majora' s mask backpack


I love this backpack . Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask is my favorite game in the serious (with BOTW in a close second). Although I love this backpack, it does not love the rough life of being in an engineering major, which includes hauling around not only my textbooks and papers, but also all my electronics (beyond just a laptop). This will be the third time I’ve made repairs to the straps on this backpack. 

As much as I love repairing my backpack at the end of every semester, I’d like a more permanent solution. In my third attempt to fix it, I decided to use fishing line! 

*GASP* But that’s not sewing machine thread!? 

Yup, technically it’s not, but it works pretty dang well and it’s super strong! I’ve previously sewn leather using it because of how well it holds up. There is potential it could cause my fabric to rip, but hey don’t knock it before you try it! I guess I’ll see at the end of this semester how it holds up. 👍