maka and black star


Undertale x Soul Eater

Where you must collect 7 human souls to become a death scythe (or something).

There is also now a part 2 here.

Frisk= Maka










Bratty and Catty=Liz and Patty

I’d do Muffet as Arachne…buuuuuut I’m lazy. I mean come on, this literally took me days to finish.

Bonus Void Gaster as Shinigami-sama.


so i think about Soul a lot, ergo I think about the GIANT ABDOMINAL INJURY he acquired and how it would probably take at LEAST a month of intense home care and frequent check ups to make sure the paper cut that expands half his body isnt getting infected or creating scar tissue that might impede the function of some of his more important organs (cough HIS HEART cough) and how simple tasks like bending over or running would become 40% more painful and difficult to pull off

and how much more domestic help he’ll need from his partner

Please consider

*Soul running into Maka and oh shit he spilled coffee on her book—fucking shit she hit him with it and now he has warm coffee in his white hair and damnit this isn’t cool. But aye Maka’s momma side comes out and she is now wiping off the caramel colored liquid off of his face as he glares at her.

*Black Star secretly taking bubble baths that smell like fruit and the water is all colorful.
°Bonus if Tsubaki joins in and they talk about how their day went, Tsubaki gives him a quick quiz to make sure he studied, and last but not least: bubble fights.

*Maka is Black Star’s roommate and he is NOT pleased that there’s some badass cuddled up on the couch with her!! And eating HIS chips!

*Maka and Soul are two assassins that were legitimately told to kill eachother but she decides because his red eyes and hair are rare, along with his attitude, she can’t pass up the chance to make a novel character out of him.

*“You play piano?” “Who are you and why are you in my house?” “Maka, and I got hungry- holy shit this place is big- so I figured you’d guys would have expensive food. Though all you have is sushi- SUSHI!! I had to find the culprit and give them a firm talking to.”

*“Hi I’m Soul Eater, I’m drunk off my mind- or maybe that’s your eyes- and there’s a reason they call me soul EATER.”

*Black Star likes to flirt with Maka just a bit to watch her flush over(he’s like 7-12?) as the innocent kne she is but fucking hell baki really didn’t need to hit him that hsrd.

*Kid really likes to cuddle Liz at night because she’s warm and soft in all the right spots but he swears if she doesn’t quit kicking him-

*Patty and killik decide to experiment dating and its actually working pretty well bevause hey who knew he was such an understanding guy? And he buys her yellow roses and daisies and such because they remind her of giraffes.

*“Lookin’ for Albarn?” “Hi. Nice to meet you.” “Wait wait wait YOU teach a martial arts class? What abou-” *cue Blackstar looking over Soul with narrowed eyes because who is he while soul desperately explains his brother wants to take the class with him*

Have that “I’m half asleep I’m sorry pls forgive me” handful of.prompts

Maka is a witch and happens to place little luck charms on the guy next door every time he orders.chinese bevause she knows that that’s his “fuck exams are coming up and I’m not ready” food.