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I would go. I am sure other fans in the area will attend. If you let the Tumblr-ites know, I am sure you will find people to hang out with. Plus, folks in Wisconsin are super-friendly and nice. I am, however, admittedly compulsive about seizing every opportunity to see my faves, hence three Sways, three DWTS tours, a DWTS live taping, and a Maks and Val tour. They never disappoint though!

girl yes this is so me, except a live taping is still on my list. (carolyn i hate you 😩 ). maybe in the fall. which season/episode did you see?

DWTS cast Keo, Emma, Sharna, Artem, and Anna give their congratulations to Peta & Maks. 💍💍💍 Some highlights: 

  • Keo: “Love is the most important thing in life and they are the best example to the young stars and to all of us.”  “It’s about bloody time Maks.”  “Peta, Timon, I’ll see you tomorrow baby.”
  • Emma: “They are so in love.”  “I can’t believe how sneaky Maks was doing that on stage.  She must have been super shocked.”  “They already were family so now it’s official.” 
  • Sharna: “I spoke to her last night, I’m incredibly excited for her.  I love that woman and I love them both together.  I just wish I was there.”
  • Anna: “They are a beautiful couple.” 

Maks and Val: Our Way Tour - Clearwater, FL - 06.17.16

via Lexus Mengel (sadly the audio of ‘Cake by the Ocean’ has been deleted for copyright infringement by YT)