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This may seem kind of weird... But I think I remember you saying you went to film school. I guess I was wondering how you did with making friends and stuff because I'm just starting at NYU and I'm finding I have trouble making friends. Does this stuff just take time, or... I don't know. I guess I thought you might be able to help.

I guess tonight is Dear Chandler’s monthly advice column. I’m going with it.

Film school, honestly, is probably one of the easiest places to make friends if you put yourself out there. You are surrounded by people who love movies and tv just as much as you do and a friendship based on a solid foundation of mutual interest in television shows is always A+. Okay that’s not entirely true but hey at least you will always have something to talk about!

Easiest way to make friends in college is to leave your dorm room door open when you’re around. People tend to swing by and say hi because the first week of college everyone is kind of just grasping at straws. You’ll make some friends you realize you don’t care about later, but you know, for the meantime, they’ll suffice haha. In New York, you have so many opportunities to do crazy things. Camp out for SNL tickets! Go get banana pudding at Magnolia! See a concert at Webster Hall! CLINTON STREET BAKING CO. IS THE ULTIMATE BONDING EXPERIENCE (THAT JAM. THOSE PANCAKES. THAT MAPLE BUTTER). Actually all food is a good bonding experience, especially in New York.

Just invite people to go places. I promise you most of them are going to be just like you– looking for friends, so most people will jump at the opportunity.

Not going to lie, I made a really good friend freshman year of college because I was wearing a Dunder Mifflin shirt.

Kristen would like to add that if all else fails, you go to film school. Start dealing weed. I’m not encouraging it (though it’s NYU, you’d make a fuck ton of “friends” really fast).