This is me, probably at age 7, with my paternal grandmother Matsue “Majorie” Sonata Doe. I grew up going to her house in Philadelphia two times a year. Once just after Christmas so we could be there to make sushi for New Year’s Eve and a second time in the summers when I’d go looking for garnets in the Pennsylvania woods. She taught me a little bit about her heritage as a Japanese American but most of her story I learned from others after she died. Like how she was sent to the Internment camps in California during WWII because our country thought people of Japanese heritage were a threat. And how she dedicated her time there to teaching all of the children who’d been displaced from their schools.

I didn’t think a lot about this growing up. It’s hard for me to hold others’ pain but sometimes these stories want to be heard and retold. I will do that now. 

I grew up in Hudson, Ohio on a preparatory boarding school campus where students from all over the world came to get the best education money offers. There were a lot of diverse faces so I wasn’t treated negatively because my skin was olive or my cheekbones were high. At least I don’t think I was. If anything I was sheltered from the historical animosity toward Japan and treated more like I was beautifully special. 

I did know Japan was an ally to Hitler in the war and I knew the U.S. had bombed Japan to end it.  I remember learning about the chemical aftermath that effected generations of people living there but the stories rarely seemed to intersect with my life. 

Even though they do. Everyday. Everyday I make a choice to assume goodwill and treat others with compassion and curiosity or assume worldsuck and act out of fear. I choose what side of history I want to be on. I choose to fight for a world where no one is taken from their home, business, or community because of their heritage, how they look, or who they love. 

I look to my grandmother’s story and know that any effort to corral a group of people for these reasons is an injury to all of us. 

Below is a picture of the camps where hundreds of thousands of people were forced to relocate in what is now called, “one of the most flagrant violations of civil liberties in American history.” 


Who first
understood the divestments of autumn, saw
chlorophyll’s crazed after-burn as thirst,
heard this lushest of all Earth’s scores—
briefness, brittleness, ghost—

                                                  as grief?
How to recant an age? Early autumn:
the gorgeous sear of the air, but always beneath
the crescendo of beauty, the drone
of atonement.

Marjorie Stelmach, from “Divestments of Autumn,” Beloit Poetry Journal (vol. 67, no. 1, Fall 2016)


Members of the Black family and their history seem to have made a tradition of naming their children after stars and constellations.

Also known as the “Dog Star”, reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Majoris, Sirius is derived from the Ancient Greek, meaning “glowing” or “scorcher.”

Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo, and is Latin for ‘prince’ or 'little king’. In Babylonian astrology, Regulus is listed as Lugal, meaning “the star that stands in the breast of the Lion: the King.”


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    Brazil mourns for Chapecoense

    Today is a sad day for brazilian football fans due an fatal disaster aircraft who the Chapecoense majory members died in Colombia at way to Medellin to face Atlético Nacional at Sudamericana finals.

    76 people died at crash plane, having five survivors: three members of team. At the victims, are: Majory of players, coach Caio Junior, team’s president, journalists, and coaching team.

    It’s so sad, people.

    Where Was Ford When Stan Opened the Portal?

    (Aka it’s 2:30 am and I have entirely lost control of my life)

    Alright people, I’ll get right to it. I think I know whereabouts Ford was when the portal opened to bring him back. I’ve just spent the last few hours sciencing the shit out of what we know so far, and I’m gonna share it with you.

    I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, by while doing a little research earlier this evening I found out that the symbols around the edge of the portal are actually the symbols for the Behenian fixed stars. These are fifteen stars, used for magical and alchemical purposes back in the medieval days.

    Now, there are sixteen symbols around the edge of the portal, but I figure that, if this portal is designed to be used both ways, there should probably be a ‘home’ symbol, right? So my guess is that that last unknown symbols stands for our own sun, Sol.

    Now, when the portal stabilises and Ford finally does come back through, some of those symbols are lit up, like in the top image. Why is this important?

    Because if you have six points of reference in space, you can calculate the midpoint to get a destination.

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    Dogs of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Mirzam “Miri”
    Handler: Jemma Simmons
    Breed: Rottweiler
    Trained for: PTSD, psychiatric (anxiety, panic attacks), eating disorder NOS
    Tasks: Grounding, interrupting flashbacks, alerting to panic attacks and finding others, enforcing physical boundaries, meal reminders

    Can often be found: Circling a wide ring around Agent Simmons in the lab. Marching down the halls in pursuit of or being followed by a trusted agent. Keeping a watchful eye in the family room or kitchen.

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    If you're looking for a graphic novel to read I'd recommend Majorie Liu and Sana Takeda's Monstress. It's a fantasy lead by a WOC protagonist in a world populated mainly by WOC written by two WOC and the artwork is GORGEOUS. Seriously check it out if you have the time.

    A young woman named Maika — an outsider, an outcast — begins to unravel her mysterious past, and in the process discovers she’s got a tenuous psychic connection to a powerful, otherworldly creature, one of many that roam the earth.

    This link puts her in the cross-hairs of an old battle between competing supernatural and human factions, all of whom desire control over these elusive creatures.

    What none of them count on is Maika herself — her courage, her intelligence, her compassion— or the fact that she’s slowly becoming something more than human.

    A dark fantastic adventure set in an alternate 1900s Asia, Monstress #1 came out in November, 2015 and was fast-tracked for a second printing to keep up with the high customer demand.

    It sounds really good! - Mod A.

    phil masterlist

    phil smuts

    * FAQ

    dan  both

    warm you up

    making out

    your child surprises you

    accidentally seeing you naked


    stretch marks

    movie night (dating/not)


    blushy phil

    late night swims



    no makeup

    kissing over guitars

    you’re drunk


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    i want a baby



    you’re a drummer

    accidental ‘i love you’

    public argument

    helping you relax

    long hair


    scared of the dark

    HS AU lunch

    HS AU teased 


    phone wallpapers for the space fanatic (like me). :))

    from the top, left to right; Venus (artist’s depiction), Cat’s Eye Nebula (taken from the Hubble Space Telescope), Horeshead Nebula (taken from the Hubble Space Telescope), Saturn’s rings (enhanced color image by Voyager 2), Saturn (NASA), and the largest star yet discovered, VY Canis Majoris, in polarized infrared from the Hubble.


    etsyfindoftheday 2 | 7.27.16

    gold constellation necklaces by twinklebird // orion | ursa major

    i heart both of these beautifully minimal constellation pendants … they remind me of stargazing in wisconsin during the summertime. love love this, twinklebird.

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    we Always discusse if jesus was white,but what about the others bible characters?the majory of them lived in desert,at least they are suppose to be brown i think.

    They didn’t just live in the desert the majority were Hebrews and at that point had not mixed with white. Also there’s quite a few Black and other Middle Easterners in the Bible. And even the redheads in the Bible are not white. But yeah Jesus was brown and Europeans have been whitewashing him for a long ass time.

    mod m

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    Which Is greater: ur love for pineapple pizza or ur love for kpop

    this is not even close. KPOP. yknow how my love for pizza is as big as the sun? my love for kpop is as big as VY Canis Majoris. i am not exaggerating these are real numbers

    A comiXologist (Tia) recommends Monstress #2

    Words by Marjorie Liu

    Art by Sana Takeda

    The monster-sized debut issue of Monstress (66 gorgeous pages!) introduced readers to the brutal and magical world of Maika.  A teenage girl with a psychic link to a formidable monster, Maika is searching for answers about who she is and what this ability means for her identity.

    In issue 2, Maika refers to the monster as “the Hunger.”  In a book that seems to embrace word play in its very title (monstress/monstrous), naming her monster the Hunger hails a powerful association with the ultimate sin of femininity.  We just can’t seem to get over that story about Eve eating the apple. (You couldn’t wait until lunch, Eve?  Come on!)  Historically, in the real world, “good” femininity rejects hungers, denies desires, speaks softly, takes up as little space as possible. But in the world of Monstress, magic is the ultimate power, and magic is located in the bodies of creatures called Arcanics, who are traded as slaves among the ruling class of sorceresses who literally consume Arcanic flesh to possess their magic.  Hunger, therefore, is the precedent to power, and one’s agency in such a transaction is shaping up to be a central theme in this book.

    Maika fears her Hunger because she feels powerless over it, and I can’t help but think of this as a metaphor many women can identify with.  I look forward to seeing what direction Liu and Takeda take the relationship between Maika and her Hunger.  Operating in what I can only describe as a Miyazaki-esque paradigm (coming from me this is extremely high praise), Liu strikes a satisfying balance of whimsy and gravitas in the writing, and Takeda’s art is resplendent with texture, pattern, and light. I can think of no better team to explore such important themes.

    Tia Vasiliou is a Digital Editor at ComiXology.  Her favorite Miyazaki film is Spirited Away. Wait, no.  It’s Howl’s Moving Castle.  No, Nausicaä!  Or maybe Princess Mononoke?  You know what, don’t make her choose…