majoras mask cosplay

To you who sets foot in this shrine… I am Lin. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I offer this trial.

It’s my pleasure to announce a new release straight from LinkDeadStudios. Inspired by the Breath of the Wild: The Spirit Orb

Includes: Collectors Box, Base, and of course.. a real life Spirit Orb :)


  • Modeled & Machined by: LinkDeadStudios
  • Category: Realism, Props
  • Number of Laser Injuries thus far: 3
  • Dimensions: 80mm in Diameter
  • Inspiration: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Style: Holographic 3D (NOT FLAT!). 

Thank you all for the continued support over the years.


Cellophane Wings Tutorial

Hello everyone! I was asked to show how I made my wings for my friend, Tia *I’m not sure if she has a Tumblr*

So, the materials you’ll need are:


-Tape (preferrably duck/duct or electrical)


-Wire Hangers


-Spray Adhesive

-Clothing Iron

-Towel + Sturdy surface

**Copper/Malleable Wiring**

First thing you want to do is untwist the hanger and get it as straight as possible. From there, you’re going to shape it to the basic frame or silhouette that you desire for your character.

After shaping it, you’re going to twist the loose ends together and tape it to hold their shape, as shown above. **If you have any over hanging wire after untwisting, use your pliers and hundred power to to cut it off**

Next, You can decide whether you want your inner details to be out of wire or cellophane. I suggest using wire for wings that look veiny, like Tinkerbell’s, and cellophane for more mythical wings like in Winx Club.

I used copper wire because it was much easier to shape than the spare hanger wire. To keep everything together, I wrapped the frame in duck tape, making sure to lock in the detail wire. I also attached the inner wires to themselves the same way, but without wrapping all the way around. (Does that make sense???)

Next, cut out two sheets (or more depending on detail)of cellophane in any colour. (I used iridescent here). Make sure they are the same size or that one is bigger than another. Spray some adhesive on one sheet and put your wing frame on to it, *DON’T PRESS DOWN YET, your fingers will get sticky and it’s annoying.** 

Spray more adhesive on the wire frame and also the second sheet of cellophane. Place the second sheet glue side down onto the wire frame and press well, but not too hard. You want the cellophane to get into the curves and corners of the wings, but you don’t want it to tear.

**That jumbled mess up there is all four wings glued down**

Then, heat up your clothing iron. I had mine set on Linen/Cotton, which is the highest setting for mine, I believe, but i did have it on the lower end of High. Lay down a towel on your sturdy surface and place your wing on it. Lay another, thinner (not TOO thin) towel upon it. Then, take your iron and just run over the towel where you know your wings are (I like to spray the steam from my iron before I do this). 

Go over absolutely every area. Leave no stone unturned and pay special attention to the areas that the cellophane was restricted from adhereing to. I think I did this for about 5-7 minutes, lifting up the iron and towel occasionally to check the status.

Once the cellophane is heated up, it’ll look like the wire frame has been vacuum sealed. At this point, let the whole thing cool down and cut off the excess plastic.

Now, go into a well ventilated area or open some windows, because we’re going to be burning some plastic.

Using a lighter, run the flame gently over the trimmed edges to close up any gaps that may have appeared. BE CAREFUL, if you leave the flame there too long, the platic will burn away, creating a hole that may travel.

**NOTE: If you want to create burn patterns, quickly and I mean QUICKLY bring the the flame to the areas you want to burn out. You have to be fast so that a giant hole isn’t created.

Once that’s over with, pick your favourite way of securing wings to your back and you’re finished! I embedded my wings into the back plate of my armor using styrofoam. But you could also make them like corsetwear or affix them to be like a back pack of sorts.

**Me as Tatl from Majora’s Mask**

**Photo by @crossroadimages**

Happy cosplaying!