maka x soul eater

Ever looked at two fictional dorks and said ‘I love them so much!’ to yourself? Yeah, me too.
—  Probably all shippers out there

@metalosse asked for my Top 5 SoMa moments in the SE manga and i went a little too extra… ((thank you for asking me friend <3 i missed you!!))

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bonus for the Top 5 favorite Pokemon is in the keep reading below! (sorry i had to make this a separate post from your ask since there are a lot of pictures hehe)

ask me for top 5 anything

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100% Off
  • Soul: I like your skirt, Maka.
  • Maka: Thanks! They were 50% off!
  • Soul: I'd like them better if they
  • were 100% off...
  • Maka: The store can't just give away free clothes, Soul.
  • Soul: That's not what I-
  • Maka: That's a terrible way to run a business.