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Major Throwback: MAMA 2013

Time flies so fast, it’s been 4 years since Exo has won their very first daesang at MAMA.

“Flooded Cottonwood”

Looking more like a scene from a swamp in Louisiana, these cottonwoods stood in the flooded waters of the Big Thompson River during the major floods of September 2013.  It was unbelievable to see all the destruction from the catastrophic event, but this scene reminded me that there’s beauty in everything nature brings.  A classic Colorado plains sunrise lit up the sky during the perfect reflection.

Near Milliken, Colorado - October 2013

Shot Notes:

Portra 160 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens
10 seconds at f22, 2 stop soft GND filter


“Alright, I’m gonna play the next song with these on. Is that alright?
You can’t see? That’s fine. You just gotta hear.
You just gotta hear, baby.
…Alright, I’m sorry. No, fuck it…”

The Front Bottoms UK Tour 2016 Update

|| Okay, you know what? I’m too excited to not tell y’all what canon character I’m creating an RP blog for. So… I’m just going to tell you now even though the blog isn’t finished. :P

I’m making an RP blog for Atlas from Bioshock! :D However, it will be a canon-divergent interpretation, because… Fuck Fontaine. (can’t stand the fact that they are supposed to be one in the same) I will be RPing on it with my girlfriend (who is making a blog for Jack) but if anyone else is interested in RPing with a canon-divergent Atlas, do hit me up.

Episode Ignis Trailer and New DLC

Tabata announced new DLC line up for 2018.

Not in fond of SE decision, FFXV is already fragmented as hell. I want more stuff like 1.16 update, which explains lore within main story without switching via main menu and spending money on something what should be in game since release (*sighs* Episode Ignis). 

Seriously, I like how dramatic is trailer, it gives me major 2013 E3 vibes, when everything about this game was so promising, but imagine how differently would be perceived some scenes like Gladio’s outrage in Chapter 10 or Ravus’ death (that’s hilarious, guy got killed twice, before SE hinted the reason why I should care about him being killed as character and not a wasted concept of character) if this content was included from the beginning? 

Another problem, which bothers me, is “Master Your Fate” aka multiply endings. FFXV canon is mess and what’s the point of messing it even more with different routes for major events? Instead of wasting resources on some non-canon/alternate things, why don’t make DLC itself more meaty? 

But overall I like trailer, I really do, even if it’s a giant mistake to have some hopes in anything FFXV related. This DLC looks like developers fixed a lot of my majors issues with main story.

Despite my pretty low opinion on adult!Noctis, I can’t resist cuteness of kid!Noctis. He is like humanization of baby seal. 10/10 would pat.

Poor Gladio, his Episode is the only DLC without childhood flashback. We’ve got smol Prompto, now Ignis, even new screenshot of little Luna in 1.16, but in Gladio’s DLC we had been listening about adventures of 15 years old Cor and his emotional trauma, while eating Cup Noodles. 

Since I started to talk about Gladio… I spent with this guy dozens of hours, I played his DLC, but he never adressed Clarus’ death. Dad who? Mourning him what? Before trailer I wanted to write that I will not be surprised at all if Ravus wouldn’t talk about Luna’s death, because in Final Fantasy XV no one cares about deaths, but there he is - very minor side character, showing more emotions regarding loss of family member in 3 seconds, than Gladiolus during whole game. And this is what I call humilation, not just simple toss onto the car.

Honestly, I hadn’t any particular wishes about Ravus’ role in DLC except my fears that SE would make him the one, who blinded Ignis. Otherwise, It’s almost impossible to write him worse than in Kingsglaive or 13 verse 2. But now my fears vanished and this scene with Luna hurted me more than actual Luna’s death fight me. From what I’ve seen writers finally find balance between main character and guest without turning DLC into Episode Cor or Prompto and walking exposition girl. I really hope they found it.

Looking at how Ravus MT arm is infused with electricity… what if he died from short circuit in 13 verse 2? The real answer: he died from shame of “muhking” and “thanksgods”.

Ignis is real MVP, but please, SE, add something about his family, anything, which isn’t only about Noctis. People would roast me for this opinion, but guy didn’t go far from Luna and only amount of screentime and some basic details like coocking skills saved him from being just devoted Noctis’ extension. 

I see what you did here SE with these parallels on key art and Ignis desperate attempt they sacrifised quality of key art for proper trailer to use Ring, but in retrospective it makes me hate Kingsglaive even more, because without developers clarification in interview how anyone would ever think that Ravus tried to use Ring to protect Luna? He was talking about himself and his hatred for Empire, not a single word about Luna. This is how this scene should’ve look.


Statue of Alexander II of Russia, the Tsar Liberator in front of the Parliament in Sofia

The statue was built to commemorate the Liberation of Bulgaria as a result of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-8

The sculptor Arnoldo Zocchi won the contest against other 89 of his colleagues from around the world.

The statue was built in 1901-3 but the monument’s inauguration was in 1907. 

The statue went under major restoration works in 2013.

                                      Stephane Lambiel Watchpost

Competing and doing an exhibition in 1997

1999/2000 & 2000/2001: SP (La Cumparsita) LP (Triton)

2001/2002: SP (Vuelvo Al Sur) LP (Quidam)

2002/2003: SP (Laissez-moi Me Griser) LP (Chocolat)

2003/2004: SP (I’m a Doun For Lack o’ Johnnie) LP1 (Gypsy Dance) LP2 (Zabuca/Loving Paris)

2004/2005: SP (Spanish Caravan) LP1 (The Truman Show) LP2 (King Arthur)

2005/2006: SP1 (Malaguena) SP2 (Dralion) LP (Four Seasons)

2006/2007: SP1 (Geissel Drama) SP2 (Blood Diamond) LP (Poeta)

2007/2008: SP (Carne Cruda) LP (Poeta)

2009/2010: SP (William Tell Overture) LP1 (Otono Porteno) LP2 (La Traviata)

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