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Statue of Alexander II of Russia, the Tsar Liberator in front of the Parliament in Sofia

The statue was built to commemorate the Liberation of Bulgaria as a result of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-8

The sculptor Arnoldo Zocchi won the contest against other 89 of his colleagues from around the world.

The statue was built in 1901-3 but the monument’s inauguration was in 1907. 

The statue went under major restoration works in 2013.


“Alright, I’m gonna play the next song with these on. Is that alright?
You can’t see? That’s fine. You just gotta hear.
You just gotta hear, baby.
…Alright, I’m sorry. No, fuck it…”

The Front Bottoms UK Tour 2016 Update

Man whose fighting fish business was washed away in 2013 floods fights back

KUANTAN: THE 2013 major floods in the state capital here were a nightmare for an air-condition technician as his prized collection of fighting fish were swept away.
However, the 45-year-old did not give up and four years later, Rastam Rifin has begun reaping dividends from his passion.
Rastam now breeds some 6,000 fighting fish (also known as betta fish) of various species and colours, and sells each fish for between RM10 and RM30 depending on its size.
Operating from his house in Sungai Isap Perdana here, he said despite suffering major losses during the floods, he remained in high spirits and got his hobby back on track.
“I lost some 3,000 fighting fish worth more than RM10,000 after most of their glass jars and small containers were swept away when my house was partly submerged.
“I could only rescue my family and valuables while the fish, which I have reared since 2009, were swept away.
“Several months after the floods, I decided to restart my collection and bought fish breeds locally and overseas.
“I remember buying from children who caught certain species in drains and even made arrangement to buy them from neighbouring countries,” he said recently.
He said his interest in fighting fish led him to buy some species fetching almost RM400 each from Thailand and Indonesia, and the fish were delivered to him using courier arrangements.
“To ensure the fighting fish would produce quality fry with bright colours, long fins and flowing tails, I had to get suitable adult ones.
“I even travelled to Perak, Kelantan and Johor to obtain local species.
“I have several species including Plakat, Crown Tail and the exotic Halfmoon fighting fish.
“Although these species are common in Thailand, not many are aware of them in Malaysia,” he said, adding he also supplied certain home-breed species to pet shops here.
Rastam, whose family has been supportive of his hobby, said the water quality needed to be given special focus and the water had to be filtered before it went into containers used to keep fish.
“Fighting fish are popular pets and they cannot live in a stressful environment, I rear one fish in each container and place a cardboard screen between the glass bottles, so that they will not exhibit fighting behaviour (against each other).
“The colourful fighting fish often captivate people and many will have their eyes glued to the glass jars to watch the movements of the fish,” he said, adding that he planned to become a full-time entrepreneur.

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“Flooded Cottonwood”

Looking more like a scene from a swamp in Louisiana, these cottonwoods stood in the flooded waters of the Big Thompson River during the major floods of September 2013.  It was unbelievable to see all the destruction from the catastrophic event, but this scene reminded me that there’s beauty in everything nature brings.  A classic Colorado plains sunrise lit up the sky during the perfect reflection.

Near Milliken, Colorado - October 2013

Shot Notes:

Portra 160 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens
10 seconds at f22, 2 stop soft GND filter