Symphony Of Love

For @makapedia‘s birthday! This came about because tumblr user makapedia owns too many otomes and Steam is always throwing her under the bus by announcing them to the world. Thanks Steam. Anyway, have some rom-com fluff garbage and enjoy your day. Shout out to @adorabbey for naming the fake otome, and @peregr1ne for naming Maka’s fake otome boyfriend.

It’s approximately fuck o’clock when Soul finally gets out of family board game night and flops into his computer chair. First things first, connect to the voice server, even if no one is talking. It’s a Friday night, and unusually quiet – Blake, Tsu, and Kilik are all online playing Dead Before Daylight, probably in a separate voice chat so as not to pollute their friends’ main channel with their screams. He’ll take a hard pass on that one, opting instead to boot up Stardew Valley for some well needed relaxation after so much socialization. While it loads, he catches up on the same three social media sites he’s been constantly refreshing on his phone all evening.

Clearly it’s different on browser – everything is full size.

Suddenly, another notification comes up from his tool bar. MakaChop is online, immediately followed by, MakaChop is playing something called ‘Symphony of Love.’

What the fuck is that?

The Maka Albarn he knows wears short skirts to school, saves bugs on the sidewalk, and likes to play the most violent first person shooters that can be mustered, plus a little Cooking Mama on the side. Symphony of Love doesn’t sound like anything he can imagine her playing, but sure enough, there it is on her Discord overlay. This merits some research.

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There has been a lot of drama going on in the fandom i’m currently in, and overthinking brought me to remember the times I was invested in the Soul Eater fandom. Such more better times indeed. I still watch everyone from the shadows. I’m glad you’re all still active and having fun. 

I really needed to vent so i drew these two, it felt nice to do so once more.