maka y soul

MaStar Week 2017 | Day 1: Starry Eyed

kinda based off of this

((sorry @l0chn3ss i am almost a week late, buuuuut i have finished the first one and im crying and happy about it))


soma au where maka is a werewolf and soul is a vampire in a world where the two hate each other like cats and dogs

but neither of them know the other’s true species because:

they meet online and they email and video chat and they both make excuses for whatever, like:

“yeah I can’t video chat tonight, my period hit, I get really emotional and it gets kinda hairy” - Maka on the night of the full moon

“oh these dark circles? yeah I don’t really sleep well and honestly, I haven’t been to a doctor in a long time, but I think I’m anaemic” – Soul

and they’re on opposite sides of the world and Maka always asks why Soul’s awake in the middle of the night and she asks him if he’d prefer if she stays up, but he says he’s a “bit nocturnal so it’s fine”

Maka gripes over shaving her legs bc the hair grows back really fast, Soul grumbles about how he’s always really thirsty hungry but he’s on a vegan diet because he thinks killing is inhumane, and they bond over little things even though they’re in a world that would have never given them a chance to interact if they had been in just smelling distance

and they both think the other’s human, and it worries them both how attached they’re getting when turning a human is a very bad thing, but loving a vampire/werewolf isn’t even a crime bc it’s never happened because the two species can’t stand the very presence of each other

so imagine how meeting the other in the airport would go

I want this AU like nothing else but I already have like 40 god help me


“Please stay.”

Day 7 - Things Left Unsaid

because maka keeps a lot of feelings to herself after all.

Happy end to Angst week! *insert tired crying*

  • Maka: We have to study Soul, you won´t pass if you don´t. OK, what should we do first?
  • Soul: Me
  • Maka: What
  • Soul: What
  • Soul: Who said that
  • Soul: Is there a spirit in this apartment
  • Maka: Um I think that was y-
  • Soul: Maka, please, let them talk. Don´t be rude. Thats not cool, at all.
Teenage Dirtbags Part 2

Ahahahahaha my hand slipped WHOOPS.

I just really like writing Soul being a complete stoner idc. You can probably figure out where this is going. Warning for drug use, oooooobviously.

Part 1 is here.


Soul was thoroughly enjoying the fact that Maka had finally agreed to get high with him, just once. All through high school, she’d resisted, insisting her studies came first. She didn’t care that he did it, she just didn’t want to do it herself. He respected that. Every once in a while, he’d offer, just to see if she changed her mind, but he never pushed.

Then they’d graduated. Him by the skin of his teeth, her with a valedictorian speech and a scholarship to one of her top-choice universities. The summer felt free, full of possibility, and they’d spent most of it together, like always. A few parties, a few movies, lots of lounging around with mutual friends or each other. The days dwindled down. He didn’t think about it too much. It made his chest feel tight. She’d only be an hour away, but it still felt like an ocean.

She left in three days.

So tonight, as they watched yet another bad movie on his piece-of-shit television, he’d brought it up again, just for kicks.

He reached into the small dresser by his futon and pulled out his rolling papers. She leaned against the arm of the futon on the other side, her feet curled up between them and resting against his hip. When he pulled out his little case, she looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

“It’d be like studying, you know,” he said. “College prep. You shouldn’t go to college without knowing how to smoke. It’s probably a rule somewhere.”

He expected her to roll her eyes. To tell him to go do it in the bathroom. To say no thanks.

Instead, she said, “Yeah, okay. Why the hell not.”

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