killed by a shot to the neck.
19. Kacey Ruegsegger, age 17. Shot in the hand, arm and shoulder.
20. Cassie Bernall, age 17. Killed by a shotgun wound to the head.
21. Isaiah Shoels, age 18. Killed by a shot to the chest.
22. Matthew Kechter, age 16. Killed by a shot to the chest.
23. Lisa Kreutz, age 18. Shot in the shoulder, hand, arms and thigh.
24. Valeen Schnurr, age 18. Injured with wounds to the chest, arms and abdomen.
25. Mark Kintgen, age 17. Shot in the head and shoulder.
26. Lauren Townsend, age 18. Killed by multiple gunshot wounds to the head, chest and lower body.
27. Nicole Nowlen, age 16. Shot in the abdomen.
28. John Tomlin, age 16. Killed by multiple shots to the head and neck.
29. Kelly Fleming, age 16. Killed by a shotgun wound to the back.
30. Jeanna Park, age 18. Shot in the knee, shoulder and foot.
31. Daniel Mauser, age 15. Killed by a single shot to the face.
32. Jennifer Doyle, age 17. Shot in the hand, leg and shoulder.
33. Austin Eubanks, age 17. Shot in the hand and knee.
34. Corey DePooter, age 17. Killed by shots to the chest and neck.
They then left. Eric had a heavy nose bleed which he sustained after shooting Cassie.
After leaving the library, they entered the science area, where they threw a small fire bomb into an empty storage closet. It caused a fire, which was put out by a teacher . Then toward the south hallway, where they shot into an empty science room. At 11:44 a.m., both were captured on the school security cameras as they re-entered the cafeteria. The recording shows Eric kneeling on the landing and firing a single shot toward one of the propane bombs they had earlier left in the cafeteria, in an unsuccessful attempt to detonate it. He took a sip from one of the drinks left behind as Dylan approached the propane bomb, I think that shows how ready he was to die. He didn’t give a shit how he was just so ready he was willing to get blown up. Dylan then lit a Molotov cocktail and threw it at the propane bomb. As the two left the cafeteria, the Molotov cocktail exploded, partially detonating one of the propane bombs at 11:46 a.m. Two minutes later, approximately one gallon of fuel ignited in the same vicinity, causing a fire that was extinguished by the fire sprinklers.
After leaving the cafeteria, they went to the main north and south hallways of the school, shooting aimlessly. On several occasions, the pair looked through the windows of classroom doors, making eye contact with students hidden inside, but didn’t try to enter any of the rooms. They even reloaded their firearms close by the room that Dave Sanders was in. After leaving the main office, they walked toward a bathroom, where they taunted students hidden inside, saying “We know you’re in there” and “Let’s kill anyone we find in here.” But they didn’t try to enter the bathroom. At 11:55 a.m the two returned to the cafeteria, where they went into the school kitchen. They returned up the staircase and into the south hallway at 11:58 a.m. They both looked at the cafeteria when they left for the final time before their suicide , the way they look at it is almost in dissapointment something they’d planned to intricately and it didn’t work out the way the wanted it to. It breaks my heart. On the one hand I’m glad it saved many lives. On the other it hurts me because even before their deaths they felt inadequate.
At 12:02 p.m they came back to the library, which was empty of surviving students except the unconscious Patrick Ireland and the injured Lisa Kreutz. Once inside, they shot at police through the west windows but did not hit anyone. At 12.08 pm Eric and Dylan committed suicide. Eric shot himself through the roof of his mouth with his shotgun and Dylan shot himself through his left temple with his Tec-9. It took Dylan a while to die , so he lay there in complete pain , next to his dead friend. I think that was Dylan’s last punishment to himself. Having to die slowly.
Knowing that today is the 16th anniversary breaks my heart. I can’t believe it had to come to this. I can’t believe two boys who were so severely mentally ill didn’t get the help they needed. I’m so sorry noone listened , I’m sorry that people in this world are assholes , I’m sorry you thought no one cared. I hope you all have found some peace. We will remember you all on the 60th anniversary. You won’t be forgotten. All of the victims will be remembered. All of you. One day this world will do you all justice , all 15 of you. All fucking FIFTEEN. One day Eric and Dylan all these little bitches who think it’s okay to bully and take the constant piss will finally be taught. I’m sorry they didn’t learn soon enough. I love you all.
My thoughts are with you and your family today.

On Dylan Klebold:

Sam Granillo(Rolling Stone, 6-10-99)
“I’ve known Dylan since I was ten. He was a good kid.”

Tim Kastle(3416)
Says Klebold was a good guy—shooting was out of character for him.

Nathan Dykeman(DRMN, 5-29-99)
Dylan was a complete pacifist…. there wasn’t an ounce of violence in himn.“

Kellie Brown (10680)
Says "Dylan was the same happy person that he normally is and was very talkative and friendly…. with him joking a lot.” prom night?“

Denver Rocky Mountain News,5-15-99
"He(Klebold) was in a really great mood that night,” she said. “It’s been portrayed as Eric and Dylan against the whole school. It wasn’t like that. …. They had friends. They had a lot of friends.”

Principle Frank DeAngelis(DRMN, 8-35-99)
“Students who are alienated… do not attned a senior prom. ..Neither boy, he said, had any diisciplinarian problems with school.”

DK Diversion File(pg 55 of 80)
“nice, young man, kind of goofy, and a bizarre sense of humor, he makes me laugh”

Terra Oglesbee(Time, 5-10-99)
Dylan told he “couldn’t wait to graduate.”

Parents: “We did not see anger or hatred in Dylan until the last moment of his life.”

Adam Kyler(247)
Says Dylan bullied him in 11-12/‘98; reported to school authorities.

Tara Zobjeck(9416)
Klebold cheated on games in gym class and was always pushing people. “He was like a loner in that class. … Nobody liked him.”

Ali Boukhalfa(2522)
Saw student who bumped into Klebold and get into a shoving match.

Keith Parkison(1069)
Said that he and Klebold had “recently gotten into physical fights between each other in the past…” “Dylan picked on him, and finally the harassment nearly caused a fight.” He said “he never saw anybody pick on Dylan Klebold, however he did see Dylan Klebold pick on other people.”

Sara Martin(5034)
Says Klebold would get very angry in class during junior year and start throwing things around.

Teresa Miller(5926)
Teacher, described Klebold as an angry student. “Dylan would walk out of the class and slam her door against the wall.

Michelle Hartsough(10150)
BJ co-worker Klebold "difficult person who was often rude.” She claims Kelbold hit her once after she counseled him about work.

Makai Hall(8889)
Said Dylan had a very bad temper and couldn’t control it. “Dylan throughout the course of the (French) class, was very openly 'disrespectful’ to her and quite often times swore in the class openly. ….Zack(Heckler)… also actied toward Mrs. Lutz in the same manner.”

Amanda Paukane(1074)
Thought TCM were bisexual, including H&K. Harris very nice, Klebold mean and sarcastic. Klebold banned from Chatfield(21234)\

Candice Cushman(2794)
Saw H&K in the hall on Monday–“they stopped over to run into me, then they laughed.”

Seth Biggi(2475)
Says that on Friday, 4-16, Klebold picked a fight with an unknown athelete.

Terry Lawson(3531)
Says “this action by H&K did not really surprise him, based on some of their beliefs and actions.”

David Yager(4806)
Says Klebold was quiet and didn’t make friends.

Ben Smith(5099)
“Klebold never interacted with people…”

John Husband(5285)
“Dylan routinely stayed to himself in class”

Denise Bowers(6172)
In video class, Klebold “kept very much to himself”

Kathryn Urbarri(5117)
Knew Klebold in elementary school–he had no friends and would become angry quickly and easily for unknown reasons.

Sara Schweitzberger
Shared gym with Klebold, she said it was obvious he felt socially ostacized. “He really felf unloved…. He was lonely.”

Peter Horvath(5706)
Dylan was a pretty angry kid, upset about stuff at home, school. Had “anger issues with his father”. Though about a month before 4-20, Dylan appeared excited about his future and graduating. He was “very direct, mature, and outspoken.”

Layne Newton(5058 )
Had class with Klebold–when she offered to partner with him on class project, he “got upset and turned her offer down, refusing to be her partner.”(2-3 weeks before 4-20)

Nicole Ziccardi(4825)
Had gym with Klebold, who always had a sneer on his face that seemed to her to be hateful looking.

Matt Good(OC Register 4-22-99)
Klebold “seemed really mean. He glared at people all the time.” Several other students commented on Klebold’s temper.

Tommie Nykannen(5179)
School employee, she says Klebold laughed inapproriately at her in defiance. She was afraid of him.

Jeffrey Hulse(5468 )
Says Klebold hated him because he was allowed to use school’s computers and K wasn’t.

Bumper sticker on his black BMW said “I hate this town”

Klebold had a problem with alcohol.


The Boy in the Window

Patrick Ireland was a junior at Columbine High School in 1999. On April 20, 1999, Patrick spent lunch in the library with a few friends - Dan Steepleton, Austin Eubanks, Corey DePooter and Makai Hall - when the shots rang out. When instructed to get under the tables by teacher Patti Nielson, he ducked under with Dan and Makai.

When the shooters entered, one of them yelled, “Anyone with a white hat stand up!” and he removed his, despite not knowing what color it was. His eyes closed, he listened to multiple gun shots ring in the room, and didn’t open them until he heard Makai groan due to a gunshot wound to the knee. Patrick attempted to stop the bleeding when he suddenly blacked out - that was when he was shot in the head and later in his right foot.

Later, Patrick regained consciousness and decided to evacuate. He realized he couldn’t move his right leg or right arm, and crawled his way to the library window to escape. Because he was coming in and out of consciousness, it took him a long time.

He got to the window, and remembers SWAT members telling him to stand still until they were ready to catch him - he didn’t, despite remembering doing so. But, they managed to catch him as he fell from the window in front of millions who were watching live on television. Had he not made it to the window, Patrick more than likely would not have survived his injuries.

At the hospital, they discovered that his speech and motor skills were greatly affected by the gunshot wound, at first barely speaking anything but gibberish and was not expected to walk again. However, Patrick has made a near-complete recovery, walking and all. Sometimes he still struggles to find the words, but he can do it.

He returned to Columbine and graduated the next year as co-valedictorian. Patrick is married now and living a happy life.