I have a friend currently getting out of an abusive relationship, yesterday she overheard me and my gf talking on the phone and started crying, saying it sounded so sweet and she missed being with someone who was genuinely kind to her and made her feel safe.

abusive relationships warp your idea of what is normal and make it hard to remember what love is actually supposed to feel like. if you are feeling like that, remember that you should be in a relationship with someone who is one of your best friends. someone who makes you happy significantly more often than they make you upset. someone who takes your feelings seriously and is always working with you, not against you. someone who is your safety/home away from the stresses of the world, not another major source of stress. 

@cymfh asked me to be in a contest for their wonderful fic, so i elected to do a piece based off ch 33 in which things get a little heated!

(i might have missed the deadline i think, but this was fun either way!)


As everyone is investigating the basement Armin is trying to figure out this whole titan shifter jazz

I’m sorry peeps ( Hiatus )

Okay… I didn’t announced it since the past few weeks because I was drawing stuff for time to time… I wanted to keep myself active and draw stuff for time to time because drawing is something I love and I don’t want to stop.

The problem is that I have a severe tendinitis at the level of my elbow that affect my whole arm and reach my back. Sometimes, I have perfectly fine days, but some others I just can’t stand the pain and can’t even brought myself to open my computer. 

Hold a pen became a major source of stress for me. Drawing is supposed to relax me, to make me happy and want to get better. So many people see me as some kind of role model… an ‘art goal’. But sincerely. I’m not. I have been pushing myself for the past 3 years, drawing WAY TOO MUCH for my own good, working as an illustrator, I always spent my working time drawing, and the little free time I had, I spend it drawing and that despite the pain. I never listened to my body limits until I reached the breaking point a few months ago.

I’m currently following a physiotherapist in order to get better, but there’s something sure. I won’t be able to make a living out of it anymore. The damage on my arm is done. It will never get back to what it used to be.

They recommended me to take a break from drawing, and even if I hate it, I’ll take that advice and stop until my arm is properly healed before progressively getting back to drawing.

I’m sorry for those who follow me, but you might not get news from me for a few weeks. You guys are wonderful, you helped me get through a lot… but I have to take a break. See you later.

                     I  know I’ve been a little  all over the place  these past few weeks — but rest assured, once I get into a settled routine this semester, I’ll be giving Anne some attention again ! 

anonymous asked:

Man. I'm in major stress right now. I sometimes enjoy watching videos of like pet peeves in writing so I can know what to avoid and all but I saw this one video and this girl delivered a 10 minute long rant over writers using more than common language to describe things and settings. For example, getting mad at an author for using crimson instead of plain red. This has caused me to stress a lot and reconsider my entire manuscript and I don't know what to do lololol

You’re not going to please everyone. Some people are going to have negative opinions about your stylistic choices. I’ve heard people complain about protagonists being “good people.” It’s not realistic. They have to be anti-heroes. 1) It’s a sad day when you learn that someone believes “good people” aren’t realistic, and 2) Well shit, you’re not gonna like TSC very much.

And not to be a dick, but 1) crimson isn’t a fancy word and 2) crimson and red are not the same color. Crimson is that really deep, purply red, the color of blood if there’s LOTS of blood. If it’s just a spot or a splatter, it’s red. If there’s a puddle, it’s crimson.

That said, some people don’t know this. Some people are also kinda dumb. And you should never cater your book to dummies. When you cater your book to dummies, you write a dumb book. Don’t do that.

I’ve lost my train of thought here (I think I need more coffee). Oh, yes, you’re stressed. Just let it go. Some people are going to take issue with your work, and that’s normal. So long as you’re not saying cornucopia instead of a lot, or ejaculated (ew) instead of said, I think you’re fine. And as I already said, if someone isn’t smart enough to know that crimson and red aren’t the same color… meh. *waves them away*

It’s that time of the year again...

We all have been dreading this time of the year but I think it is important not to stress out too much. Besides marking your territory in the library, or getting too many Venti coffees from Starbucks, enjoy the nice weather Providence has given us after the frigid winter. Below are 5 easy study tips.

  1. Prioritize. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT wait until the day before your final. If you’re reading this right now and you’re uttering the f-bomb, we might have a problem. But don’t be discouraged, all of these steps can be accomplished in 24 hours.
  2. Meet with your classmates/professors. Work together with some buddies from class and compare notes. Having an open discussion about a problem everyone is having a tough time with can make you feel better about yourself and also get the problem solved faster when working together. Also, use your reading days with your professor, we have them for a reason.
  3. Stay healthy. A couple of coffees a day is never healthy. Drink water and eat snacks that will get those juices in your brain flowing. Also, get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep before your exam.
  4. Breaks. Give yourself a 10 minute break between each class so that you can refresh your mind. Ten hours of cramming will just stress you out and studies show that you will probably not even remember most of the information.
  5. Relax. You’re going to do fine. Plan a section of your day where you’re not worried about finals, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

I wish everyone good luck on their finals this week! We have all come so far!


“So, what you’re saying is that you’re essentially a fish.”
“I am not a bloody fish, Hux.”

Kylux Merman AU in which:

  • Hux is an overworked CEO of his family’s multimillion-dollar fishing company, First Order fisheries. Following a major stressed induced nervous breakdown, he’s forced to his grandparent’s old seaside mansion to recuperate. Doctor’s orders. 
  • Whilst sullenly walking along the private beach by the house, Hux catches sight of what looks like a person hopelessly entangled in one of his company’s fishing nets. 
  • Wanting to avoid a potential publicity nightmare, Hux rushes over to the figure, swiss army knife in hand, only to find that the individual trapped in said net is not exactly human.
  • Meanwhile, Kylo is the headstrong prince of an undersea colony ruled by his mother, Queen Leia. 
  • The heir to the throne and the colony’s fiercest warrior, he is also a chronic rule-breaker who frequently breaches the surface and swims near the two-legs’ dwellings (which is how he got caught in the net in the first place)
  • Kylo’s colony is also currently in conflict with another colony ruled by a mysterious being known as Snoke (but that’s a story for another time)
  • Although Kylo’s people have vocal cords, they communicate with each other primarily through telepathy (though clicks and squeaks are also used under certain circumstances!)
  • Hux is shocked enough to find what looks like a merman entangled in his company’s fishing net, but he near passes out when he hears Kylo in his head for the first time. 
  • Kylo is badly injured by the net, too hurt to return to his home in the sea. In a rare moment of compassion, Hux takes pity on him and takes him into his home to nurse him back to health (anything to break the tedium of day to day life without his work).
  • Hux is only going to take care of Kylo till he recovers, and then he’s going to dump him back into the ocean. Not a day longer, he swears. 
  • Yeah right. 

I am thrilled to share this AU with you guys! Anyone who’s known me for a while will know that I love mermaid au’s, and really it was only a matter of time before I turned my greedy eyes to my current OTP!

A HUGE thank you to @hux-you-up who not only didn’t balk and run screaming for the hills when I hesitantly suggested this AU to her, but has spent hours and hours enthusiastically discussing it with me, building and fleshing out this verse to something pretty damn solid! We definitely have enough material here for a full-length fic of epic proportions. Maybe someday, maybe someday. ;)