Caught Up In You - A SOMA Vampire/Werewolf AU

“Living in a city infested with a plague of monsters she helps keep at bay, the last thing resident vampire Maka Albarn needs in her life is a stalker, especially one who reeks so strongly of wolf. When the mystery watcher finally makes a move, it’s time for Maka to discover once and for all if this wolf is friend or foe.

Happy Reverb everyone! This is my first Reverb EVER, and I got to work with the absolutely amazing @professor-maka! She is so brilliant and wonderful, it was a blast working with her on this!! Thank you thank you! I’m so glad you liked my prompt <3

I really pushed myself on this, architectural backgrounds really aren’t my thing, so I did my best! Not to mention Soul’s fur absolutely killed me. But the FLUFFY EARS and the scythe were soooo much fun! I hope you guys don’t mind my take on it!

Thank you so much again @professor-maka, and a big shout out to the @reverbmod‘s for being fabulous! You can never go wrong with a paranomral romance, right? ;)

You can find Professor-Maka’s fic [HERE]!! (will update once posted) <3