maka and black star

Starlight Week continues with Force of Nature!

It wasn’t that he wasn’t having fun. He was. But they had been practicing breaking various holds for hours. And while Black*Star very much enjoyed have 110% of Maka’s focus on him and having her legs and hands around and on him, he occasionally wanted those situations to not end with his face in a sweaty gym mat.

“C’mere and gimme a kiss, Mak.”

“No, we’re in the middle of practice.”

“You’ve been throwing me around since 5 am. I think I need a little break, or my neck does.”

“Oh ho, is the great Black*Star tired?”

He works his jaw and launches forward, barking out ‘last time!’ as he goes for her throat. She jerks back but his hand closes around her throat just as she squeaks out a ‘no!’. The next movement is quick and practically second-nature. Black*Star watches in slow motion as Maka clamps hands around his forearms and wrenches herself up and around, one leg braced and pushing a knee into his chest and the other arcing around his head. 

Before he can adjust his grip, the leg near his face hooks around his shoulder and neck and she scissors her legs to throw him to the ground. The repetition must be getting to him, though, because while it happens fast, he sees it frame by frame. Maka’s compression shorts stretch with her and the first strip of bare skin is right in front of him- he’s pressing a messy smooch on the flesh before his back brutally meets the floor.

“Hey-!” Maka yelps, still not letting go of his captive arm. His hand clamps around her ankle while the trapped one cups her reddening face. He chuckles as his force of nature presses her heel into his rib cage and twists his wrist. “…okay, maybe we do need a break.”



because one of my favorites fanfics and the lovely @makapedia deserve a lot of art

NOT LOVERS was the first fanfic I read in english and I loved it immediatly, I always wanted to draw something based on the story

and I worked so hard on this!! especially with Soul’s tattoos. It took me 3 weeks to design them, yeah, two full sleeves oh my god (I’ll do a special post with all the tattoos soon ;D)

and at the beginning I planned to do just 2 drawings, but I couldn’t stop and here we have 7 xDD

I hope you like it Kat ♥, you are an incredible writer and it was a pleasure to draw something for you:)


S O U L  E A T E R  N O T ! ( SoMa ) | COLOR EDITS

my biases in sen! are the main cast (mostly maka and soul, and i added a bit of mastar there for the crowd, and i love the colors so y not man)

please ask permission before using!

[World & You]

• Maka: Even if the world is against us, I will still protect you.

• Soul: You are my whole world. I will protect you.

• Crona: I will protect the world you are protecting.

• Black☆Star: I will destroy the one the whole world is going against on, you.

• Dr. Stein: Wheter if the world is against me, I will still destroy you.

• Asura: I will destory the world you are protecting.


Undertale x Soul Eater

Where you must collect 7 human souls to become a death scythe (or something).

There is also now a part 2 here.

Frisk= Maka










Bratty and Catty=Liz and Patty

I’d do Muffet as Arachne…buuuuuut I’m lazy. I mean come on, this literally took me days to finish.

Bonus Void Gaster as Shinigami-sama.

MaStar Week 2017 | Day 1: Starry Eyed

kinda based off of this

((sorry @l0chn3ss i am almost a week late, buuuuut i have finished the first one and im crying and happy about it))