Zelda fans can do some cool things with the in-game instruments in games like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Case in point: this fan taking rick rolling to a new level. Simple or complex, it’s pretty impressive what some fans can do with the freedom afforded by the music controls in the two N64 Zelda titles. Taking songs from other Zelda titles and making them playable on the in-game ocarina is one such pursuit, and the video above shows off a song from Wind Waker being played in Majora’s Mask 3D.

The song “Legendary Hero” is from the intro scene in Wind Waker, and it fits the ocarina very nicely. The original song used synthesized flutes for the melody. YouTuber “Blubberhirn1999” (check out his channel here) says it took him “like an hour” to figure out the song. What do you think of the results? What other iconic Zelda themes do you think would sound great on the ocarina?

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A pudgy man with a curly mustache in a fancy orange outfit walks in "Hello good sir! I am the owner of the Cheerful Masque Emporium! We just opened up across the street, and I wanted to offer my best wishes, my new found rival!" He grins and holds out his hand for shaking

Ho ho ho! So you’re the one who re-purposed the old butcher shop! Thank goodness. You know, that place sat derelict for years after they discovered a chemical in the wall paint caused the butcher to become murderously mad. Or was it a mold that took hold in the floorboards..? Ah, never the matter. Point is, you’re a very brave man, I respect that! I’m glad to see that the location is being used to spread happine—er—cheer. Ho ho ho!

Ah, but…you’ve chosen a terrible time to open shop, my fellow mask salesman!
Everyone is abuzz about Ganodorf being on the loose. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that it’s very likely he’ll raze the town to ash before next monday!
Which can only mean one very remarkable thing about you: you’re not in this turbulent business for the money.
The very same can be said of me, hee hee hee! And so!

I shake your hand not as a rival, but as a fellow impassioned mask enthusiast, with a shared lack of value for his own life; a friend.
Welcome, welcome! I hope you enjoy with me, this humble town, during its final days of life. Oh, ho ho ho ho!

It should probably be worth noting, I finished Majora’s Mask 3DS to 100% completion weeks ago. But sssstuff made me not up to drawing Zora Link for a while. Man, they nerfed Zora Link a bit didn’t thy? When he does his one-two-three punch in the original game, he would take a step or two forward so it threw me off a lot when he stayed in one spot flapping his fins around. Plus swimming is a chore.

And I hate to address the elephant in the room, but how the hell does that guitar work?


Nerd Block, a “nerdy mystery-box” providing company, sent out an Arcade Box back in February which contained some items appealing to those who are fans of the Legend of Zelda, and a few more goodies relating to other gaming series.

YouTuber Dat Saintsfan recently uploaded a video of him unboxing the Arcade Block and going over what’s inside. I’ll go over the contents here: A Pacman key-chain which produces sound effects; a Toon Link official Legend of Zelda plush; a Starbucks parody Star Fox mug; a blind ball Sonic the Hedgehog series buildable figure; a mouse pad which has the entire map of Hyrule from A Link to the Past and a t-shirt with a decal of Skull Kid inside a Majora’s Mask cut-out. You can view all of the items listed here in the video provided.

This Nerd Block was from the Arcade Block series, but there’s also the Classic Nerd Block series and the Horror Block series, each available at the price of $19.99/month. The Arcade Block commonly contains items seen here, arising from gaming culture, the Classic Block has items from general pop culture, and the Horror Block contains items from horror genres. They all come with a t-shirt relative to the theme as well.

I thought that this Arcade Block was very cool, especially the mousepad and the Star Fox mug. What was your favorite item in the crate? Feel free to discuss below.

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"Greetings, Fairy Queen. I am the Great Fairy of Wisdom, and I have come to seek your aid!" a small purple fairy spoke with the voice of the great fairies high tone. "The Great Fairies of Termina have all been shattered apart!" -greatfairyofwisdom

“What? All of them?” The fairy had heard about the Skull Kid and the trouble he was causing, but she didn’t think that he’d go about tearing the other great fairies apart. “The hero is in Termina, yes? You must go find him and tell him to find the stray fairies.”