maka and soul cosplay


Whoo! 4/? of this series! Kacchako cosplay! so much fun to do. 

Soul/Maka is another OTP that’s just like…NNNGGG for me hahaha. So much canon material but it never legit set sail. Drove me nuts! Still I love their bond and even though Soul is way more “cool” and mellow than Bakugou, he definitely has his moments of no-fucks-to-give-itude. Maka is such a great protagonist, you don’t get such strong female characters in the spotlight in shonen, she’s so refreshing. 

@lucyrne  I know you love SoMA so this one’s for you! I loved your review on my fic Supernova, it totally blew me away! Thank you so much for your support and your thought-out responses and reactions to my Kacchako stuff! I read all your tags btw i love them! hahaha 

my inukag version is here

my fuugen version is here

and my zutara version is here

next up is meihem!