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Hi uh I love all of your somastar stuff but I noticed that all of it has to do with Blackstar trying to get Soul and Maka together. Iunno... it's not really a true OT3 because they aren't sharing any love with Blackstar. I was wondering if you could draw some Soul being happy for Maka and Blackstat or some Maka being happy and not trying to make anyone jealous...

Hello anon, I’m sorry I saw this late ! Now that you point it out, I’ve noticed that my somastar stuff does involve that trope… However, I may have had a little misconception with OT3—all this time I’ve only thought of it as a 3-besties-like thing. Like, the three of them just doing random stuff and having fun with it. The thought of a romantic relationship between the three of them had never crossed my mind at all D:

I do agree about the part where my creations barely give love to Blackstar—and that’s a mistake on my part. However, as for the last part of your ask, I can’t find myself pairing Maka and Blackstar in a bond more than a friend or a sibling-kind.. To me, Blackstar is more of a romantic match with Tsubaki ! Also, Maka and Blackstar are both very stubborn and reckless (Blackstar has those traits more though)—which in my opinion would be a very disastrous combination.

Tsu*star and SoMa are both my OTPs. The main reason I did things the way I did with my somastar creations is pretty much because of these OTPs—and in my opinion, even if Blackstar did like Maka… She has her eyes set on Soul. Which is pretty much angst and unrequited love all along.

So I guess uh… Have this little sketch instead…? I’ll try to change that from now on. Thanks for telling me about it :’D