DUCKIE BROWN S/S 14 backstage film by Andrew Makadsi for BITE Magazine. 

From Gastroposter Fouad Makadsi Yousif:

Spring is a few days away and warm weather is upon us! two digits temperatures got me excited this week and inspired me to create new ice cream recipes. I have reimagined ice cream by coming up with unique flavours paired with unique presentations. I am attaching pictures of two recipes I have been working on: - Orange Infused Olive Oil Pistachio Ice Cream over lemon cake - Drunken Oolong Peach Ice Cream Cake In the later recipe, I have reimagined ice cream cakes by serving them in little jars. I tried infusing oolong tea and fresh peaches to bring the peach flavours to life. I then topped the ice cream with peaches soaked in peach liqueur and dark chocolate brownie crumbs. I have shared the recipe on my blog: