majoras mask orchestrations

haven’t you?

Just a collection of my favorite Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask remixes. Enjoy! run time: 49mins  [[listen]]

The Indigo Go’s- Majora’s Mask Orchestrations // Astral Observatory- CSGuitar89 // Milk Bar (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Jungle Cruise Soundscape- ZERO // Song of Healing (Piano)- Kyle Landry // Clocktown- Theophany // Deku Palace- noesis9821 // Mayor’s Office (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Stone Tower Temple (Music Box)- Fuyu Fuyu // Guru Guru Vs Skullkid- Piasa // The Giants Theme (Orchestra)- The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra // Pirates’ Fortress Redux- ZERO // Lon Lon Ranch/Romani Ranch- CSGuitar89 // Termina Field (Piano)- abab // Kaepora Gaebora’s Message- Piasa // Music Box House- Majora’s Mask Orchestrations // Stone Tower Temple- James Dean // Final Hours- Theophany

7. Final Hours
7. Final Hours

The #7 Spooky Scary Zelda Tune is…Final Hours!

6 hours remain before the foreboding moon destroys Termina and all its inhabitants. This theme imbues feelings of hopelessness, dread, and anxiety as time quickly runs out, failure imminent—yet the nightmare has only begun.

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