8. Ikana Canyon
  • 8. Ikana Canyon
  • Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi

The #8 Spooky Scary Zelda Tune is…Ikana Canyon!

Ikana Canyon is the cursed region of Termina, deserted by most except for spirits who linger with hatred, regret, and despair. This area is eerie in its own right, but the music accompanying it makes it all the more spooky—certainly deserving of a slot on our list


Digital drawing #9
Rupees from TLoZ OoT and MM

One base, different colors. Yes, I was really lazy on this one… Sue me! XD I already just counted them as one drawing, so it’s not like I’m cheating or something xD
I still like all of them and I hope you like ‘em too :)

Be good people ;) Cya!