Mariella Angela - “Hip Hop Portraits”

Cherish Those That Walked Before You and Those That Walk With You.

You can (and should) check out more of Mariella’s art (HERE).

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Childish Gambino / Donald Glover - “STN MTN” (DJ Drama Mixtape)

Who’s More Atlanta: Childish Gambino or Iggy Azalea?

You should be on the look out for the second half of this project, the “Kauai” EP coming soon. Head over to iamdonald and the thedeepwebtour for more info.

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Meek Mill - “I Don’t Know”

Suicide Is A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem.

If You’re Thinking About Doing Something Drastic Like Trying To Test Meek, Click (HERE) To Find The Help You Clearly Need.

Downloads of this song are available on iTunes, Google play, Amazon.

Be on the lookout for Meek’s next album, “Dreams Worth More Than Money”, later this year.


Jones Factory - “STN MTN / Kauai”, “Souled Out”, “These Days…”, “Nobody’s Smiling”, “LP1”, “Ultraviolence”(Custom Cover Art)

Need Dope Art? Jones Has You Covered.

You can see more amazing art from jonesfactory on his page (HERE).

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Patso Dimitrov - “Rap Album Covers X NBA Jerseys”

“In The Same League But We Don’t Ball The Same.” - Aubrey Graham

You can (and should) check out more of Patso’s art (HERE).

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Kid Cudi - “Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon” LP

Listen To Cosmic Cudi Trek Through Space.

Cudder’s new album is available on iTunes now (HERE).

Complex : Jhené Aiko Goes Under The Needle

A Beautiful Canvas and Gorgeous Body Art Come Together To Form The Masterpiece That Is jheneaiko.

Jhené’s latest EP ,“Sail Out", is available now on iTunes (HERE).

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M.I.A. - “Double Bubble Trouble” (Music Video)

M.I.A. is Ready to Burst Bubbles and Bust Shots.

Directed by M.I.A.

Visuals (in video GIFS) by fuckyoudraculas (Jaime Martinez). Check him out in our "3 Questions + A GIF" feature (HERE).

M.I.A.’s latest album,“Matangi”, is available now on iTunes, Google play, Amazon(exclusive version), Spotify.