maka x black star

MaStar Week 2017 | Day 1: Starry Eyed

kinda based off of this

((sorry @l0chn3ss i am almost a week late, buuuuut i have finished the first one and im crying and happy about it))



because one of my favorites fanfics and the lovely @makapedia deserve a lot of art

NOT LOVERS was the first fanfic I read in english and I loved it immediatly, I always wanted to draw something based on the story

and I worked so hard on this!! especially with Soul’s tattoos. It took me 3 weeks to design them, yeah, two full sleeves oh my god (I’ll do a special post with all the tattoos soon ;D)

and at the beginning I planned to do just 2 drawings, but I couldn’t stop and here we have 7 xDD

I hope you like it Kat ♥, you are an incredible writer and it was a pleasure to draw something for you:)

Rare/Nonexistent Ships or Fandoms

When you so badly need to gush about a ship or cry over it, but its fandom is practically nonexistent (either because it’s been too long or the show/book/movie/play isn’t well-known) or the ship is a rare pair with barely any fanart or fanfiction .-.


Undertale x Soul Eater

Where you must collect 7 human souls to become a death scythe (or something).

There is also now a part 2 here.

Frisk= Maka










Bratty and Catty=Liz and Patty

I’d do Muffet as Arachne…buuuuuut I’m lazy. I mean come on, this literally took me days to finish.

Bonus Void Gaster as Shinigami-sama.

I think I just noticed that...

Whenever the main characters of an anime

are two guys and two girls

and I first see all four of them in a poster

and after watching the first few episodes I’ve determined that

they are my favorite characters because I love them individually

and their interactions together as a team

I have this tendency

to ship them together.

Is it weird?

Sometimes these anime posters/promo images make these main characters look so damn good together and they trick me into thinking they’re romantic/canon I’m just saying.


S O U L  E A T E R  N O T ! ( SoMa ) | COLOR EDITS

my biases in sen! are the main cast (mostly maka and soul, and i added a bit of mastar there for the crowd, and i love the colors so y not man)

please ask permission before using!

Please consider

*Soul running into Maka and oh shit he spilled coffee on her book—fucking shit she hit him with it and now he has warm coffee in his white hair and damnit this isn’t cool. But aye Maka’s momma side comes out and she is now wiping off the caramel colored liquid off of his face as he glares at her.

*Black Star secretly taking bubble baths that smell like fruit and the water is all colorful.
°Bonus if Tsubaki joins in and they talk about how their day went, Tsubaki gives him a quick quiz to make sure he studied, and last but not least: bubble fights.

*Maka is Black Star’s roommate and he is NOT pleased that there’s some badass cuddled up on the couch with her!! And eating HIS chips!

*Maka and Soul are two assassins that were legitimately told to kill eachother but she decides because his red eyes and hair are rare, along with his attitude, she can’t pass up the chance to make a novel character out of him.

*“You play piano?” “Who are you and why are you in my house?” “Maka, and I got hungry- holy shit this place is big- so I figured you’d guys would have expensive food. Though all you have is sushi- SUSHI!! I had to find the culprit and give them a firm talking to.”

*“Hi I’m Soul Eater, I’m drunk off my mind- or maybe that’s your eyes- and there’s a reason they call me soul EATER.”

*Black Star likes to flirt with Maka just a bit to watch her flush over(he’s like 7-12?) as the innocent kne she is but fucking hell baki really didn’t need to hit him that hsrd.

*Kid really likes to cuddle Liz at night because she’s warm and soft in all the right spots but he swears if she doesn’t quit kicking him-

*Patty and killik decide to experiment dating and its actually working pretty well bevause hey who knew he was such an understanding guy? And he buys her yellow roses and daisies and such because they remind her of giraffes.

*“Lookin’ for Albarn?” “Hi. Nice to meet you.” “Wait wait wait YOU teach a martial arts class? What abou-” *cue Blackstar looking over Soul with narrowed eyes because who is he while soul desperately explains his brother wants to take the class with him*

Have that “I’m half asleep I’m sorry pls forgive me” handful of.prompts

Maka is a witch and happens to place little luck charms on the guy next door every time he orders.chinese bevause she knows that that’s his “fuck exams are coming up and I’m not ready” food.


MaStar Week 2017 | Day 3: Vulnerable

finally uploaded! sorry for the late upload! (it’s a video u can loop! :D)

dedicated to @l0chn3ss, not just because she’s a mod for MaStar Week, but also because she’s been such a lovely person, helping me out, and I thought of her while making this tiny AMV -w-

hope you guys enjoy!

Even Love Unreturned Has Its Rainbow

Oh look! A bday fic for @earth-shines! I went back to my roots and looked towards sitcom/romcom goodness for inspiration, and I present a self-indulgent romantic comedy inspired by the dramatic irony and mutual pining of ‘Frasier!’ I hope you like it!

Thanks to @makapedia and @therewithasmile for the eyes.

Soul was reaching his boiling point, and if he didn’t do something soon, nine years of repressed emotions were going to spill out.

Yes, it had taken the weapon nine years to admit that his love for his meister wasn’t just going to blow over. His boyhood crush on Maka was supposed to be a phase, but when six months stretched into a year, and then three, then nine, Soul realized that his feelings were a chronic condition. One that was, for better or for worse, completely incurable.

Luckily, Black Star was a good listener when it came Soul’s feelings, mostly because it gave him trash talk fuel when they played League of Legends together. It was for this reason that Black Star sat on the kitchen counter in Soul’s apartment, downing yet another energy drink as Soul aired his problems.

“I tried to tell Maka again,” Soul said, pacing back and forth. “I just froze up. Godammit, I always make up the dumbest shit to get out of just admitting I love her.”

“That’s because you’re a pussy,” Black Star said before sipping his energy drink. “I don’t make up the rules. You just are.”

Soul, feeling parched and useless, headed to the fridge for a bottle of water. “I can’t go on like this,” he said, reaching into the fridge. “Worshipping her from afar…Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be completely in love with someone and not be able to tell her how you feel?”

He turned around to see what Black Star had to say, only to drop his water bottle on the floor. Maka stood there in the doorway with her jaw slack and her big, beautiful green eyes wide.

“Sorry,” Maka blurted, her face growing more red by the second. “Sorry, I was just in here to get–I didn’t mean–I’m sorry.”

She rushed out of the room, leaving a shell-shocked Soul and a gleeful Black Star alone.

Soul’s lungs were suddenly too big for his ribcage, and he leaned against the counter to get his balance. “Oh shit. Shit. Did that really just happen? Did she really just hear me say?”

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