majora's mask opening


Kafei didn’t die, he’s pretty sure. 

If he’d died, there would have been a body, right?  Not…

What happened was, the curiosity shop man was showing off a latest piece he had to sell, an old lantern supposedly from the ruins of Ikana.  Kafei’s never been to Ikana, but the history of the place fascinates him.  Of course he dumbly picked it up; then he dumbly thought to open it, why do something as intelligent as stop to consider it might be some kind of cursed artifact, no, he grabbed the handle of the little door and pried it right open and……..

and a sharp unacceptable sensation that probably classified as pain and everything was suddenly different




He (floating) reached out to pick up the lantern with.  Not his hand or.  He controls the hand, it’s his, in a sense.  He reached out to pick the lantern up because it’s important, he has to keep it safe.  The hand is jet black, insubstantial when he wants it to be (he is covered in rags, he is rags).  The lantern is glowing now, something very important is inside.  He has to protect it. 

You don’t ever really think to sit down and ask your friends, So if a cursed artifact ever turns me into a Poe you won’t sell my soul in your shop, will you?  To be fair the lantern broke when the man was fighting Kafei in self-defense, but then again Kafei felt very threatened by him and wasn’t thinking clearly (ISN’T.  Thinking clearly.).  And even if breaking the lantern and destroying the ghostly projection is decently excusable, the guy didn’t have to go ahead and.  YOU’RE SERIOUSLY SELLING ME??

As far as anyone can tell, Kafei vanishes from the town without a trace.  In time, a poe soul in a glass jar is purchased from the Curiosity Shop, and he really does disappear.

Kafei has no means with which to even chatter.  He is being taken somewhere.  He is not himself.  He barely exists at all; the jar he was stuffed into is the only thing keeping him from dissipating.  All he feels is hatred; hatred and a sense of floating.  Is this dead?  He doesn’t want to be dead he can’t be dead